Mar 072011

Expounding a bit on my prior post on ethics in blogging, after the umpteenth blogger friend told me they’d been given a shady offer on a “permanent” advertising link from the same person/company, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore.

I’ve dealt with a lot of advertisers in my time. Some who are great and respectful, some who haggle or stall at every renewal, and even some who just never respond to your renewal reminder as you let their link continue on until finally giving up and removing it. But never have I had someone offer a one time payment for a link on my site forever. The company owner of (a place I used to review for but he didn’t seem to know that when contacting me) is making the blogger rounds every month with a new batch of people that I can only assume he hopes will net him one who will be newbie enough to take him up on his insulting offer. He’s hit up newer bloggers, established bloggers and everybody in between. He emails you with a dollar amount for a link and he conveniently leaves out his time frame. All other decent advertisers ASK what your monthly rate is, do you offer longer contracts with discounts, etc. No, he pulls up a pathetically small number that basically says “I think your site is only worth $25/$50, period”. He’s never going to pay you again and he will expect you to keep up his link until the death of your site.


I hope against hope that he’s not had any luck and hasn’t screwed over a blogger who’s not dealt with advertising before. I did talk about these “permanent links” before over at the Blogger Education page on advertising, but I know that not everyone reads e[lust] and has seen it.

Let me bottom line it for you:

A permanent link is bad. Unless it’s in the many hundreds of dollars, it’s a fucking insult. The amount that he offered me for my sites was about equal to what I get for 3 months. First he contacted me at the e[lust] address and I couldn’t let it go with just a “no”, I told him off a bit and let him know that it’s insulting to all bloggers, no matter their stats or stature. I also let him know, since he didn’t bother to learn his audience before typing, that I owned this domain as well and already am involved in their affiliate program that he offered (without the offer to review toys, again, insulting as all it gets them is a link and you probably won’t see any sales). He asked for my rates though, and I can only assume that they were too high for this supposed multi-millionaire as he never responded. Until……he emailed me on THIS account a few weeks ago.All brand-new and fresh-like as if he hadn’t already tried to hit me up the month prior.


He’s not even TRYING to not be an idiot.

Is this post harsh? I’m sure some of you think so. And I realize that by calling this person out this way I might get bitten in the ass somewhere down the road. But I’m pissed. I’m offended. And I’m protective of all my blogger peers. I know that many of you who’ve gotten the offer and have discussed it on Twitter just laugh it off because you know he’s an idiot and you know you’re better than that. Jesus, I hope you know. I’m pissed because he’s trying to take advantage of us and momma bear is growling now.  I don’t care who offers it, permanent links are never good for you and only really awesome for them. A company owner who is trying to take advantage of bloggers in this way makes me never want to support again. So if Dave emails you, either tell him off or just delete it. I don’t care what your stats are: You are worth more than whatever he offers. Much more.

Bloggers, I don’t care what your site is about, if you ever have any questions on advertising and even specific advertisers please don’t hesitate to email me. I will gladly let you know if someone is worth dealing with or a deadbeat, and will help you figure out what to charge. If we don’t stick together…..we all lose out. That’s just my opinion, though.

Jun 052009






There were two reasons I requested this paddle to review. The first being the novelty factor of having something “imprint” the word SLUT on my ass. The second being that it was an affordable leather paddle of smaller length (only 12″).

The Slut paddle is made by Sportsheets. It’s basically made from two shapes of leather – they are stitched together with a metal flat rod running through for the handle (making it nice and solid) and then left “open” for the paddle part employing a “double slapper” type of paddle. In between the two pieces is a piece of red paper – that’s the red you see in the photograph. It’s sewn in there but for what purpose, I’m not sure. Aesthetics?

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Mar 142009

Today’s straightforward-no-bullshit review brought to you by the letter L. For lube.


Frixion 4 oz Lube

Really, there’s only so much you can say about lube! It either, well……it either lubes or it doesn’t! Once again though, Lilly Succumbs to Pretty Packaging. Remember the last two times?

I’ve got a thing for cobalt blue glass, and while i know that the bottle isn’t glass….well, close enough. It’s pretty translucent cobalt! All the text/etc on it is on two labels so if you’re resourceful you could remove them and have a pretty nondescript bottle on your bedside table. Of course….well honestly now, what else could it be? I sure as hell would assume lube, but that’s my perverted mind.

Now see, I realized recently that I’m not really the best gal to have reviewing lubes. I don’t really ever need it on the girly bits, and anal is not in the picture. I tried it on a dildo I used anally but then again it wasn’t really used in the manner in which a cock would be, and also the dildo was non-porous. A cock is decidedly porous.

I put it to the biggest test then with giving a hand job and tit fuck. We had to keep reapplying it, especially during the handjob. So much so that when we were done, we were sticky/tacky. Not sexy. I suppose that for things such as that, a silicone lube should be used – this is water based.

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Jan 102009


So this is going to be the first time ever with this sort of review…..because not too long after I was sent the Nexus G-pod, Nexus discontinued it. We’ve had no word if the company plans to replace it with something “new and improved”. Sadly, this means that there are even fewer attachments for the Hitachi out there that are silicone. But, being the good lil reviewer I am, I’m trying to find out what your other options are.  We’ll get to those in a minute though. First…….

The fairytale of……. The Geeky Princess and her Magic Wand.


There once was a Princess, geeky and fair.

Suitors across the land gave her their wares

Her opinions they sought

Be it positive or not:

“Princess, was it orgasm or despair?”


{Nexus G-Pod vs Miracle Massager Attachment}

The Princess compared betwixt her two toys

She tried out the new one as instruction implied

But she cried out “Ouch! I do not enjoy!”

And so she thought for something different to try



The local wizard applied ribbons and magic

The Princess, determined, tried all sorts of things

But her final spell ended up quite tragic



She thought she could make her friendly pussy purr

By a tap or a flourish of her trusty Magic Wand

But her efforts backfired, a horror did occur!

Her pussy turned to lion and ran away with a roar.


Tada! (I apologize for the poor rhyming)

Anyways.  The nubs, in theory, are good but the whole thing was just too firm. Once it vibrated at Hitachi Warp Speed, holy ow. And y’all know I kinda have a clit o’ steel. Vibrating nubs become kinda itchy. Not fun.

We’ve got some options. There’s a few here that are affordable but not silicone, not do they stimulate more than one area at once. Here is one that is the same design, but “soft jelly” – likely not Phthalates-free, and not for sharing but “soft jelly” might mean that the nubs are no longer owie and itchy. Here is a nice non-nubby alternative dual-stimulator. It’s not specifically for THE Hitachi, but should fit nonetheless.

Since this thing IS silicone and boilable, therefore can be shared, perhaps I’ll try it out on someone else someday and see if they like it – I’ve read other positive reviews, others have liked it.

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Nov 232008

The first thing I received to review for is some bondage rope. I have to point out that on the site, there seems to be two different “japanese silk love rope”, but they are both indeed the same even though the photos differ. They are both Topco brand. One thing that wasn’t mentioned by the manufacturer and therefore couldn’t be included on the site is the width of the rope. If you study up at Twisted Monk’s site, width means a lot. 6mm is pretty ideal and standard, 8mm is wide and results in bulky knots.

The upside to 8mm, which this rope is, is that it’s wider and requires fewer passes over the area. You want the area of pressure to be wider so that it’s not damaging and cutting off circulation or otherwise too painful.

I’m going to assume this rope is nylon, it doesn’t say. It is quite soft and “silky”, but since I am a rope beginner I’m not sure that that’s -great- for rope bondage….wouldn’t there be less friction there, friction needed to maintain the knots? But if the person you’re tying up is sensitive to scratchy things, this would be good. If you’re new to rope bondage, the 8mm would be good also so that you ensure safety and comfort. This is the 16-foot length, and pretty versatile. Hopefully soon I’ll try out more techniques and maybe get photos.

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TLC Japanese Silk Love Rope (16 feet, black)