May 302009



The LELO Bo Cock Ring

Synopsis: Very well made; awesome addition to oral sex; it’s pricey but it’s an investment because this thing will LAST plus it carries Lelo’s standard warranty. It comes with its own little case and a charger. It can be a couple’s toy or a solo toy and is a benefit to both men and women.

I have to be honest, I’ve always hated cock rings, particularly the vibrating kind. The reason is that, until now, they’ve primarily been available in one main material: jelly. While jelly in a cock ring isn’t a huge concern with phthlates, my complaint with that material has been the way it behaves. It’s usually a flimsy material – easily tangled up within itself, collects dust like you wouldn’t believe, can be hard to clean off fluids especially once they’ve dried on and removing the bullet vibe from the ring is a pain in the ass if you’re changing the batteries or cleaning the ring. Another bad thing is that jelly isn’t really the strongest material, it can tear. We had one once and it didn’t really last long. Of course, it didn’t get used much either. This all is why, until now, I’ve never requested a cock ring to review. VibeReview was kind enough to send me one to try out!

Lelo’s stab at a cock ring, the Bo, takes all those former complaints and negates them. Continue reading »