Jun 102010

I’m too lazy and tired and wrung-out to post anything of worth. It’s like my right-brain just up and left me. So you get this boring conglomeration of snippets.

I added an option to subscribe to my updates via email. It’s not different than what you’d see in the RSS feed, it’s just that I know some people don’t use a feed reader or would prefer another method. The emails go out every morning that they’re needed…..no new post, no email. The email will contain the entire post, photo and all. There’s a link in my blog sidebar up near the top. Just click, fill out your info, and be sure to look for the verification email from Feedburner to ensure you’ll receive the updates.

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I’ve decided to try Formspring again, except this time it’s in my blog sidebar over there. Please don’t be a douchecanoe with your questions, being anonymous isn’t carte blanche to ask things you’d be ashamed to attach your name to. Decent questions I’ll answer on Formspring, so check back there. Really good questions might inspire a blog post!

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In exactly one week from today, I’ll have been blogging for 2 years. To mark this occasion, I’m having a really big giveaway of 6 different really awesome prizes. It’s a surprise till then, so be sure to check back!

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Oh, I activated a feature in this really cool WordPress Plug-in that I’ve had forever but never really took full advantage of. It shows comments that I’ve gotten on posts right in the feed! It’s not instant with updating the newest comments or my replies, but it’s still pretty great.

That’s all, folks!