Dec 132008
Bnaughty Review

  A bullet vibe is pretty straightforward. But yet some are made better than others. And some just suck. The Bnaughty is made better. Do you know why my past bullet vibes have died? The cord/wires get ruined where they go into the bullet or handpack. When my last bullet died, I took apart the handpack and saw WHY I was having problems – the coated wire went into a hole in the handpack, which then was naked wires inside just wrapped around the contacts. So if the wire at the handpack got pulled or pushed in, it was going to affect the wire at the handpack. This bullet solves that problem. At both wire points, the wire is engulfed in a bit of plastic, I think, to stabilize it where it should be – it can’t pull out, it can’t be pushed in, and water won’t get in either. I’ll compare this one to

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Jul 112008

One sentence. One little sentence, a few words strung together, and I’m a goner. You know that feeling of immediate arousal? It’s like a tingle…starting at about the throat and traveling down south at the speed of light. Butterflies. Your breath catches, your pulse quickens, and you grin like the damn Cheshire Cat. I’m rendered speechless…my cunt throbbing and wet…my face flushed. 3 times yesterday. 3 men. Seriously, are guys trying to kill me? (I had asked K if he had seen the HNT pics) K*: you mean the tank top that made me want to slam you against the wall and fuck the shit out of you? (He said more that made me about speechless for a minute, but that was the big one that reduced me to a whimpering lust-puddle in a split second) R: gets really close to your ear for a second while nobody is looking and whispers I can’t wait

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Jul 032008
VibeReview: Silver Bullet Review

Yesterday, at work, I tried out the first of my toys that sent me to test and share about! Yes, at work… ;) A sexy conversation with a few of my boys – different conversations, same time! – led to my state of arousal and a need to take care of that…right that very minute. Of course, the million dollar question is, Did Lilly get off?? Keep reading! The Silver Bullet – this little guy replaced my dearly departed red micro bullet that I mentioned way back in the beginning of my exploits. There are many things that I really like about this vibrator, and some things that could do better. While VibeReview doesn’t carry the exact same bullet vibe I was using before, the ones they do carry are equivalent or better. For size reference purposes and one with a motor more like my old vibe, check out The Firecracker Bullet. The Good:

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