Jan 102010
Wet Skin

What is it about wet skin (or wet clothes even) that is so universally sexy and sensual? Not just water wet but oil wet or lube wet or ohhhh soapy wet! Why do you think wet is so sexy? Related Posts:Ask Lilly: Anal sex toy guide for beginners I thought that this recent question deserved to be highlighted more: I want to buy…e[lust] #46 Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are…Hedovibes 51 Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past…Coconut Oil for Lube? Yes! Often, people complain that water-based lubes don’t last long enough. They dry up fast or…Jopen Key Comet G Wand Review ETA: The Comet G is actually growing on me a little. But now they have…

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Dec 192009
Review: The Climax Twist

I’m a sucker for funky design and so when I saw the Climax Twist rechargeable massager in edenfantasys.com “New Arrivals” list, I knew I wanted to review it. The 90 degree angle is really what got me moreso than the rechargeable factor. In fact, the rechargeable factor was nearly a deterrent simply because I don’t often get a rechargeable sex toy that packs the power or type of vibration that I like. I’ve read a few other reviews of this vibrator that seemed a bit over-the-top when describing the power and noise level and the girth of the G-spot end. Such dramatic description is only meant for the Hitachi, in my opinion. The Climax Twist vibrator is actually considerably more quiet than the Hitachi on low and *nearly* as powerful but not as deep of a vibration as the Hitachi on low. The Climax Twist is not equivalent to the Hitachi in power. But how

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Nov 152009
That Curve, That One Right There

There are so many curves that I love, many of them pertaining to the female form. But this particular curve catches my eye sometimes, as it did this particular night. It’s the curve where the top of a woman’s breast flattens to collarbone, the curve that gets pronounced when she is wearing a bra with amazing support. Certain bras will give us this support from the bottom up, and if no bra strap or clothing is able to meld into that dramatically pronounced sudden curve, it becomes this deliciously perverted little spot. Something like this: With this kind of support our breasts are elevated – held aloft against gravity – as if resting on a shelf. When we walk the tops of our breasts move and jiggle and draw in the eye. She was wearing either an amazing bra or a corset under her dress. I couldn’t tell. The wide-neck and low cut dress was

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Nov 102009

As I predicted, my body didn’t appreciate the weekend antics. I’m still recovering from it physically and mentally. But also I’m feverishly trying to find the theme I want for the self-hosted e[lust] site. I basically want exactly what I’m currently using for the blog, but with the ability to more easily customize some aspects. Oh just download the theme from the developer directly, you say? Yeah, tried that. It’s not quite the same and almost less customizable unless I want to tweak the stylesheet and I just don’t have the patience. I really don’t have as many sightseeing photos as I did last year because extenuating circumstances prevented me from seeing and doing a lot of what I planned on. And in fact….I don’t think I even have a photo of me all dressed up for the party. Not like I don’t still have the outfit, I do, but a posed after-thought photo just

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Oct 062009
Hot Fat Girl Revolution

I’m sure that the majority of my readers don’t qualify for this, being not a girl or not fat. But I think some of you might appreciate this. I urge you to re-post this (include that link to the original author’s article, plzthx) AND and and and! Most Important! Take a deep breath and take a sexy photo of yourself. Something like mine up there. Don’t hide behind massive cropping for this, but feel free to do what you need to feel sexy. That picture there? More deleted attempts than I care to admit before I got a good shot – and it’s taking a big deep courageous breath to hit the Publish button. If you want help, email me. If you do this, let me know and I’ll put a link up to your post at the end of this one. Come on, don’t leave me hangin here ladies, join me in being a

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Oct 042009
I Know

Do you think that my chosen attire was an innocent happenstance? No, I saw myself in the changing room mirror when I bought it and later through the lens of the camera. It’s cut deep and it draws the eyes like a siren’s call. Yeah, I know. Do you think I’m oblivious to the fact that nearly every time I’m there, so are you? Or him? Or even him? Watching over me from your perch with jovial chatter, under the pretense that you need to make sure I’m doing it correctly. But that’s not the real reason. No, I know better. Do you think that I’m concentrating on counting or my form when I go silent for a few moments and look off slightly to your left, staring at nothing in the distance? I can see in my periphery that you’re watching me – not my form, no, your eyes and mind are elsewhere. I

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