Jan 042009
VibeReview: Discretion Bullet

In my quest for a good away-from-home (read: work) vibe, I asked to review the Discretion Bullet from VibeReview. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by it. The premise is that when closed up, it resembles a makeup compact. Well……it -might-, if it weren’t for the logo and toy name on the front of it!! The description boasts that it has a mirror, like you could actually use it. Well, you can’t. It’s no better than a Barbie Dream House mirror. Sure it reflects but its marred and blurry. Oh well. Not the point. Again, here is where BadBadGirl is going to call me a toy snob (I’m sorry, yes, I am a Fancy Whore). It is with this toy that I finally said “Self, no more toys from California Exotic Novelties. Ever.” They’re sub-par as a whole. The Miracle Wand isn’t bad, but when it’s meant as a rival for Hitachi, it falls short in the

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Dec 132008
VibeReview: UltraReal (and ultra creepy)

. . UltraReal by Doc Johnson, Courtesy of VibeReview.com I had such high hopes for this dildo. I’ve never owned a suction cup dildo and I was quite excited for all the things that I could do with it. When I requested it, the site didn’t list the material – which is rubber. Had I known that, I wouldn’t have wanted to review it. I can hear BBG calling me a toy snob as we speak ;) There’s good reason why I can’t stand rubber toys. Related Posts:Search Term Edition of Ask Lilly While you’re waiting on me to finish up some reviews, and while I was procrastinating…Want a Silicone Suction Cup Dildo? Tantus to the Rescue! The Tantus Suction Cup is pretty much amazing if you’re the sort who just loves…Vixen “VixSkin” Raquel For a long time, I wasn’t interested in dildos. After all, it was in 2008…Bound: The Shevibe / Tantus Crossover We’ve

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Nov 222008
VibeReview: Lelo Gigi

The LELO Gigi will make my third LELO product, and the first one granted by VibeReview. There are a lot of similarities to other internal LELO vibes – the fact that it recharges. Comes in a nice sturdy black box. Has multiple levels of vibrations and pulsation patterns, and all accessible on the same type of “wheel” pad as the other internal LELO vibes. Made from silicone and hard plastic, both easy to clean and sterilize. That’s where it ends though if you want to compare Gigi versus Elise. Gigi is….pretty. And petite. In fact Gigi is a lot more petite than I expected. Elise is dark and hefty. Now don’t be fooled by that photo up there – it’s not really a babygirl shiny pink. More like….a matte dusty rose. Mia? Mia’s a shiny girly pink. I’m trying to decide if Gigi’s vibes are indeed stronger than Elise. They’re a bit different and seem

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Nov 042008
Sextoy Review:: Roundup and Revisits

    In this photo is every toy I own, minus the leather restraints. Back before I officially put up my first review, I took a photo of my collection. My how it has changed. I’ve only kept two of the (older) pictured toys, and prior to that photo I had thrown out quite a few. So in the above photo, only 2 of the 17 are ones I already owned and have proven to need a spot in my collection still. 1. Miracle Massager and attachment via VibeReview (review). I still use this one, but rarely do I use it on myself. Only at times when the Hitachi is failing me because it’s become too much. It is frequently used though on my partner – as a back massager and sometimes a fellatio companion. 2. Hitachi Magic Wand via Vibereview (review). This is used frequently and is in my top 3 for vibrators. 3.

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Oct 142008
VibeReview: Japanese G-spot Squirmy

*sigh* That’s an awful name for it, it’s totally unsexy. Squirmy? Nothing that goes in or near my cunt should be described as “squirmy”, thanks. Oh well. It’s a trade-off. At least it’s not a crab called Craby or any other “animal” themed vibe. Coy Pink and I had a conversation about those two atrocities and more, if you’d like to read our conversation ripping on cutesy animal vibes, go read her post. We’re funny when we get riled up. It’s a Doc Johnson toy, which means it has the flight-panel-like control box at the bottom, like all of their Rabbit-style vibes. This vibe is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone, which is a major reason to choose it above others. My last Rabbit, also from Doc Johnson, was not of such lofty material and therefore had an unpleasant odor. There’s many differences between this and typical Rabbit vibes – one being that there’s

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Sep 292008

It’s rare for me to have a sextoy lately that I don’t like. The companies I have reviewed for generally only carry the better toys. And I’m not the majority here in my view.  If you look at the editorial review, and the handful of other reviews, there are some women who are in love with this toy. Just not me. If you are thin and have a sensitive clit, then perhaps you’ll really like this toy. If you’re not both of those…then you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re the -opposite- of those….then you’re going to hate it. I don’t like saying this but…..I hate it. Why? The cons of the Venus Penis 2: 1. The straps – they’re made out of clear plastic that’s kinda stretchy. Thats uncomfortable and can make you sweaty – skin that doesn’t breathe gets moist. Secondly, the straps are made for thin women. In the waist and around

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