Jun 142009

You guys know I’m a true foodie. I don’t think I need to go into how well food and sex can mesh and the similarities between them. And no I’m not talking about having sex with food, silly.

The first time a new partner/date stays over at your place for a night of debauchery the smart thing to do to truly ensure a repeat performance (other than being good in bed, of course) is to wow them the next morning with breakfast. If you’re cooking for a woman and she tells you she can’t eat stuff like this because she’s on a diet? Either kick her out or offer up some exercise afterward. Tell her that if she goes cowgirl style she’ll burn more calories ;)

So the last few weekends I’ve provided some great morning treats. Menu 1 can be a little bit lighter and hey it’s got fruit! It takes longer overall but a lot of the time is spent waiting on things to bake. Spend that time burning some more calories! Menu 2 requires more ingredients but in the end is quicker; this menu is also great for those who can handle more food in the late morning.

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