Aug 312008

She’s standin in her underwear
Lookin down from a hotel room
Nightfall will be comin soon
Oh my my, oh hell yes
You’ve got to put on that party dress


Update: If you’re just seeing this review for the first time, you may wonder how I feel about the Magic Wand these days. Wonder no more! Here’s a Throwback Thursday update.

The Magic Wand. It is, indeed, magic. There are two speeds. “Oh my my” and “Oh hell yes”. For the sensitive lasses out there – don’t bother. Go for the Vibratex Mystic Wand. This one would make you cry.

Orgasms with the Magic Wand are finicky with me. It’s either a record-breaking 1:47 seconds the-crowd-is-cheering sort of thing, or it’s just too much and my clit won’t break and submit to it. The Hitachi has many uses. It truly is great on the back. I’ll give them that. It can make any stationary toy into a vibrating machine. I’ve heard it can do lovely things to rope when you’re all trussed up (perhaps someone will show me the joys of that particular use…)

Here’s the deal. It’s kinda large. It’s kinda heavy. It plugs in, so there’s no batteries to waste and that means it’s super-powerful. If you are prone at ALL to squirting, you will want to cover the head and such with a condom – you’ll understand why when you see it. It’s made of plastic and PVC, so condoms are good if you’re at a play party and sharing. (And please do share, if you happen upon a Hitachi-virgin, initiate them into this world. It’s your civic duty.)

My first playtime with this guy came the night it arrived. I plugged it in, sat here at my desk with legs spread wide and resting on various furniture items, and turned it on low (i.e. Oh my my). FUCK that felt good. Within literally a minute and a half, I felt the telltale spreading of full-body tingling. I clicked it over quickly to high (i.e. OH HELL YES) and 20 seconds later I was coming. Hard. Flushed and shaking. I clicked it back over to low to ride it out, made myself keep it there until my cunt stopped throbbing for the most part. 2 minutes.

I predict that for women who have a more prominent clit than I (mine requires a bit of exploration, some, like my friend Sarah are out and proud “Hi, I’m Sarah’s clit!” As she likes to explain it), they won’t even need to disrobe to orgasm from this thing. And as AlwaysArousedGirl put it once, this is not a toy you make love to. This is not a toy you use and abuse, let it wring the orgasms out of you rapid-fire, when you are in deep need of a good hard screaming O or three. Or pressed for time.

The downside? It gets warm. Nay, hot. If used too long, that is. Let the poor guy breathe in between orgasms/people, for a few minutes.

Plain and simple, people: Unless you come at the drop of a hat…unless a finger to your clit triggers orgasms in a minute or so…BUY THIS VIBRATOR.

Go. NOW. Buy it.

Jul 112008

One sentence.

One little sentence, a few words strung together, and I’m a goner. You know that feeling of immediate arousal? It’s like a tingle…starting at about the throat and traveling down south at the speed of light. Butterflies. Your breath catches, your pulse quickens, and you grin like the damn Cheshire Cat. I’m rendered speechless…my cunt throbbing and wet…my face flushed.

3 times yesterday. 3 men. Seriously, are guys trying to kill me?

(I had asked K if he had seen the HNT pics)
K*: you mean the tank top that made me want to slam you against the wall and fuck the shit out of you?
(He said more that made me about speechless for a minute, but that was the big one that reduced me to a whimpering lust-puddle in a split second)

R: gets really close to your ear for a second while nobody is looking and whispers I can’t wait to try and put my fist in your cunt, though. licks your ear
(Fucker. He says that, but I didn’t see it at first, had to quickly leave the window as a co-worker was coming up to my desk. I read it finally, minutes later, and had to quickly regain my composure. He said this without yet knowing that being fisted is a fantasy of mine that only has its place in the rough, submissive sex scene I’m craving lately)

T: I came really hard staring at your tits the other night…I’m going to look again in a few…and probably….cum hard again…
(T’s making me a video of himself doing just that…he knows I love hearing him cum)

*”K” asked me to change his initial on my blog, to something completely unrelated to his name, real or screenname. To find out who K is you’ll have to check back at older posts. He’s been talked about a few times and any place he is referenced, the initial is changed.


In other news – I found a really great use for the Silver Bullet I reviewed here. I mentioned using it on guys as did Heather had also suggested in comments, but I hadn’t yet tried it. Hooo boy did I get a reaction! I held it against him…nestled in between his balls and pressed against the base of his cock while I sucked him off. I think his eyes rolled back in his head when I first did that with the S.B. I asked if it felt good and I was given a mostly-incoherant reply that clearly meant “yes, and don’t stop”. I started it out on a lower setting and as he acclimated to the vibrations I gradually increased it.

Jul 032008

Yesterday, at work, I tried out the first of my toys that sent me to test and share about! Yes, at work… ;)

A sexy conversation with a few of my boys – different conversations, same time! – led to my state of arousal and a need to take care of that…right that very minute. Of course, the million dollar question is, Did Lilly get off?? Keep reading!

The Silver Bullet – this little guy replaced my dearly departed red micro bullet that I mentioned way back in the beginning of my exploits. There are many things that I really like about this vibrator, and some things that could do better. While VibeReview doesn’t carry the exact same bullet vibe I was using before, the ones they do carry are equivalent or better. For size reference purposes and one with a motor more like my old vibe, check out The Firecracker Bullet.

The Good:

1. The cord – longer than my old one. It’s long enough for the vibe to be on my clit, the cord to come up my panties to my waistband and have enough that I can comfortably hold the remote handpack without feeling like I’m going to tug the thing out of me.

2. The size of the bullet – As you saw with the Firecracker Bullet, my old one was pretty tiny. The dimensions of S.B. are 2.25″ long and 1″ wide. Because my outter labia are fuller, I was able to nestle this guy in between my pussy lips and with my panties on it stayed there, even when I was dripping wet! Because of the larger size, I was more able to get it on just the right spot. Another plus to the size? Because it wasn’t totally swallowed up by my pussy, whenever I squirmed/rocked/shifted in my chair, so did the S.B. ever so slightly…just the right amount to drive me CRAZY.

How crazy? I was sitting there at my desk constantly moving just a bit. Squeezing my thighs together….leaning back and forwards a little bit, just generally gyrating so that the bullet ground against my clit even more. I was so close to the edge of the orgasm, like standing 10 feet from the cliff. I leaned back in my chair for a minute and with my hand I pressed the S.B. into me even harder through my dress pants, which were really damp, by the way. I could feel that my face was really warm and flushed from being so close to orgasm.

3. While at times I had wished the vibrations were stronger, there were also times that I was glad it was not stronger, or it would have been too much to tolerate. If your clit is in the sensitive to moderate range, this would be the perfect vibe. The handpack has a slider control to go from low to high and anywhere in between. If you really want something stronger, go for The Turbo Bullet.

4. It got warm…yes, warm. Not hot, nothing unpleasant. In fact, it was quite fucking nice! That lovely warmth on my clit and pussy lips brought extra blood flow to the area and that is -always- a good thing. The Firecracker Bullet also has the warming feature if you want a smaller bullet vibe. If you’re looking to add in some internal warming, try out the Dual Action Infrared Vibe, which is one I also own. Just the top of it warms up.

The Bad:

There was only one bad. I had wished at times that I was able to push the power of the vibes up juuust a little bit more. In the end, I had to retreat to the ladies room and hold it right on my sweet spot, on the side of my clit, to orgasm.

So I tucked the controller in the waistband of my pants and retreated to the bathroom. It was close to lunch break time so I hoped it would be empty just long enough. Wasn’t at first. I sat there quietly rubbing my clit, my cunt was soaking wet. finally it was empty and I turned on the vibe. Got soooo close, and someone came in. DAMN. As soon as she left, it was back on. In 10 seconds I was cumming. The moment it began though, the door opened so I had to shut off the S.B. but was still able to ride out a nice orgasm.

If you need something more powerful, get the Turbo Bullet. (not to mention it has silicone nubbies on the outside, also a plus to keeping it in one spot!)

OH, the noise level – it’s neither a good nor a bad. While it was doin its job here at my desk, I couldn’t hear it. In the ladies’ room however….well, not doable if anybody else was in there. But really how often will most women be in that situation? ;)

For the absolute best bullet experience, get the Berry Delight. It adds in various settings, a higher quality motor, and lovely soft silicone nubs all over it, which would be sooo lovely on the S.B. *wink wink nudge nudge* I really really really want the Berry Delight vibe…

Overall: A good toy. Wonderful for beginners or even those who have many toys. This would also be absolutely wonderful to use during sex. Easier to hold to your clit than a smaller micro-bullet vibe! Hey, bf might also enjoy the egg held to a few key spots while you are busily sucking cock ;) I personally like holding it to the perineum or just resting on his anus, even his balls!

This review made possible by the WONDERFUL folks over at VibeReview. They don’t carry crappy toys, and you can read reviews and detailed info before buying. And as always let me remind you men that it’s not just a site for women – it is “female friendly” and created by women, but their Men’s Toy Section is great and has a -ton- of stuff all with really great and informative reviews – don’t believe me? Check out the reviews on this bad boy, the Titus. Doesn’t that look amazing? I’d love to use that on a guy while sucking his cock….
(p.s. if you decide to buy anything I told you about, be sure to do so from my links as I get credit for your purchase, being an affiliate. Thanks!)