Jan 252009

There is a downside to dating this girl. Oh yes, it’s not all perfection and light filled with endless hot sex! My partner gets teased a lot, sexually speaking of course. He reads this blog, and he takes half of the pictures. During the few weeks he was sick with a pretty bad chest cold, sex or just about anything that would raise his heart-rate too high was out of the question. Those photos for the oral fixation posts? Killed him. My devouring of the large bag of lollipops? He begged for mercy. Needless to say, he was um well….I’m sure you know. The other night he finally declared he was well enough and I felt obligated to pull out all the stops. I pulled him into a joint shower with me – what better way to get things heated up right quick than 2 wet soapy bodies in the very close quarters of an

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Jan 082009

I know that most women envy a thing or two about the male body. The ability to pee upright and anywhere you please is the first that comes to mind! But as a woman I am fairly certain we have this one all to ourselves – the delicious next-day reminder of a good fuck in the form of a tender, raw cunt. I might wince in pain now and then the next day, but it can be such an erotic thing……because everytime I sit I have the harsh reminder of the screamingly-good pounding I had the day before. And I don’t think you men have that “problem” at all, do you? Reminders come in many forms and for me it is very erotic to see the various markings on my body for the next few days. Things like bruises, scratches, etc. These linger but are usually covered up by clothing and so while they are

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Dec 072008
Fuck Me With My Shoes On

. ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ I am face down, modified doggy-style. My forehead presses to the mattress as he roughly fucks me from behind. My ass pointed up, I’m on my knees and my feet are pointing skyward. He uses the heels as handles. He holds them, holding me apart, keeping me stationary – for his use. ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ For being as femme as I am, I have a confession: I don’t wear sexy shoes. I know I know, it ruined a little bit of the fantasy for ya huh? Yeah…Trust me I really WANT to wear sexy shoes. Really, I do. I have a condition that affects the tendons that run the bottom of my feet, and so being on my feet after a few hours even in the most comfortable shoes renders me

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Sep 152008
VibeReview: We-Vibe!

UPDATE: This review is for the original We-Vibe. Since then, improvements were made and they came out with the We-Vibe 2. However, the one I’d be much more inclined to recommend now would be the We-Vibe 3 – more powerful vibrations and a little remote, to end the fumbling for the hidden power control. You may also want to look into the also-updated Lelo Tiani. Ever since I saw this first reviewed a few months ago, I coveted one. It’s truly something unique in sextoys. It could be used solo, but the main purpose is to be used during intercourse. Yes, while it’s inside the woman.  The packaging was pretty, no sleazy porn box – just something showcasing the toy in a very electronics-geek way. Inside you find the purple U-shaped toy which was a lot smaller than I anticipated (I think I was expecting something somewhere between the actual size and the size of

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Aug 222008
I'll Take Just What I Came For

Eye on what I’m after I don’t need another friend Nod and watch your lips move If you need me to pretend Because clever got me this far Then tricky got me in I’ll take just what I came for Then I’m out the door again “The Package” – A Perfect Circle I’m going to use him. And him, too. And well, maybe, him. Take what I need to get my mind off of him. Take what I need to let my slut out. This girl is on the prowl for fresh meat. I’ll let you think you’re in control, with your whispered “slut” and “whore” incantations, with your physical dominance over me. I know what I’m doing. I know what I want. I know what I don’t want – pointless excuses, dramatic tension – put up or shut up. Forget the boys, where are the men? I want cock. In my mouth, on my

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Aug 122008

Ahh, the lovely Heather of VibeReview has gathered up my next box o’ fun for reviewing, and I’m so terribly excited. Enough that I may need to take an afternoon “doctor appointment” to be home for the UPS man (although hopefully this time he won’t catch me in a flimsy nightgown, face flushed and obvious). Japanese G-Spot Squirmy Hitachi Magic Wand (I. Cannot. Wait.) Venus Penis 2 (hello, new work toy….) We Vibe (squeee!!!) I am so excited about these toys. Each one of them I’ve been lusting after. I already know that the Venus Penis 2 will be used at work….or elsewhere outside the privacy of my apartment. Perhaps even the We Vibe as well for that purpose, we’ll see. New Friends… Chatted up a very “friendly” new blogger acquaintance last evening. A few hours of flirtatious salacious emails back and forth was very ….. entertaining. To say the least. He’s over there in

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