Aug 302011
Fairy Wand Massager Showdown: Electric vs Rechargeable

I seem to have amassed quite the collection of these “massager style” vibrators. While originally these vibrators were mass-marketed and intended for body massage (not orgasm) the obsession with their power has caused some companies to make sex toy versions that are not found in your local drugstore like the Hitachi Magic Wand or the Acuvibe massager are. I used to be a die-hard Hitachi MW fan. But over the years of reviewing I’ve figured out that it’s less about holy-shit-power and more about the type of vibrations. A rumbly, deep vibration that will stimulate more than just the outside portion of my clitoris is ideal. And it doesn’t have to be Hitachi MW strength to achieve that. But, on to the review. At the same time that I was testing out all the Vibratex Mystic Wands I had two of the Fairy Wands to try out. The Fairy Wand massager line is a long

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Aug 062011
A Vibratex Comparison Review: Mystic Wand vs. Mystic Rechargeable vs. Mini Magic

A compare and contrast review of three vibrators: Mystic Wand, Mystic Wand Rechargeable, and Mini Magic Wand, all by Vibratex.

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Mar 032011

There once was a girl who owned too many sex toys that recharged. Our fair lass lived in a cottage that was entirely too small for her and all her sex toys. This development, combined with an ADD-stereotyped heroine, led to confusion of mass proportions. Let’s wrap this up, dear reader. I don’t have the time for a Brothers Grimm-length tale. The moral, as there are morals to all fairy tales, is to be better organized than yours truly. Find ways of marking the chargers so that you know what it goes to. Last night I had a manic evening. The night before my body had demanded sleep and so I went to bed so early and got so much sleep that by 6pm I was jiggly. Antsy. Couldn’t even sit still long enough for a favorite TV show. Finally, I started to clean. Throw things out. Which led to a tangle of cables on

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Dec 182010
Back in Black

The Devine Playchest, when it first came out, was in combo’s of only pink and black. Mostly pink with black accents, or vice versa. I purchased the Black with Pink Accents and reviewed it here. While I DO like black and pink together, I have to admit I would have really preferred an all-black version. *pouts* And now they have it. I wish I could trade mine in. Another toy that’s been redesigned is the Acuvibe – it’s now in all black too. I wanna trade my old style in. Related Posts:Throwback Thursday: Devine Playchest A little over four years ago I reviewed the Devine Playchest. Back then, they made…Lelo Luna Beads – Noir As someone who vastly prefers grey & black to pastel shades, you would think I…Pleasure Purse Review I’ll spill the beans early: The Pleasure Purse is the best sex toy storage option…Heeldo Review I’ve seen the Heeldo bopping around the industry

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Dec 192009
Review: The Climax Twist

I’m a sucker for funky design and so when I saw the Climax Twist rechargeable massager in “New Arrivals” list, I knew I wanted to review it. The 90 degree angle is really what got me moreso than the rechargeable factor. In fact, the rechargeable factor was nearly a deterrent simply because I don’t often get a rechargeable sex toy that packs the power or type of vibration that I like. I’ve read a few other reviews of this vibrator that seemed a bit over-the-top when describing the power and noise level and the girth of the G-spot end. Such dramatic description is only meant for the Hitachi, in my opinion. The Climax Twist vibrator is actually considerably more quiet than the Hitachi on low and *nearly* as powerful but not as deep of a vibration as the Hitachi on low. The Climax Twist is not equivalent to the Hitachi in power. But how

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Aug 152009
A Comparative Review: Electric Massager Attachments

UPDATE:  I’ve just noticed that this post is being linked to and I wanted to point out that this review is VERY old. If I’d known in advance, I would have had more time to update this review (like I plan to do with many other old reviews). For more Magic Wand and other wand attachments, check them out here. If you have any questions, please email me or hit me up on the chat/message button below and I will help you out! I answer all emails!   Sex toy manufacturers have come to realize that electric massagers like the Hitachi are here to stay – so they’d better get their piece of that pie. These types of vibrators aren’t always meant to be used as a sex toy, so additions are needed to better achieve that naughty purpose. There are a good number of these out there, most of them are Hitachi attachments because

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