Jul 312008

Another one of the items sent to me to review by the lovely VibeReview.com was the Miracle Massager and the companion G-spot Attachment.

The Miracle Massager is very very similar in design and function to the infamous Hitachi Magic Wand.




From everything I read though, here are the selling pros to the Miracle Massager v. Hitachi:

  1. Grooved, slightly curved, more “ergonomic” handle
  2. The head doesn’t heat up at all
  3. Lightweight

From what -I- have seen, the G-spot attachment is superior – it’s not just g-spot. As you can see it comes up midway with a special clit-massage part. From the solo point of view, the attachment is built just right. The attachment is quite flexible though, so once I had it angled to my clit I’m not sure just how much it was still pressing on my g-spot. Using the attachment is the only way I’ve orgasmed using this toy.

Yes, I know, the reviewers on VibeReview all say that it’s next to godliness. Well, readers, you know that for now I require a higher level of vibrations. At the “high” setting, the Miracle Massager doesn’t quite achieve that level for me. It immediately feels wonderful and right away I’m halfway up the mountain to cumming but…it doesn’t take me over the edge quickly. Many times it’ll come sooo close, but no cigar. When I finally do though – WOW. Still no ejaculation for me but I do kinda gush. It takes a lot longer than I like though for a masturbation session. So there is a good reason that the Miracle Massager is more lightweight and does not heat up like the Hitachi….the rpm’s aren’t as high.

I tried it out again earlier this week after a particularly sexy conversation with one of my boys. It was a nearly 20-minute roller coaster ride…..like one of those coasters in which there’s a lot of little hills and it takes you awhile to get to the really big drop, lol. I was craving that orgasm so badly I could taste it, my body glistening with sweat and feverishly flushed, writhing on the bed just pushing for that orgasm. When I finally felt the last climb up the big hill it was slower than usual. My back arched and it was such a hard orgasm that I was silent, just gripping the toy as I shook.

You know what this could be great for? Orgasm denial for me. It’s a high level of tease but not enough to push me over the edge (at least not for a good while). This could be used in conjunction with the Hitachi Magic Wand for a long session of tease, denial, strong-forced-orgasm, right back to teasing and so on. Shit, I hope I didn’t give someone any ideas….. (although when I said Hitachi he said t.v.)

The Miracle Massager would be absolutely perfect for the woman who thinks that the Hitachi is too powerful. It would be great to use immediately after you cum from the Hitachi as a way to keep up with the vibrations but not be so painfully strong as the Hitachi would on a just-orgasmed clit. I recall Thursday and D telling me about sessions in which D has restrained Thursday, and he keeps the Hitachi on her clit for orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. If she weren’t restrained she would fight the Hitachi, as it is so powerful.

Toys like this though are great for a night alone, or with a partner. Shit they’re even good for it’s original “intended” (right *wink wink*) purpose, as a muscle massager.

Men’s Toy Pick of the Week: Nexus Vibro. Yes, it vibrates ;)
Let me direct you boys here if you are still a virgin to the world of prostate stimulation – it’s a world you really should visit. All the guys I’ve introduced it to are eternally grateful to me.

And again, thank you to VibeReview for providing me with the toys talked about today!

Jul 152008

I joined in the fun again this week at Tits for Troops. Take a look, finding me shouldn’t be too hard ;)


Be on the lookout for my second sextoy review for VibeReview this Thursday! Upcoming reviews may include something joint with Thursday’s Child. Yes, boys, that means we’re going to try out some “lesbian” sex toys like the Share or Feeldoe (which I already own). We’re still working on getting Heather into the idea ;) (our dealer, er I mean, supplier of sex toys) We just need to find a means of getting together to try out the toys with each other, as we live something like 800 miles apart.


I am working on a new fiction story on my own, and a collaborative effort with Jack of Roughwords.


I met Hot Boy #2 last weekend. I was a good girl the first night but…not the second day ;) Pierced tongues are quite interesting, let me tell you. I could kiss that boy for hours. I am possibly meeting Hot Boy #1 this week. He’s chasing after me awfully hard for some reason. Hope he knows what he’s in for with me. Hot Boy #3…I just couldn’t do it. Too young. He’s been replaced though by another contender who is not my “typical type” but there’s something about his broad chest and big muscular arms that I really could get into. He knows how to work my biggest sexual organ, as well. My brain.

~Add-on: As of today, my blog counter hit 5000 visits since my blog first opened. Thank you, so much, to everyone who reads and enjoys my stuff. I’m honored to know those that have come out of the woodwork and other fellow bloggers. It’s been the best thing I’ve done recently and I know it’s only going to get better….

Jul 032008

Yesterday, at work, I tried out the first of my toys that VibeReview.com sent me to test and share about! Yes, at work… ;)

A sexy conversation with a few of my boys – different conversations, same time! – led to my state of arousal and a need to take care of that…right that very minute. Of course, the million dollar question is, Did Lilly get off?? Keep reading!

The Silver Bullet – this little guy replaced my dearly departed red micro bullet that I mentioned way back in the beginning of my exploits. There are many things that I really like about this vibrator, and some things that could do better. While VibeReview doesn’t carry the exact same bullet vibe I was using before, the ones they do carry are equivalent or better. For size reference purposes and one with a motor more like my old vibe, check out The Firecracker Bullet.

The Good:

1. The cord – longer than my old one. It’s long enough for the vibe to be on my clit, the cord to come up my panties to my waistband and have enough that I can comfortably hold the remote handpack without feeling like I’m going to tug the thing out of me.

2. The size of the bullet – As you saw with the Firecracker Bullet, my old one was pretty tiny. The dimensions of S.B. are 2.25″ long and 1″ wide. Because my outter labia are fuller, I was able to nestle this guy in between my pussy lips and with my panties on it stayed there, even when I was dripping wet! Because of the larger size, I was more able to get it on just the right spot. Another plus to the size? Because it wasn’t totally swallowed up by my pussy, whenever I squirmed/rocked/shifted in my chair, so did the S.B. ever so slightly…just the right amount to drive me CRAZY.

How crazy? I was sitting there at my desk constantly moving just a bit. Squeezing my thighs together….leaning back and forwards a little bit, just generally gyrating so that the bullet ground against my clit even more. I was so close to the edge of the orgasm, like standing 10 feet from the cliff. I leaned back in my chair for a minute and with my hand I pressed the S.B. into me even harder through my dress pants, which were really damp, by the way. I could feel that my face was really warm and flushed from being so close to orgasm.

3. While at times I had wished the vibrations were stronger, there were also times that I was glad it was not stronger, or it would have been too much to tolerate. If your clit is in the sensitive to moderate range, this would be the perfect vibe. The handpack has a slider control to go from low to high and anywhere in between. If you really want something stronger, go for The Turbo Bullet.

4. It got warm…yes, warm. Not hot, nothing unpleasant. In fact, it was quite fucking nice! That lovely warmth on my clit and pussy lips brought extra blood flow to the area and that is -always- a good thing. The Firecracker Bullet also has the warming feature if you want a smaller bullet vibe. If you’re looking to add in some internal warming, try out the Dual Action Infrared Vibe, which is one I also own. Just the top of it warms up.

The Bad:

There was only one bad. I had wished at times that I was able to push the power of the vibes up juuust a little bit more. In the end, I had to retreat to the ladies room and hold it right on my sweet spot, on the side of my clit, to orgasm.

So I tucked the controller in the waistband of my pants and retreated to the bathroom. It was close to lunch break time so I hoped it would be empty just long enough. Wasn’t at first. I sat there quietly rubbing my clit, my cunt was soaking wet. finally it was empty and I turned on the vibe. Got soooo close, and someone came in. DAMN. As soon as she left, it was back on. In 10 seconds I was cumming. The moment it began though, the door opened so I had to shut off the S.B. but was still able to ride out a nice orgasm.

If you need something more powerful, get the Turbo Bullet. (not to mention it has silicone nubbies on the outside, also a plus to keeping it in one spot!)

OH, the noise level – it’s neither a good nor a bad. While it was doin its job here at my desk, I couldn’t hear it. In the ladies’ room however….well, not doable if anybody else was in there. But really how often will most women be in that situation? ;)

For the absolute best bullet experience, get the Berry Delight. It adds in various settings, a higher quality motor, and lovely soft silicone nubs all over it, which would be sooo lovely on the S.B. *wink wink nudge nudge* I really really really want the Berry Delight vibe…

Overall: A good toy. Wonderful for beginners or even those who have many toys. This would also be absolutely wonderful to use during sex. Easier to hold to your clit than a smaller micro-bullet vibe! Hey, bf might also enjoy the egg held to a few key spots while you are busily sucking cock ;) I personally like holding it to the perineum or just resting on his anus, even his balls!

This review made possible by the WONDERFUL folks over at VibeReview. They don’t carry crappy toys, and you can read reviews and detailed info before buying. And as always let me remind you men that it’s not just a site for women – it is “female friendly” and created by women, but their Men’s Toy Section is great and has a -ton- of stuff all with really great and informative reviews – don’t believe me? Check out the reviews on this bad boy, the Titus. Doesn’t that look amazing? I’d love to use that on a guy while sucking his cock….
(p.s. if you decide to buy anything I told you about, be sure to do so from my links as I get credit for your purchase, being an affiliate. Thanks!)


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Jun 252008

Sex Toys and Vibrator Reviews

This site not only is fun (selling sex toys, woot!) but informative. It’s a really good place for women to go to make a more informed decision when buying their toys. After all, we don’t like spending $40 and upwards on a toy that we end up hating.

So I’m an affiliate of this site now, which means, if you wanna buy a sex toy click on that link or the banner down there on the side and I get monetary credit for it.

If you want help in buying your girl a sex toy or something for the both of you to use, I’ll be able to help as I’ll be reviewing toys from them a few times a month.

Edit: I am in love with this toy and would love to have it as a replacement for my dearly departed red bullet vibe (star of my masturbation sessions at my desk) Berry Delight – Bullet & Egg Vibes @ VibeReview