Sep 152008
VibeReview: We-Vibe!

UPDATE: This review is for the original We-Vibe. Since then, improvements were made and they came out with the We-Vibe 2. However, the one I’d be much more inclined to recommend now would be the We-Vibe 3 – more powerful vibrations and a little remote, to end the fumbling for the hidden power control. You may also want to look into the also-updated Lelo Tiani. Ever since I saw this first reviewed a few months ago, I coveted one. It’s truly something unique in sextoys. It could be used solo, but the main purpose is to be used during intercourse. Yes, while it’s inside the woman.  The packaging was pretty, no sleazy porn box – just something showcasing the toy in a very electronics-geek way. Inside you find the purple U-shaped toy which was a lot smaller than I anticipated (I think I was expecting something somewhere between the actual size and the size of

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Aug 312008

She’s standin in her underwear Lookin down from a hotel room Nightfall will be comin soon Oh my my, oh hell yes You’ve got to put on that party dress   Update: If you’re just seeing this review for the first time, you may wonder how I feel about the Magic Wand these days. Wonder no more! Here’s a Throwback Thursday update. The Magic Wand. It is, indeed, magic. There are two speeds. “Oh my my” and “Oh hell yes”. For the sensitive lasses out there – don’t bother. Go for the Vibratex Mystic Wand. This one would make you cry. Orgasms with the Magic Wand are finicky with me. It’s either a record-breaking 1:47 seconds the-crowd-is-cheering sort of thing, or it’s just too much and my clit won’t break and submit to it. The Hitachi has many uses. It truly is great on the back. I’ll give them that. It can make any stationary

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Aug 202008
Ramble On

I love how you guys just let me prattle on and bounce randomly between subjects in these sorts of posts. But really, if you think I should just shut up, let me know ;) Toys I’m going to be reviewing for Babeland and Edenfantasys, now as well, and also will occasionally receive a toy from the high-end company LELO of Sweden who make quite a number of vibes that I find impressive (and rechargeable!). As with VibeReview, if you guys ever see things you like from these companies, please buy from my links and I’ll get credit for it! Seriously. I need good, creative ideas for sex toy storage! We live in a somewhat small one-bedroom apartment and it’s full as it is. The steamer-trunk idea I had is falling to the wayside as there wouldn’t be any room for one! The problem with these cute toy box/containers on the sex toy websites is that

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Aug 152008

And I’m not religious! (at all) I picked up my box o’ toys last night – Japanese G-Spot Squirmy Hitachi Magic Wand Venus Penis 2 We Vibe You’ll have to wait on the reviews, because ya know…I need proper experimentation time. Gather up some labrats and test test test! But you guys know me…I HAD to try them all out quickly last night. I’m intrigued by 2. One of them is a complete and utter FAIL, totally unworthy. The other…Hitachi….*swoon*. Next time, I want to be timed. I swear to jeebus it was less than 2 minutes and I’m not an easy O. I think the new (poor, unsuspecting) neighbor may have heard me ;) Next week’s HNT theme is the olympics, so I’m going to make you wait for the final Scrabble series pics for 2 weeks. Anybody have any “olympic” suggestions? ;) And omg, The Exhibitionist and the Voyeur Cross Paths freakin made

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Aug 142008
VibeReview: Slimline G Twin

So far, I have had great things to say about all the toys I was sent to review for VibeReview – even if it wasn’t my “Holy Grail” toy, it was still very worthy to me. But the Slimline G Twin I’ve held until last (last of the first bunch) because I just couldn’t get into it. I tried, and tried and really tried. But it’s just not for me. Plenty of other women on the review page at the site think the world of this toy, so I’m chalking it up to anatomy. It just doesn’t fit mine. But who knows, maybe these reviews aren’t from real people? The vibrations are pretty good, but wonky. In that it sounds like the motor is off-balance sometimes. Not often, but sometimes. The length of it all just doesn’t work. I don’t know about you, but my G-spot is up at the front – not 4″ back,

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Aug 122008

Ahh, the lovely Heather of VibeReview has gathered up my next box o’ fun for reviewing, and I’m so terribly excited. Enough that I may need to take an afternoon “doctor appointment” to be home for the UPS man (although hopefully this time he won’t catch me in a flimsy nightgown, face flushed and obvious). Japanese G-Spot Squirmy Hitachi Magic Wand (I. Cannot. Wait.) Venus Penis 2 (hello, new work toy….) We Vibe (squeee!!!) I am so excited about these toys. Each one of them I’ve been lusting after. I already know that the Venus Penis 2 will be used at work….or elsewhere outside the privacy of my apartment. Perhaps even the We Vibe as well for that purpose, we’ll see. New Friends… Chatted up a very “friendly” new blogger acquaintance last evening. A few hours of flirtatious salacious emails back and forth was very ….. entertaining. To say the least. He’s over there in

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