Apr 292011
The Last Day of Our Acquaintance

I write this post on my last day of the job I was working when I started this blog. It wouldn’t feel right to not blog today while at work. Well. Kind of. 2 years ago we were “restructured” and so while I still worked for the same branch and in the same block of buildings, my job duties and the building I worked in changed. And with that change back then also coincided the beginning of changes in what I’d be able to get away with at work. There was a time with a certain man when it was commonplace for me to be masturbating at my desk while chatting away with him or someone else, taking photos to be shared with him, someone else, and/or the blog. Usually all three. So while I will walk away today from this building and these particular coworkers knowing that it’s not the place I sat the

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Apr 222009
An Update on the Office

In a nutshell……it sucks. Hardcore. What sucks, you ask? Let me give you a brief (ish) rundown: My supervisor: I had not worked in the same office as her before, so I never had to deal with her full time. I can’t stand her.  She’s a giggler, at everything and at inappropriate times. Laughing at people’s inability to perform a job function that is new to them, AS she’s making a shitty attempt to explain it again. She’s really not being a very good supervisor. My cubicle: Oh hell. Now you all know I was “on display” before, being at a receptionist type desk with the 4 foot wall in front of me, open to everybody that walked by. Now, the walls are 5 feet to my front and my back, and about 6 feet to my left where the overhead cabinet is. To my right is the separating aisle and then a mirror of

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Mar 292009

aka “No more masturbating at work” *sigh* In a few weeks, my job will change and I’ll move to a new location, new building. It’s not a new job, per se…..but the department I was in is being consolidated with all other similar departments and they’re taking us all from being scattered about the city complex to being all on the same floor of the same building. My duties will differ, there will be people I don’t know in my new unit. And…..my “privacy” and ability to jerk off at my desk might just be gone entirely. I’ve been told by my supervisor’s supervisor that we’ll all have internet access – I just don’t know if it’ll be a different branch of IT or if the blocked sites list will be more strict – i.e. I may not be able to remote in to my home computer anymore. If I can’t, then I can’t write

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