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May 032009


Rock Chick is an oft-reviewed dual stimulator sex toy. It’s one of the first that I wanted for review back when I started reviewing – and while some retailers that I review for carry a knock-off, I wanted to review the original. Now I have! I was so interested in it because not only did most of my peers rate it highly, but it offers dual stimulation that is (supposed to be and usually is) hands-free, can be used in multiple ways/positions and theoretically could even be used by me at work.

I’ve tried this three times. I’ve watched the “tips and tricks” video on the manufacturer’s website. I’ve talked to my peers who rated it highly. And it pretty much comes down to two reasons why this is not the toy for me:

1. My anatomy – my very full lips and my not-so-prominent clit just don’t do well with a design like this. I have to spread myself around the Rock Chick, but even then it usually won’t stay pressed firmly to my clit. And if it does, some movements/positions it actually hurts, because it’s pinching my labia.

2. The vibrations just are not quite strong enough. But I suspect that that aspect is very much YMMV and I possess a clit of steel. I will say though that the vibrations do suffuse throughout the entire toy quite nicely, and that is stronger than I expected.


The We Vibe and the Rock Chick

As you can see, the Rock Chick isn’t small. It was much too big for me – my g-spot isn’t that far back, and the clit part extended about a half-inch past my clit. For other women who are built different that won’t be a problem. For me, it was.  It is soft but firm silicone. It isn’t squishy but it moves, it is bendy.

The bullet that is contained is different now. Apparently it used to be just your standard generic wireless silver bullet (you can see that in the toy photo on for this product). But the same company that makes the Rock Chick also makes the RO-80mm Bullet Vibe. I had actually wanted to review one of these (in silver please because you know I care about what color my toys are, lol) because it claims to be stronger than the typical generic version. While I can say that yes, it is a little stronger and the point can offer very much pin-point accuracy….it’s still too buzzy for me. Too high-pitched buzzy. But I think that it has a shot at getting me off, just not an intense or quick orgasm. They say that the bullet is very silent, and while I would never call any vibrator “silent”, it is quieter than say a pocket rocket or remote-controlled egg.

I think the vibration level of the Rock Chick is a little more powerful than the We-Vibe. The Bullet takes a little effort to get it into it’s hole, but it’s even harder to get back out. It takes one of those dreaded watch-type batteries. There is one already installed and ready to go, though.

The Rock Chick as a whole though isn’t going to get me off. Sadly. It’s a wonderful concept and I would recommend it to most, but it’s not for me.

Oh, I did want to say about the “theoretically I could use this at work” bit I mentioned – yeah, I could. I was able to walk around with it in (although it might not be comfortable enough for a lot of walking, say if you’re out running errands) and if you can get off on this level of vibration this toy could be a really good public-play item.

Apr 112009

Perfect Touch Mega-Bullet (made by Synergy Erotic)


Size comparison next to the BNaughty vibe

About a month ago or so, my beloved Silver Bullet vibe died. It had become my stand-by vibe and of course it was my work vibe. Soon after it died, another bullet-type came to me for review from I was excited right away – it takes -3- AA batteries. 3!!! Most only take 2! And oh I was not disappointed with the power, like I had been with other bullet vibes….oh HELL it’s wonderful!

Edit: I found this little bit of info on the manufacturer’s site, and I found it interesting. Higher-quality bullet vibe makers, listen up!!!!! (now I know what “does it” for me – a motor that spins a bit slower):

The Perfect Touch Mega-Bullets are manufactured with a 15% larger motor that spins a bit slower than your typical bullet motor, but it also swings a MUCH larger counter-weight, which provides an EXTREMELY powerful sensation {they aren’t joking!!!}.

However, with strength comes flaws.


Not sure if you can tell, it does have a bit of “cord protector” as the wires exit the bullet, but they’re not firmly in place. I can push/pull on the cord and it’ll go in and out of the bullet. Since the bare wires in there are wrapped around contacts which make the whole thing work……moving wires spell a short life span.

It’s inexpensive, as most bullet vibes are, and I’m so sad that the manufacturer couldn’t do better with this. One major problem with the cheap construction is that it’s unreliable. My first one we deemed to be a fluke, defective, so quickly sent me a new one. The problem with the first one, I’ve determined, is that the wires that connect to the motor in the bullet were loose. If I moved the wire outside of the bullet to the “right” position, it would work. At first it would work somewhat more reliably, requiring a little bit of a shake to make it vibrate again. The replacement one has not had that problem, but it seems that the motor is off balance. At some angles (and the differences are a hair’s-width) it’s not very noisy. At other angles, it’s very noisy, like the vibrating part is hitting the hard plastic.

This makes it very hard for me to use it at work. Oh don’t get me wrong, I have used it a few times at work. I had to, I had nothing else! When I have used it… It was sometimes a quick ride but a wild one. My orgasms were very powerful; keeping a straight face and normal demeanor at work while using this one was nearly impossible as my orgasm crashed over me and my cunt throbbed.

Another flaw is that the power dial on the side is turned on WAY too easily – I swear one wrong move as I’m removing/reinserting a battery and it’s buzzing away (not good when you’re in public!) – but yet the “dimmer switch” aspect isn’t consistent. The first bullet they sent me was more noticeable in its varying levels of vibration. The second one wasn’t as much.

A third flaw is the design. The hand pack is very big, partially because it takes 3 AA’s. Also, the bullet is pretty big. This might be something that most of you won’t care about or might even like – my reasons for caring about the size are because of the circumstances in which I use it.

When the first one WAS working, I didn’t even need to turn it all the way up to high in order to orgasm. And you guys know I have a clit o’ steel.

Do I recommend it? That’s a tough call. If you require more power, like I do, and you don’t care if it’s a bit noisy sometimes then yes I do recommend it. It’s cheap. However, it’s unreliable.

I’ll keep plugging away, looking for my perfect bullet vibe for clitoral stimulation.

sextoys more eggs and bullets

Dec 012008

We barely knew each other, in person. Online we were friends who flirted. We were slow that day to introduce serious flirting to our dynamic, being our first day around each other. The sexual tension was there though – “innocent” unspoken touches, extra-long glances. It was an overnight visit of the friendly sort and we had not planned or talked about anything sexual happening. I was staying with him in his little apartment to save money. Ever the gentleman, he gave me his bed and he took the couch. From the bed I could see the couch – I told you, small apartment.

I told him that I don’t like to be too warm when I sleep (which is true) and so used that as explanation for my minimal clothing while sleeping. Black lace panties and a plain simple black camisole that I purposely lowered the straps on to be as low as possible. No bra. He told me he’d get up before me and shower first, so as to let the tiny water heater recoup before he woke me up. I never clued him in to how light of a sleeper I am….as soon as daylight broke I was pretty much awake. As I watched him sleeping I quietly rearranged the sheet and made sure that he would have an achingly good view of me “sleeping”. One leg outside of the sheet and some ass showing. My breasts nearly falling out of my top. My head was partially buried under the pillow from sleep and I stayed that way; it shielded my face so that he would think I was still sleeping.

I watched him slowly stretch awake. As I precaution I lowered my lids but I still watched as he looked over to see if I was sleeping. My heart raced as I watched him stare at me, wondering if he knew I was awake. His blanket fell away as he leaned forward for his water bottle and could see through the thin fabric of the cotton pants his hard morning cock. He kept looking at me, looking away. I knew how much skin I had exposed. The curve of my ass cheek. A portion of a pale leg. So much cleavage that one nipple was almost out.

I noticed him making the effort to be as silent in his actions as possible. His hand slipped under his waistband….much to my dismay, it stayed under there. But I could see his hand slowly moving, slowly stroking his cock. I think I stopped breathing for a moment. Immediately I was overcome with arousal and could feel my throbbing clit – it took all my self control to keep myself still, keep my hand from trying to relieve the ache and test the wetness. His head leaned back onto the couch for a minute, lost. Then he turned his head my way and stared. And stroked. Suddenly he stopped, withdrew his hand and leant forward to reach underneath the couch. Pulled out a small bottle of something, I couldn’t tell what it was but I quickly knew the purpose. His clean hand pulled the waistband away and down a little. The lubed hand returned to his cock, of course. His gaze returned to my body. Finally his eyes closed and his grip on his shiny beautiful cock tightened. Faster. Soon his body stiffened, his mouth dropped open. I heard small gasps for air. Saw his cum shoot up his chest. He relaxed for a minute as he caught his breath but then quickly looked my way and proceeded to clean up.

I didn’t know what to do. I knew my panties were soaked through. I knew that I was beyond aroused. But I also knew that he would be embarrased.

So I slowly moved, stretched, appeared to have just woken up. I moved the pillow off my head and pulled up the sheet in a fake attempt at modesty. I smiled a sleepy good morning to him and my eyes fell on the water bottle. I asked him if I could have a sip of his water, pretty please, and held out my hand. When he got to the bed I scooted over so that he would sit. I took a drink and then set the bottle on the bedside table; I laid back and looked at him without saying anything more. Thinking. I casually, playfully, told him to lay with me for a minute – I needed a snuggle for a few before I let him go shower.

My head on his bare chest, I melded my body to his. I trailed my hand down his chest…..and my fingers brushed over a small wet patch. I felt him tense up, I felt his heart beating faster. Mine was too. I went back to the wet spot on his tummy and lightly rubbed it into his skin. I couldn’t look at him but I said “That was a very hot show you gave me.” I swear he stopped breathing for a minute. I tilted my head back and looked up at him. Once I saw the blush of embarrassment, the wide eyes of shock, I scooted up until my face met with his. He wouldn’t meet my eyes. I threw a leg over his and firmly pressed my pussy to his hip – covered in nothing but meshy lace that was cool with wetness. Soaked with wetness. If that didn’t make it obvious to him how much I loved watching, my kiss certainly did.

It was such a relief that the nervous, uncertain sexual tension was gone now. And boy did the weekend take a totally different turn from there on out…

Nov 292008
Well folks I am not going to be getting the promotion, I will not be moving to the other office. Due to the current hiring freeze and the merging of all similar offices in 6 months, HR put the kibotz on that higher position being filled since it was vacated by my now-supervisor. So no extra money. No change in scenery.
I worry about the merger because I can’t say for sure that I’ll get to keep my internet access privileges. I’ll have to find another route, something I can afford, when the time comes. I have quite a few “friendships” that are online only, and only during the workday. Some are casual and a select few are very meaningful to me. If I weren’t able to chat during the workday I think I would lose those people. And for SURE I would be bored to death. I’ve grown terribly accustomed to this “way of life” in the past 6 months.
I am to the point where, no matter what, when I find out I’ll be in that downstairs office all alone for awhile I make it a point to take advantage of the fact. So determined that despite my 3 regular guys being AWOL (One left work early for T-day preparations, S has been in hiding lately and I’m not sure he’s coming back out, and the new guy who’s delighting in bringing out my Toppy side apparently had an impromptu office meeting), I pulled out my bullet anyways and thanks to a few of my Twitter guys, I got off quite nicely. I also took things a little farther than before. The bombardment of arousal from numerous angles left me with a need for penetration. I looked around, I thought….my eyes alighted on the half-empty Coke Zero bottle. 30 seconds later I decided to lock the glass door as it was the day before Thanksgiving, everyone was leaving early and I had plausible deniability if anyone tried to get in (damn door, I can never figure out that weird lock!). After a few brief moments of dropped pants and Coke Bottle attempts, I realized that someone could glance in and see my bare ass. So I moved in to my supervisor’s office…heh heh. Her lights off but the office lights meant that I was still barely visible should anyone look in her huge windows. The moment I inserted (some, couldn’t handle most of it) the bottle, and applied the bullet again to my clit, my orgasm began. I think this means that I need a slightly bigger case for my bag so that I can bring my wooden dildo with me along with the bullet.
Shame to waste nearly half a bottle of coke, but I wasn’t in the mood for a creamy Coke ;) The bottle was a bit of a mess, especially under that ridge for the cap.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

How To Make Lilly Blush:  A little like when S first floored me when he pointedly said in the comments of one of his posts that I was the cause of his recent highly-aroused state and subsequent amazing release, someone else caught me quite off-guard today by including me (me?) in his “hit it” list of sexy blogger ladies. I am the one of the four that he has met in person (at the party) and still I’m on that list.
Sometimes flattery will get you far ;)
If I were to make a list of blogger men on my own similar list…..well, I couldn’t narrow it down to just four, lol, but I think he might find he has a spot on my list, as well.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

You all rock, you know that? I got amazing support and “you tell him sister!” comments on my post about the Craigslist douchebag. It took him a few days, presumably took that long to write this all out and think it up, but he responded. I knew he would. Again, I present this to you in all its unedited glory:
well im glad u didnt respond to me cause i can see ur a very kind woman too..and yes i am a very nice man i just know how to find out who the nice women are and who is the jerks on here too so yes i am learning how this thing works on here thank you very much..and maybe some people have responded to u ok thats fine big it just seemed to me like you were being picky and im only sayin that cause you said in ur ad about looking for good lookin guys well i can see that but if u want that you should be able to give them somethin nice too not trying to be mean and didnt mean any offense and i am sorry..i was just stating a point..maybe i took ur ad the wrong way then
He can have his last words, I really cannot bear to drag out this conversation, risk hearing more drivel from him again. Nor do I give a shit. He doesn’t register on my radar anymore. But it does jade me against Pennsylvania men, in general. He’s not uncommon here I’m afraid.

Also, my CL ad was flagged and deleted, oddly enough, the day I posted about this guy. I doubt the timing is related. But still…..

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

I’ve got more toy reviews for the future than I know what to do with….but I have to say, I feel bad for the other dildos. Really. Unless it’s a suction-cup dildo or an oversized one, it’s not going to have a place in my bag. I have found my Holy Grail and there is no besting it. Just not gonna happen. So from now on I’m not going to review any more dildos that are not suction-cup or oversized. I received a very pretty Glass one to review and I feel bad that I can’t really love it, because Mr. Pure has stolen my heart. He’s ruined me for all others.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
I have become afraid of speaking too soon regarding men, but I really do have to just mention this – there is someone new who is really dragging out the “toppy” side of me and I’m liking it more and more. He inspired this post, and if things go well, you’ll be reading more about the situation.
Also, to any of the women who read my blog who have experience topping…please email me. I need to pick a few brains about a couple of topics.
Nov 102008

This weekend I had to go to my mother’s house; check in on the cat because my mom was out of town, and bring down all my childhood toys/mementos from the attic so that I could pack them up better (she’s moving to a new house in a few months, and needs help packing up 30 years of stuff). You just don’t ask a sentimental ADD gal to pack up her childhood toys. It wasn’t everything, it was things that over the years as I got older I decided I had had an attachment to. Some stuff I looked at now and thought WTF?? and pitched. Other stuff….I played with, lol. There’s more fun on this at my other blog, so take a trip down memory lane with me….complete with pictures and a video of Milky the Moo Cow. It’ll be fun, I promise.

Despite being young, my body isn’t. I went to bed at a decent hour, but woke up later. Since I had the house to myself of course I had brought along some toys and of -course- I brought along my Pure wand. I had another try at squirting – it didn’t happen, but all is not lost. No….I had another first. True multiple orgasms.

Usually, right after a clitoral orgasm, I’m so sensitive that I can’t keep the vibrator on me. A second orgasm will take a much longer build-up than the first. Not this night.

One of the things that I notice with the Pure wand is that either I’m a lot wetter than with any other toy, or the design/material of it just makes it seem that way. Perhaps because with other internal toys I am filled up, I choose ones with girth, so there isn’t a lot of “wiggle room”. The wet sloppy sounds as I work the ball against my G-spot are obscene. It has been the case that by orgasm 2, the wand is covered top to bottom in sticky juices. Another thing I have noticed is the ability of the wand to absorb the ambient temperature and hold on to it. If I pull the wand out of me during momentary breaks and rest it on my clit it is downright hot to the touch. It will stay very warm for quite some time after use.

Anyways. I found that I actually had to hold back a little with the vibrator on my clit for the first orgasm, or the build-up would have been short. After the first one, I moved the vibe off my clit but kept going with the wand and it felt so good….like I could come again….less than a minute later the Pocket Rocket is back on my clit and in a few minutes I am moaning and writhing with orgasm 2. Repeat. again. It was another amazing first, as the waves neevr really seemed to die down and I felt like I could just keep orgasming over and over…..but I tired out soon and fell into a deep sleep.

If you haven’t been convinced already, for the love of all you consider holy, go buy one of these!!!

  1. I’ve successfully found my G-spot, easily
  2. I’ve squirted for the first time
  3. I’ve had multiple orgasms for the first time
  4. The orgasms are -intense-

I can’t wait to meet Greg of Njoy at the party this Friday and thank him for creating this modern holy grail.

Speaking of the party, wee!!! in 4 days I’ll be in NYC!!! I finally figured out what I’m wearing, after a few clothing meltdowns (and boots that were a major fail). The shoes are up in the air because I’m trying to determine if I can do heels. I’m wobbly and unstable on them but that’s not my issue – it will be crowded and I’ll just make sure to lose my balance (cleavage first) into someone cute. My issue is whether or not I can tolerate what feels like 800psi being exerted on the balls of my feet.

Oct 232008

“2 days ago {3 days ago, as you’re reading this post} I was replying to a post of yours…. a very delectable, very beautiful, set of pictures… I had no idea that you’d reply to me, let alone helping me set up my page; so I wanted to thank you. And yeah….your posts have done nothing but get me absolutely fucking -wound-….the thought of you being alone in your office till 5…wow…I’ve got a whole load of naughty ideas…”

Whoa, reverse. Back up. 4 days ago, Subtle Release started reading my blog. Bouncing around between recent and archive posts and leaving a few comments. So I checked out his blog, his very new blog, and left him a comment about his post and thanking him for the very nice compliments he left on mine. He alluded in his reply comment there that his frustrated state might be caused a bit by me. The next day I found another post, praising the beautiful and geeky women he found through HNT. Beautiful and geeky? My kinda girl! Share the link, please! Well….

“Pictured This one as a top down view while I ran my tongue over your pussy, making your back arch”

Oh. My my my…. *blush*

So I decided to reply via email to his most recent comment on another archive post. We flirted a bit and I gave him information, how-to, and advice on the blog he started. Walked him through a few basic WordPress settings. Next day, more of the same. I was summoned to the downstairs office to cover the desk, and found that the only remaining person working was likely gone the rest of the day at meetings. I found myself looking at an hour there all alone. Now, you -know- the sorts of things I get up to when I’m alone there. So I fill him in briefly. Smart boy, asks if I have gotten out my bullet vibe yet. No, wasn’t feelin it….Shame, no? He asks if I would mind if he left me a voicemail through gmail. Hmmm…no one has ever done that before…what followed was what you read above.

His voice quiet and low, he seemed mildly unsure of himself….it was cute. I could tell when he paused to smile. Which words were just flowing without forethought, and which words were emphatically, deliberately stated. It made me smile. Second listen, it made me wet. 75 seconds was the length of that message. 75 seconds to make my pulse race. 75 seconds to hook me and hooked I was. I wanted more.

Spurred on, he recorded another, longer one. Detailing a short fantasy brought on by some photos of mine. I sat there all alone, quiet office, his voice heavy with lust was pouring out of my speakers. What caused my hand to quickly slip below my dress pants and dip into my sloppy wet cunt was the first catch in his voice. A nanosecond pause, intake of breath. Then a few stumbled words. 2 seconds of heavy breathing. While I could not be certain, it sounded as if he were stroking his cock while speaking to me. THAT did it. Vibrator out, pronto. I replayed a few sections, listened to the telltale signs, pressed that bullet vibe to my clit. While I was sitting back, lost in the quiet of my own thoughts……the door opened. Thankfully I had closed the glass door to drown out the hallway noises, but it only afforded me a 2 second cover-up time. Faster than lightning I yanked my hand out of the front of my pants, as I spoke to my coworker (higher-up, funny older lady, but who could get me in trouble) it took me a few seconds to shut off the vibe. She had stopped in to speak to the supervisor who was out at meetings. I tried so hard not to look guilty but I think I failed. I knew my face was flushed deep with embarassment and arousal.  She could have seen my hand making a hasty retreat.

Did that prevent me from finishing?

You know me….no it did not. 2 minutes later I was quietly moaning my orgasm. Breathless with wet sticky fingers. Had someone walked in at that exact moment I would have been in trouble for sure.

I praised his efforts, thanked him, and said that I would welcome more in the future. That the brief seconds where it was obvious his arousal had gotten the better of him, were the best part. I listened to the voicemails once or twice more that evening.

The next day, yesterday, was filled with teasing (words and photos) on both ends. Relentless flirting. I took delight, nay, glee in knowing that I was making him insanely crazy with lust. Every leap he took down the road of “resistance is futile” just fed me more, made me reveal a little more to get that extra ounce of desire from him. I kept seeing a voicemail notification pop up in my inbox. Damn him, he knew I couldn’t listen to them, I had no headphones. So much for him thinking he wouldn’t be able to leave such voicemails that day in between the need to stay quiet and all the conference calls he was obligated to. I brought myself to the very edge quite a few times (and ended up coming loudly in my car). Right before I left though, in a very nearly empty office, I turned up my sound and stealthily listened to his most recent voicemail. All labored breathing and whispered incantations of a man dying to come, quiet moans escaping despite his efforts. I let that reverberate in my head in the walk to my car. I arrived home to find the culmination of his efforts, finally, in one last (of 4 total) voicemail. Oh fucking hell. Hottest thing I’ve heard in a long while. An aural testament to the arousal I egged on. My ears picked up on so much that the scene painted itself in my mind.

I do not even know his name yet. I don’t know what he looks like (above the waist, heh). But still the connection was quick and electric. I want more.