Aug 292010

But I won’t be going there this year for the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar Party. I’m 95% certain on this. I say 95% because there is still a tiny portion of me that is hemming and hawing and thinking of just drastically shortening my trip and only staying in the city on Friday night. But then….$250 for a room for even just one night seems extravagant and silly right now. 5% of me still thinks that I’ll be missing out and be missed but I say this is all seriousness – I really won’t be. No, that’s not said out of self-pity or anything like that. Just realism. When I’m in a large group setting like the party, I tend to retreat into my shell like a turtle. My social anxieties come out and the wall-to-wall people makes me irritable and skittish. I’m not the social butterfly some might think that Lilly is. I don’t

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Jul 312010

The time is beginning to approach once more…… The annual NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar party is happening on October 1. And despite being in the calendar, a part of me is really waffling on whether or not to go. You see, I’m a bit of an oxymoron. I don’t do well in big groups, but I also don’t do well alone. The sheer madhouseness of the party gives me the twitches a bit, and given the stellar guestlist this year it will be an even bigger draw for attendance. But my trips to NYC aren’t just about the party itself. It’s equally about spending time with blogger friends I don’t see much, as well as trying to get in a little sightseeing, a little NYC Experience. I’ve seen some great little things here and there over my 4 past trips but there’s still a LOT I want to see and experience. However… I need a

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May 272010

I’ve been traveling a good bit lately. Washington State to see Coy Pink a month ago; NYC back in March; a couple of weekends doing computer work for a friend a few states away and dropping in on Debauched Diva. Of course, certainly not as much traveling as Mollena, who has become an expert on packing. I tried to follow the packing guide on the link she gave (here) thinking that surely if other women can pack for 7-10 days in a *carry-on* I should be able to as well. Right? I blame my mother. No, seriously. Hear me out. As a kid, our vacations were usually these epic cross-country trips. West, south, northeast, Canada, etc….all done in an RV. Now, granted, we were going to be gone for 2-3 weeks and all but still. She packed everything possible. We almost never had to track down a Kmart to buy a necessary item. Every scenario

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Mar 232010
Weekend in NYC

So you’ve noticed that the blog has been pretty quiet, as I prepped for the trip and then was of course actually in the city. I’m not yet recovered from it… body isn’t happy with what I did to it, lol. Swollen feet and ankles (never had that happen before) and tired and achey everywhere else. Apparently fibromyalgia and lots of walking in short time periods don’t mix! Be sure to check out all the links, I’ve got some photos hidden in them! Thursday I arrived at our hotel which was more upscale than I’m accustomed to. It was a much-needed suite (you can’t put 4 women in standard hotel room) complete with a mini-bar (yeah, never had one of those, either) filled with overpriced crap. I pretty much arrived, unpacked, got ready for a night out and then we left. Headed to Fontana’s for drinks and to eat dumplings purchased across the street. Yum!

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Things I’ll be doing in NYC in March

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Mar 032010
Things I'll be doing in NYC in March

Cross-posted from Tied Up Events who are hosting this party! Empowerment is something that adult film star and gallery owner, Madison Young, is passionate about. Her passion has led her to direct cutting edge films that push boundaries and buttons in an effort to give the viewer more than just “bang for the buck” but also to immerse them in an experience that leaves them thinking about boundaries, sexuality, gender and the intersections of pleasure and pain. But that isn’t the only way 29 year old Madison has chosen to spread her mission of empowerment. Founding Femina Potens, a non-profit art gallery and performance space, in 2003, Madison brings that message to the gallery’s San Francisco neighborhood, combining art, education, theater, kink and sexuality in a safe and welcoming space for the LGBTQIK community and their supporters to congregate and experience art in a way that often blurs the line between artist and audience. Tied

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Nov 102009

As I predicted, my body didn’t appreciate the weekend antics. I’m still recovering from it physically and mentally. But also I’m feverishly trying to find the theme I want for the self-hosted e[lust] site. I basically want exactly what I’m currently using for the blog, but with the ability to more easily customize some aspects. Oh just download the theme from the developer directly, you say? Yeah, tried that. It’s not quite the same and almost less customizable unless I want to tweak the stylesheet and I just don’t have the patience. I really don’t have as many sightseeing photos as I did last year because extenuating circumstances prevented me from seeing and doing a lot of what I planned on. And in fact….I don’t think I even have a photo of me all dressed up for the party. Not like I don’t still have the outfit, I do, but a posed after-thought photo just

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