Jan 252009

There is a downside to dating this girl. Oh yes, it’s not all perfection and light filled with endless hot sex! My partner gets teased a lot, sexually speaking of course. He reads this blog, and he takes half of the pictures. During the few weeks he was sick with a pretty bad chest cold, sex or just about anything that would raise his heart-rate too high was out of the question. Those photos for the oral fixation posts? Killed him. My devouring of the large bag of lollipops? He begged for mercy. Needless to say, he was um well….I’m sure you know.

The other night he finally declared he was well enough and I felt obligated to pull out all the stops.

I pulled him into a joint shower with me – what better way to get things heated up right quick than 2 wet soapy bodies in the very close quarters of an old-school tub/shower? I will admit to running my very sudsy shower poof over my breasts a little more than necessary.

(I like breasts as much as any heterosexual man, but I don’t get what it is about sudsy tits that makes men into drooling hornballs.)

In the bedroom I intended to work him up to an amazing orgasm. I put the leather mattress corners on the bed,  my leather wrist cuffs on him, and clipped him to the bed. If I’m going to be the best cocktease I can be,  his hands can’t have the opportunity to help things along. As the flat of my tongue ran firmly up the length of his cock, he gasped. When I stopped and held my tongue there at the edge just about to go over the top, with open lips poised to engulf him, he moaned. Seconds ticked by and still I did not move my mouth; unthinking he went to move his hands to my head but quickly remembered the restraints.

Rest assured I soon gave him what he wanted. I added in the Hitachi for a few minutes before I moved it under me. As I laid on my stomach sucking his cock, my pussy was grinding against the head of the Hitachi. He could hear the sound of the vibrator, he could see my ass moving as I fucked the vibrator and he could feel my moans around his cock as the vibrator drove me crazy. Which in turn drove him crazy. Soon, I found that the mattress corner restraints were failing as I felt his hand on my head. I gave in and removed the restraints. An enthusiastic blowjob became something more as his hands in my hair and at the back of my head took on a life of their own, controlling the speed of my mouth suctioning his cock and the depth to which I sucked it into my mouth.

Soon, I climbed on top and sank down onto his cock, an act made easy by my soaking wet cunt. I brought the Hitachi to rest snugly against my clit and the base of his cock and I slowly rocked my hips back and forth, in circles, up an down. Within a minute I shuddered screamed and collapsed in a huge orgasm. The second I clicked off the Hitachi and threw it to the floor, he grabbed me by the waist, pulled me close to his chest and started to roll us with his cock still inside of me. It’s a move he does often, not wanting to break contact while we change positions so that he can fuck me hard.

I need to interject here and explain something. We have a unique bed situation. We couldn’t afford a king or queen sized bed, so we put to use the 2 matching twin bedframe sets he inherited. We used our own twin mattresses, and have the beds pushed together side by side. It’s actually worked out well, no chance of hogging the covers! He is accustomed to using something called a feather bed topper on his mattress, it’s underneath the fitted sheet. Every so often he has to re-center it, for some reason it likes to slide around a bit under there.

Back to our story.

And there is a point to this story. Sometimes readers assume that sexbloggers, with their trunks of toys, have sex lives that are better than most everyone else. Sure, my toys have led to better masturbation, have helped me further explore my sexuality, and have indeed made the sex I have better. But it’s not a porno. We’re not perfect sex goddesses.

He rolled us from my bed to his to continue fucking me. Pretty much as soon as my back is on his bed, I feel the discarded restraints under my back. His powerful roll combined with a slippery comforter and the featherbed topper hanging off the bed a bit resulted in…..the both of us sliding right off the bed to the floor. This wasn’t just a simple slide-off-the-bed, haha, lets-continue-fucking. Oh no.

You see, the dresser on his side is a mere 2 feet away from his bed. As we landed quite awkwardly, still me on bottom him on top, my kneecap (my bad knee) had a nice hard greeting with the dresser. I was bent funny. He says “Are you ok?” amidst the sound of glass bottles of cologne tumbling over on the dresser. Loudly.

“Owwwww no……getoffme!”

We unwedged ourselves from the spot and got back into bed to nurse our wounds. It wasn’t anybody’s fault, but I felt bad he didn’t get relief for his um discomfort. He felt bad for me crashing and hurting my knee. After a few minutes of laying there, I started to giggle. I couldn’t help it. It was pretty comical. I usually wonder if our neighbors can hear us fucking; boy that night I really wondered if they heard the fall and what they thought.

A day in the life of real sex.

Jan 082009

I know that most women envy a thing or two about the male body. The ability to pee upright and anywhere you please is the first that comes to mind! But as a woman I am fairly certain we have this one all to ourselves – the delicious next-day reminder of a good fuck in the form of a tender, raw cunt.

I might wince in pain now and then the next day, but it can be such an erotic thing……because everytime I sit I have the harsh reminder of the screamingly-good pounding I had the day before. And I don’t think you men have that “problem” at all, do you?

Reminders come in many forms and for me it is very erotic to see the various markings on my body for the next few days. Things like bruises, scratches, etc. These linger but are usually covered up by clothing and so while they are lovely and longer-lasting, they do not serve as a constant reminder quite like a well-used/abused cunt.

The soreness is enough to keep me at a simmer (at the least) all day even though it is not to my benefit to be so……for a repeat performance so soon could very well tip the pleasure-pain scale in the wrong direction. And there’s the rub (no pun intended….kinda). Every other move gives a jolt of arousal. I am kept wet and wanting for the whole next day. But yet I can’t do anything about it…..

I could be wrong but I think that perhaps, sometime soon-ish, I will be finding myself in just this sort of situation but to an extreme I’ve not yet experienced. I anticipate the whole encounter greatly and with much erotic longing, but I also look forward to the following days filled with delicious reminders.

Dec 072008


~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

I am face down, modified doggy-style. My forehead presses to the mattress as he roughly fucks me from behind. My ass pointed up, I’m on my knees and my feet are pointing skyward. He uses the heels as handles. He holds them, holding me apart, keeping me stationary – for his use.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

For being as femme as I am, I have a confession:

I don’t wear sexy shoes.

I know I know, it ruined a little bit of the fantasy for ya huh? Yeah…Trust me I really WANT to wear sexy shoes. Really, I do. I have a condition that affects the tendons that run the bottom of my feet, and so being on my feet after a few hours even in the most comfortable shoes renders me in severe pain. Plus my front is wide, my heel is narrow, and my arch is partially fallen. LOL, man I’m a mess huh??

For the NYC-sexblogger party though, I felt this need for sexy shoes. I was in NYC, at a party, with an ass-ton of sexy beautiful women!! Of course I had to have better shoes! I tried and tried, but I just couldn’t pull off heels. I got a great pair but after a mere 15 minutes standing in them at home, I was in agony. Probably because I never wear anything with a heel! But then I found these hot pointy-toed flats that looked amazing. The color is truly perfect for me – glossy deep blood red. The perfect accent color to my mainstay of black clothing. And despite the fact that my feet were still in agony after a few hours and they don’t have a very long lifespan, they made me feel sexier wearing them. I’ve worn them out and about occasionally. Natt sweetly asked for a photo of my hot shoes, and you know I like to comply to such requests ;) I took a half dozen or so and emailed them off prior to this post writing itself.


You might want to click, see if there’s another vantage point of these shoes…


~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

I am on my back, legs bent and my shod feet planted on the bed. Legs spread wide open, ready for him to feast. As he lays down on his stomach his hands go to my shoes but he does nothing. Just keeps his hands on the pointy heels. The reason is apparent as I finally reach a screaming orgasm and my legs begin to instinctively close – he has not stopped lavishing me and for the first brief moments it is painfully, exquisitely sensitive. His grip on my shoes helps to keep my legs apart, his access still granted.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


Someone in my recent sexual past waxed poetic one day about his great love for a woman wearing her heels and nothing else in bed during sex. I didn’t get it then.

Now, I do.

It’s like an accessory. With purpose.


I found some that really get me going…..



~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Again, I am on my back. But this time my shoes are my power. I plant my foot on his chest, the heel gently pressing into his flesh. He is on his knees and I instruct him to enter me – but just barely. Just the tip of his cock is allowed into my cunt. I slide my foot down a little bit until my heel is pressing into his stomach. Then into his lower abs an inch or two above the base of his cock. I move my pelvis just slightly…..the barest hint of friction to his cock. A whisper more of penetration. My eyes strip him away, my fingers drag over my lips, my breasts, my nipples. The look of sexual torment clouds his features….and he tries to fuck me imperceptibly – but I press the heel of my shoe into his abs. Firmly. The pain keeps him at bay, keeps him motionless as I still say nothing. Finally I drag my foot up, first one then the other until my ankles are resting on his shoulders. I cradle his head with my feet and pull him in to me….and he gasps as his cock finally gets buried to the hilt in silky hot wetness.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Sep 152008

UPDATE: This review is for the original We-Vibe. Since then, improvements were made and they came out with the We-Vibe 2. However, the one I’d be much more inclined to recommend now would be the We-Vibe 3 – more powerful vibrations and a little remote, to end the fumbling for the hidden power control. You may also want to look into the also-updated Lelo Tiani.

Ever since I saw this first reviewed a few months ago, I coveted one. It’s truly something unique in sextoys. It could be used solo, but the main purpose is to be used during intercourse. Yes, while it’s inside the woman. 

The packaging was pretty, no sleazy porn box – just something showcasing the toy in a very electronics-geek way. Inside you find the purple U-shaped toy which was a lot smaller than I anticipated (I think I was expecting something somewhere between the actual size and the size of the Rock Chick, which confused me); also there is the recharger and a lacquer-shiny black case reminiscent of hard-shell case for sunglasses. It could fit both the charger and the toy if I tried really hard to wind up the cord, but I haven’t pushed it yet. The toy is covered in silicone, with no tactile seam. It’s mildly shiny/tacky silicone, not the powder smooth variety. When you first look at it you’re baffled – where’s the switch? How do you charge it? Now if you’re like me and a few other bloggers who’ve reviewed it, you’ve ignored the manual. Instead you were too intent on getting this hot little number in your hands. One glance at the manual and the toy and in 30-seconds flat he had the power plug inserted.So, in other words folks – RTFM. Until you pierce the silicone skin with the plug the first time, it’s a barely-visible dimple.



The downside to the instant-gratification types is that you’re supposed to charge it for 24 hours. Because I kept “visiting” it and turning it on (for the first 50 times I’ve turned it on or switched the speed, it was a minute of fumbling), I can tell you that max power is reached in a mere 5 hours. How long it would last on its own with that amount of charging, I can’t say. I slid it in my pussy  after that 5 hours to see how it felt, where it would lay, etc. I waited until the next evening to use it during sex.

First, my disclaimer: I do not possess the most sensitive of cunts. I suspect that due to a currently-untreated dopamine disorder, this will change once I can return to “normal”.

I was not overwhelmed by the level of vibrations. Low speed is merely a tickle to my clit-o-steel. High speed is much more like it! My first experience with it was solo – I slid it in, nestled it between my lips and against my clit, and walked around. It stays put! It’s not intense when up and walking, but when I sat down….and gyrated my hips a bit…oooo nice. One day, I went to the store with it in. So long as you’re not in a completely silent location, I don’t think it would be detected. The noise level is very low, it’s not at all disruptive during sex.

No matter how wet you get, I highly recommend lube (water-based only!!). Because this is the slightly-tacky silicone, it doesn’t glide against skin unless wet – especially if your partner is above-average in girth. In my first attempt with this during sex, I could feel the toy sliding out of me a slight bit with every out-pull of his cock. It still stayed put on my clit though. The vibrations were great for him, not at all distracting. For me to climax from clit vibrations I needed a bit longer and to press it against me. This toy would be absolutely perfect as a warm-up for her, a kinky secret as she’s walking around, and then a delicious addition to hot sex. The pressure this toy provides against the G-spot isn’t all the much during solo play but is wonderful during sex. When I tried this toy out again during sex, something quickly became apparent – it’ll move with rough hard fucking. During slower sensual thrusting in which he kept his pelvis to mine, it slowly ground the clit vibe portion onto me and felt -wonderful-.

Another thing that was reported as being a delicious tease….a bit of a lapdance with the We-Vibe in.

It’s made of medical-grade silicone (very easy to clean), soft and flexible U-shape which is about 3-ish inches long. There’s two motors of course, and the bendy U curve opens up. It has a 90-day warranty from the manufacturer, as well.


Update: Well, this toy no longer gets used to be honest. The concept is wonderful, but the vibration intensity level just isn’t enough for me. And the more it was tried during sex (as opposed to me just wearing it around) the more annoyed we got with it, it wouldn’t stay in place. So, it’s been sitting in the toy chest for ages now.

Aug 222008

Eye on what I’m after
I don’t need another friend
Nod and watch your lips move
If you need me to pretend
Because clever got me this far
Then tricky got me in
I’ll take just what I came for
Then I’m out the door again

“The Package” – A Perfect Circle

I’m going to use him. And him, too. And well, maybe, him.
Take what I need to get my mind off of him.
Take what I need to let my slut out. This girl is on the prowl for fresh meat.

I’ll let you think you’re in control, with your whispered “slut” and “whore” incantations, with your physical dominance over me. I know what I’m doing. I know what I want. I know what I don’t want – pointless excuses, dramatic tension – put up or shut up. Forget the boys, where are the men?

I want cock. In my mouth, on my tongue, in my hand, on my lips, in my cunt.
I want wet electricity from your lips, grazing my skin. Kiss me as if you were taking my last breath from me. Use my body as I use yours. Peel me back, layer by layer, until I’m raw and naked. When you say “come for me”, I will, for me. Is the control mine? Is it yours?

I’ll take just what I came for



Then I’m out the door again…

Aug 122008

Ahh, the lovely Heather of VibeReview has gathered up my next box o’ fun for reviewing, and I’m so terribly excited. Enough that I may need to take an afternoon “doctor appointment” to be home for the UPS man (although hopefully this time he won’t catch me in a flimsy nightgown, face flushed and obvious).

Japanese G-Spot Squirmy
Hitachi Magic Wand (I. Cannot. Wait.)
Venus Penis 2 (hello, new work toy….)
We Vibe (squeee!!!)

I am so excited about these toys. Each one of them I’ve been lusting after. I already know that the Venus Penis 2 will be used at work….or elsewhere outside the privacy of my apartment. Perhaps even the We Vibe as well for that purpose, we’ll see.

New Friends…

Chatted up a very “friendly” new blogger acquaintance last evening. A few hours of flirtatious salacious emails back and forth was very ….. entertaining. To say the least. He’s over there in my blogroll, but I won’t call him out just yet. Like me he has a thing for getting off, getting others off and writing about it. He also has a penchant for phonesex, like me. I think I may be getting naughty with him very soon….stay tuned…

I have a lot of loyal readers who email me their praises rather than comment. Whichever, I like hearing from you. One sent me a lovely, tempting and teasing photo showing a clearly outlined hard cock in his pants, with my blog up on his laptop screen. THAT was damn nice. I had one reader find me on Twitter yesterday. His weaving and lyrical words made me follow him down the path curiously…and then I wake to find him gone. Did I imagine it? I don’t know who he was, but he sounded familiar in a way. I’d like him to come back.

How to NOT get me in bed: (this from a potential from a dating site, not a reader. my boys are smarter than this)

Durr: oh i would so fuck you
Durr: your cute
Durr: i think we should fuck
Lilly: really now…
Durr: yah
Lilly: and why do you think that?
Durr: cuz i think we would enjoy it, a little boom boom at the end of the day


However, there are a few other prospects I’ve found through a new (to me) site. Some very intriguing prospects. I’m almost unable to keep track of them….almost. ;)

Was itching to change the look and layout of my blog a bit. I hunted down templates but never saw one I liked. I can’t make my own, nor tweak. I saw something on the blogger dashboard about new vs old templates and widgits, but I see none of this new shit. Where is it?

But for now, I created a banner sort of thing. ish. kinda.

August 22nd – my next day off. I had had plans for this day….but they have fallen through. I really would rather not sit home all day and think “what might have been”, so I’m trying to look for something new to do.

Any suggestions?? ;)

Last month I reviewed the Miracle Massager. While I liked it, I think the Hitachi might be more up my alley. However…the nice lower vibrations are just perfect for a different sort of application. It works veeeerrrrrry well on men.
Because the Hitachi was originally marketed and “intended” for use as a muscle/back massager, I decided to try out the Miracle Massager on my partners back, as he was in quite a bit of pain from a rough work week. Gave him a nice 15 minute massage with it and it helped greatly.

But since the mere sound of a vibrator, despite its use (i.e. on him not me, and not sexual), gets me going and the going got frisky. And I slipped the vibrating head quickly down his ass and nestled it right around his anus and balls. Oh, I got a good reaction. REAL good. Flipped him over and tried it out everywhere else. He thoroughly enjoyed the sensation against his frenulum (eyes rolling back in his head, mouth gaping, nothing but short bursts of heavy breathing), he enjoyed it at the base of his cock and balls. But the best was when I firmly pressed it at the perineum/anus area. Then combine that with some good handiwork or mouth action….the bed shook. I’m not kidding. The sheets were bunched up. All in all, it was an experience that I found myself jealous of!
It’s clearly a toy for everyone to love.

His back was massaged multiple times over the weekend.