Nov 022008
There is nothing like this. It’s that simple. The Njoy Pure Wand is, quite simply, the best sex toy for g-spot (or prostate) stimulation.


Njoy Pure Wand Njoy Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand

24 ounces of pure solid (316, for the nerds) medical-grade stainless steel doesn’t *sound* sexy, but once you touch it and hold it, you’ll know. It is shiny in a mirror-finish; this material is hypoallergenic, easily cleaned or sterilized and won’t ever corrode or degrade. It ain’t goin anywhere, that’s for sure. I know it’s pricey at first glance for something that doesn’t even vibrate but….if you purchase -any- G-spot toy it should be this one.The ball for G-spot is 1.5″ and because one ball is bigger than the other, the G-spot side is heavier. You’ll see why this matters soon. It is obviously compatible with all lubes, although you won’t need much.

It took me hours after receiving this before I actually used it as intended. Why? I couldn’t stop touching it. Fondling, even. Looking at it in utter awe. Because of ~%#@!% UPS, I had to go there to pick it up the other evening. Waited in a tiny guard shack with other people for over 30 minutes and I was miserable but I knew it would be worth it. It had been really cold that day, and so even an hour after I left UPS the Pure Wand was still very cold. Which was very intriguing. Once inserted though it didn’t take long to warm up.

The Pure Wand isn’t overwhelming like the Eleven, but it is substantial. From tip-to-tip along the shaft it measures 10 inches. The larger end is 1.5″ wide and the smaller end maxes out at 1″ wide.

I’ve found that the Pure Wand has a learning curve which at first seems strange – why would you want a dildo that is hard to figure out? You need time to explore it and there is a learning curve simply because you’ve never experienced anything like it. Unless, of course, you’re already an expert at finding your G-spot (I am not, on my own). When I first inserted it I just slipped the large ball inside and I let it slide on its own. Gravity took it slowly down deeper into me until the arch was resting on my vulva. With the end you use as a handle, pointing up at you like a hard cock would, it is much easier to use than a straighter dildo. Especially for women who have short arms, like me.

Earlier this evening I started this post, and then went back for another go. I had an hour long session (at least an hour) which is a lot longer than I usually spend masturbating. I kept hitting my g-spot, something that wasn’t done by me very often before, but then my hand/thumb would start hurting. This fucker is heavy, for me, a girl with weak wrists and tender muscles (due to fibromyalgia). And my G-spot likes a LOT of pressure. Each time I would make contact I nearly lost my breath. Each push/pull, each pumping stroke, each rock of the wand echoed the sounds of a very wet pussy. So I played with my Layaspot and the wand for awhile, building to a nice slooww orgasm (albeit clitoral only) and the G-spot stimulation felt great. I have heard that the G-spot is more swollen and “receptive” after a clitoral orgasm, so I laid there for a bit with the wand still in me, idly playing. Soon, playing in earnest. And then I brought out the Hitachi.

Despite the Pure Wand slipping a bit in my hands I pulled straight up on the smaller ball, bringing the inside ball firmly up against my G-spot. I held it there with all my strength while the Hitachi buzzed away. I kept alternating in short bursts of holding the wand firmly in place while I ground the Hitachi to my clit, and backing off on the Hitachi while feverishly fucking myself with the wand. The final frenzied build-up took a good minute or two…this was truly a roller-coaster ride and the climb up to the top was better than most orgasms felt as I was coming. Yes, that good. When I felt orgasm approaching I pushed a bit, like I’ve read to do, and the orgasm was literally the strongest I’ve had on my own in a long LONG while. I curled into myself, holding my breath while my mouth gaped open in a silent scream. Between the strong orgasm and how hard I was pushing, I eventually pushed the damn thing out of me (not easy to do given the weight and large ball).  And it was different, in a good way. I managed to have a simultaneous orgasm from both my clit and my G-spot. The inundation of extreme pleasure didn’t stop until I let go of the toys. And then I pulled back my hand (I was under my comforter, in bed) to find that it was wet. I pulled back the comforter…and there’s a big wet spot on it. Bed, too.


I SQUIRTED!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!! That’s never happened before!


I used this toy in all manner of positions on my bed. On my back. On my side. On my stomach. You can pull upwards on it for constant firm pressure. You can push the outer ball away from you. You can….well…you can do just about anything with this, and you’ll probably hit your G-spot. The Pure Wand isn’t for everyone, though – people who have had issues with other dildos “catching” on their pubic bone are most likely going to be bothered by the Pure Wand as well. The dip between the shaft and the head is what helps me but it might hurt someone else. Please don’t think that G-spots get all the love, here. The Pure Wand is just as magical for prostates, from what I’ve heard. I’ve read many glowing commendations.

I think I’m in love; this toy is Pure heaven.


Updated after 5 years of reviewing sex toys: I still think its my Holy Grail sex toy. Nothing else, hands down, gives me better orgasms. More Pure Wand love to be found elsewhere on this blog. I could be happy with only owning two sex toys now – my We-Vibe Tango and my Njoy Pure Wand. And pretty much, those are the two I use 85% of the time.