Oct 092011
Lelo Tiani Review - from the Lelo SenseMotion Insignia Line

Sexforums.com contacted me last month to see if I’d be willing to do a review for Lelo’s newest addition (the Lelo Tiani) to coincide with their giveaway. Having already reviewed the Lelo Isla, their first line of “ultra premium” Insignia sex toys (and been one of the few people who couldn’t find much good to say about it) I was skeptical. But I was terribly curious about this SenseMotion thing and dying to see if a company like Lelo could be the one to pull off a remote controlled vibrator that actually worked. Believe me, I really wanted the Lelo Tiani to work out despite my jaded skepticism.   Between vibrating panties and wireless remote control vibrators there’s already plenty on the market that mainly don’t work very well. Whether the complaint is that they lack power/intensity, or the wireless remote’s connection to the vibe is wonky at best and doesn’t live up to the

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Aug 302011
Fairy Wand Massager Showdown: Electric vs Rechargeable

I seem to have amassed quite the collection of these “massager style” vibrators. While originally these vibrators were mass-marketed and intended for body massage (not orgasm) the obsession with their power has caused some companies to make sex toy versions that are not found in your local drugstore like the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Acuvibe massager are. I used to be a die-hard Hitachi MW fan. But over the years of reviewing I’ve figured out that it’s less about holy-shit-power and more about the type of vibrations. A rumbly, deep vibration that will stimulate more than just the outside portion of my clitoris is ideal. And it doesn’t have to be Hitachi MW strength to achieve that. But, on to the review. At the same time that I was testing out all the Vibratex Mystic Wands I had two of the Fairy Wands to try out. The Fairy Wand massager line is a long

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Aug 062011
A Vibratex Comparison Review: Mystic Wand vs. Mystic Rechargeable vs. Mini Magic

A compare and contrast review of three vibrators: Mystic Wand, Mystic Wand Rechargeable, and Mini Magic Wand, all by Vibratex.

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Mar 092011

Update: Despite the Je Joue Mimi winning the top spot in a sex toy round-up in Good Housekeeping UK, I feel that the new Je Joue Mimi Soft is a slightly better version. It finally earns my respect! The Je Joue Mimi Soft also taught me that my old original Mimi had some flaws that newer ones don’t. After hearing a LOT of hype and talk on how powerful and rumbly the Je Joue Mimi was (and how underwhelmed I was by the vibrations of the G-Ki) I decided to take matters into my own hands and not wait to be offered one for review, I just bought it. I got the purple and it’s not a bad color. Very dark, eggplant-like purple. The vibrator itself is pretty plain and discreet. It looks like a flattened egg – not the sex toy egg, but the chicken egg. In fact it’s about that size, too. A

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Dec 312010
Extase Liberte Vibrator

When I saw the Extase Liberte clit vibe come up in the new products list at EF, I was intrigued. I read the sole review (the descriptive review) and the reviewers said that the vibe was both powerful (4 vrooms!) and deep/thuddy/rumbly (they’ve said this both on their EF review and their site). Silly me for trusting a single review, but I bought the toy with high hopes. If you want to read my in-depth review that’s over at EF, here’s the link to it. I wanted to include some photos of everything, because while I don’t like this vibrator and I think that the original reviewers were way off in calling the vibrator deep/thuddy/rumbly, it’s still a good vibrator. Hint: If you liked Lelo’s Mia, you’ll like this one. While I fully appreciate that vibration intensity perceptions are just that- personal perceptions – it disappoints me greatly when the type of vibration is described

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Dec 172010
Lelo Isla Review - Lelo Insignia Vibrator Line

Lelo asked me to review the Isla from their super-premium line called Insignia. The Lelo Insignia line as far as I can tell is marketed towards the upper-middle class who might choose form over function. The Insignia line is, by far, their best visual work yet. Ah if only beauty trumped brains. Or, rather, brawn in this case. Isla and the other Insignia vibrators are beautiful but they don’t really appear to be anything special. The trademark Lelo box is a little more posh on the outside, but the black pressboard is still the same, just bigger and compartmentalized. The black and white satin pouch remains the same. For some reason, the line includes a brooch of the Insignia logo – does wearing this signify to others that you are a modern, vibrator-using woman? ;) Isla and the others all have three big design changes – the buttons are totally different and are underneath the

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