Oct 042009

Do you think that my chosen attire was an innocent happenstance? No, I saw myself in the changing room mirror when I bought it and later through the lens of the camera. It’s cut deep and it draws the eyes like a siren’s call.

Yeah, I know.

Do you think I’m oblivious to the fact that nearly every time I’m there, so are you? Or him? Or even him? Watching over me from your perch with jovial chatter, under the pretense that you need to make sure I’m doing it correctly. But that’s not the real reason.

No, I know better.

Do you think that I’m concentrating on counting or my form when I go silent for a few moments and look off slightly to your left, staring at nothing in the distance? I can see in my periphery that you’re watching me – not my form, no, your eyes and mind are elsewhere.

I pretend I don’t, but I do know.

You try to be professional, and do your job properly, helping others around me. But I see your gaze that you think you hide so well. I saw you watching me from that dimly lit room while working on someone else, as I laid on my stomach propped up by my elbows. Really now, the amount of cleavage that is bared from that position?

I know what you can see.

Did you think you were being sneaky? Waiting until dusk was fading to dark until you took those boxes to the dumpster and had him hold open the fire door that is right next to the pool? You knew that you’d see if he opened the door more to look for you, so on your way back you took your time and you stopped at the window that is 3 feet from me and looks over the pool. Did you think that it was so bright inside and so dark outside that I wouldn’t see you standing and watching? You forgot that your pants were light-colored and so….

I knew. And I played it for that brief minute.

And I enjoyed it when you two entered the room again, chatting over-eagerly with each other and including me in it. Too much laughter, a little too loud, trying too hard. To distract from the fact that your hands were in the pockets of your khakis, slyly trying to shift things around down there. It was too little too late. I’m not that oblivious, I’m not that dumb.

I knew.

Yes, I know. I know that you’re limited for now. I know what you’re staring at and when. I know now that the four of you vie for dibs on sitting with the pool patient under the pretense of “it’s a nice and relaxing rest” or so you told the other workers. One of them innocently spilled the beans, she didn’t know; she didn’t get it. You don’t do it with every pool patient; I’ve seen when others are there and you’re not in the room with them by pretense of help.

I know. And my knowledge is my power.

Jul 052009

I wasn’t there to meet him, or any guy really. Just meeting a girlfriend for drinks and gossip and sex talk. It might have been the “sex talk” part that got me into trouble. Her and I sat there and chatted over drinks for at least an hour. Our little table was quite close to the bar, so I gather the guys seated there might have caught some interesting little tidbits.

I knew one or two were staring at me occasionally, but I wouldn’t acknowledge them. I did make sure that my cleavage spilling out of the neckline to my cute top was ample; I’m sure my tongue and lips idly played with the straws from my drinks.

After three drinks, I really had to pee. As typical of most semi-crappy bars, the restrooms are stuck in a dark hallway. It was here that he cornered me after I exited the restroom. His rapid advancements and innuendo-laden small talk walked the line of being highly inappropriate. Lucky for him I was interested in what I saw in front of me. I told him “maybe later” because I had to get back to my waiting friend. But a quick peace-offering kiss with an invitation attached turned in a split second to something more present and more dangerous. Dangerous because I was groping and kissing a stranger in the dark hallway of a bar in full view of a handful of bar patrons who occupied nearby tables.

In the span of about a minute, my hand was grasping his hard cock through his khaki shorts. One of his hands had dipped down the front of my shirt and under my bra. Simultaneously his fingers found my nipple and his lips found that spot on my neck. I closed my eyes against the onslaught of near-overwhelming pleasure and amid the blasphemous prayers I whispered “harder”.

I don’t know what I meant for him to do harder – pinch my nipple or bite my neck. I think he did both and I think I moaned aloud. His lips grazed my flushed skin to my breast and then were wrapped forcefully around the same nipple he had been pinching. I slowly opened my eyes as I realized what this meant. My entire breast was exposed. And two men at the closest table were unabashedly watching us. I locked eyes with one of them as I put both hands on mystery guy’s chest and eased him off of me. I watched the voyeur’s eyes drop lower to take in the unobstructed sight of my bared breast. I paused a beat before bring my bra and clothes back where they belonged. I again reiterated “maybe later” to the one I had just been groping as I did my best to walk gracefully back to the table where my girlfriend was waiting on me.

It’s hard to walk gracefully when your cunt is wet and throbbing, your nipple still stings from his teeth and the rush of lust has made you lightheaded.