Aug 022009
A Comparative Review: Top Electric Massager Vibrators – Part 2

This is a continuation, please see Part 1 which talks about the plug-in style. I already mentioned this but I’m going to mention it again. The Big Pro: ~It’s cordless. You can use it anywhere that doesn’t have a nearby outlet or even electricity, provided it’s fully charged. The Big Con: ~It is not “full power full time”. I think most of these have a run-time of about an hour, depending on how firmly you press the head to your body. To reiterate from Part 1: Should you choose one style over the other? That depends on the environment you’d be using it in and your masturbation style. The plug-in style boasts all power, all the time, always on. However this means you are tethered by a cord and must be near an electrical outlet to use it. The rechargeable style means that you can take it anywhere you please, so long as it’s charged.

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Dec 202008
Acuvibe Mini

  (this review/sex toy is seriously outdated. there are plenty of rechargeable vibes/wand massagers I’d recommend now over anything mentioned here)   I’ve heard a few other bloggers rave about the Acuvibe. This is another in the line of sextoys that wasn’t created to be used as a sex toy….. but rather a body massager. I have to wonder what their sales reports are like, Hitachi and Acuvibe….what percentage of their sales are from sex toy resellers, heh. The big selling point to the Acuvibe is that it is cordless and rechargeable. If you’re like me and live in a weird older apartment with ill placed electrical outlets, this is a great thing!! It also means its travel-friendly if you’re going to be using it somewhere that may not have an electrical outlet handy. Related Posts:Yes it’s the Cordless, Rechargeable (Hitachi) Magic… Despite what I may say in this review, I am excited about the

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Aug 312008

She’s standin in her underwear Lookin down from a hotel room Nightfall will be comin soon Oh my my, oh hell yes You’ve got to put on that party dress   Update: If you’re just seeing this review for the first time, you may wonder how I feel about the Magic Wand these days. Wonder no more! Here’s a Throwback Thursday update. The Magic Wand. It is, indeed, magic. There are two speeds. “Oh my my” and “Oh hell yes”. For the sensitive lasses out there – don’t bother. Go for the Vibratex Mystic Wand. This one would make you cry. Orgasms with the Magic Wand are finicky with me. It’s either a record-breaking 1:47 seconds the-crowd-is-cheering sort of thing, or it’s just too much and my clit won’t break and submit to it. The Hitachi has many uses. It truly is great on the back. I’ll give them that. It can make any stationary

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Jul 312008
VibeReview: Miracle Massager And Attachment

Another one of the items sent to me to review by the lovely was the Miracle Massager and the companion G-spot Attachment. The Miracle Massager is very very similar in design and function to the infamous Hitachi Magic Wand. From everything I read though, here are the selling pros to the Miracle Massager v. Hitachi: Grooved, slightly curved, more “ergonomic” handle The head doesn’t heat up at all Lightweight From what -I- have seen, the G-spot attachment is superior – it’s not just g-spot. As you can see it comes up midway with a special clit-massage part. From the solo point of view, the attachment is built just right. The attachment is quite flexible though, so once I had it angled to my clit I’m not sure just how much it was still pressing on my g-spot. Using the attachment is the only way I’ve orgasmed using this toy. Yes, I know, the reviewers

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