Aug 062011
A Vibratex Comparison Review: Mystic Wand vs. Mystic Rechargeable vs. Mini Magic

A compare and contrast review of three vibrators: Mystic Wand, Mystic Wand Rechargeable, and Mini Magic Wand, all by Vibratex.

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Mar 092011

Update: Despite the Je Joue Mimi winning the top spot in a sex toy round-up in Good Housekeeping UK, I feel that the new Je Joue Mimi Soft is a slightly better version. It finally earns my respect! The Je Joue Mimi Soft also taught me that my old original Mimi had some flaws that newer ones don’t. After hearing a LOT of hype and talk on how powerful and rumbly the Je Joue Mimi was (and how underwhelmed I was by the vibrations of the G-Ki) I decided to take matters into my own hands and not wait to be offered one for review, I just bought it. I got the purple and it’s not a bad color. Very dark, eggplant-like purple. The vibrator itself is pretty plain and discreet. It looks like a flattened egg – not the sex toy egg, but the chicken egg. In fact it’s about that size, too. A

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Dec 312010
Extase Liberte Vibrator

When I saw the Extase Liberte clit vibe come up in the new products list at EF, I was intrigued. I read the sole review (the descriptive review) and the reviewers said that the vibe was both powerful (4 vrooms!) and deep/thuddy/rumbly (they’ve said this both on their EF review and their site). Silly me for trusting a single review, but I bought the toy with high hopes. If you want to read my in-depth review that’s over at EF, here’s the link to it. I wanted to include some photos of everything, because while I don’t like this vibrator and I think that the original reviewers were way off in calling the vibrator deep/thuddy/rumbly, it’s still a good vibrator. Hint: If you liked Lelo’s Mia, you’ll like this one. While I fully appreciate that vibration intensity perceptions are just that- personal perceptions – it disappoints me greatly when the type of vibration is described

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Dec 172010
Lelo Isla Review - Lelo Insignia Vibrator Line

Lelo asked me to review the Isla from their super-premium line called Insignia. The Lelo Insignia line as far as I can tell is marketed towards the upper-middle class who might choose form over function. The Insignia line is, by far, their best visual work yet. Ah if only beauty trumped brains. Or, rather, brawn in this case. Isla and the other Insignia vibrators are beautiful but they don’t really appear to be anything special. The trademark Lelo box is a little more posh on the outside, but the black pressboard is still the same, just bigger and compartmentalized. The black and white satin pouch remains the same. For some reason, the line includes a brooch of the Insignia logo – does wearing this signify to others that you are a modern, vibrator-using woman? ;) Isla and the others all have three big design changes – the buttons are totally different and are underneath the

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Dec 102010
Ask Lilly: Holiday Sex Toy Gift Buying Guide

I get a good number of people who contact me for advice on buying a sex toy as a gift for their partner as a surprise. This really isn’t an easy feat unless you and your partner have already owned multiple toys and you know what they like. Consider the Size If you’ve never used toys, the judge by the size of your cock of your fingers. And keep in mind that hard materials like plastic, ceramic, glass, wood and metal can seem a little bigger than they are just because there is no give to the material. If you’re new to toys, don’t go overboard with the girth. If you’ve had a few and want to take things up a notch then do so but with caution. Consider Sensitivity Hopefully you and your partner are open and communicating, honest about orgasms and how things feel. Unless you already own vibrators that you know are

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Nov 302010
Review: The Vida Lussuria

Vida Lussuria Vibrator Review I have this fault when it comes to sex toys – ok well it can apply to many other things. Makeup, for example. Show me a nice little kit of some eyeshadows and etc. and oh that’s nice but I’m not quite tempted. Now….show me a kit that has a really cute case and a few extras and is presented well? Sold! And that’s one reason I was drawn to the Vida line of sex toys from It wasn’t until after I received the vibrator that I found out that Topco actually makes the Vida line. They’re not shouting it from the rooftops and it’s not exactly easy to figure this out but they are the parent manufacturer and I have to be bluntly honest with you – if I’d known it was Topco, I would have been a lot less interested in it because in my past experiences Topco

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