Jan 032009
Review: XL Adult Toybox

  Sextoy.com generously let me review the For Your Nymphomation XL Adult Toybox, which I have had my eye on for -months-. Prior to getting this item, my toys were all over the place, as is true of many reviewers and toy lovers. I had most in a drawer of a small bureau in my bedroom, or in the headboard cubbies. When I first looked over the different storage options I had thought that the XL Toybox was going to be more than enough, and that I would likely never amass enough items that I actually like/use to warrant needing the Adult Toychest. Well now that my collection includes 3 large electric vibes and bdsm items…..it’s quite possible that I could use up most or all of the space in that Toychest if I also put in my leather restraint gear. However, if I were to do that, I likely would have a hard time

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Nov 292008
Review: Devine Satchel

  I haven’t purchased a “toy storage” item in a long time….Couple years ago was my first and only purchase of one…Back when we didn’t know much about sextoys (read: next to nothing) and didn’t have many. It was smaller than I expected, but served it’s purpose until I soon outgrew it with my restraints. So one of the things I was excited about with sextoy.com is their toy storage section. They currently carry, amongst other brands, stuff from Devine and For Your Nymphomation. When I chose this case to review, I did so based purely on the size and what was available in their inventory at the time. I wanted something that could fit the Hitachi. It locks, too, which is always a plus. Since there is only one view of this case available on the site, or really any site for that matter that carries it, I’ve taken some lovely photos for you.

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