Dec 192010

My mind wandered the other day, thinking about my upcoming trip in April.

I think I’ll ask her to bring a skirt for sure. And maybe a dress. You know….easy access. Will it be too cold in early April for the hotel’s outdoor pool to be open? I conjured up a few naughty things in my head of pool activities. Pity there’s not an indoor one.

Maybe we’ll go drive somewhere and park and mess around in my back seat. Two chicks wearing nothing but easy access dresses, making out in the back seat…I wonder how far we’ll get before we’re spotted in the bad sort of way and made to leave wherever we are?

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Jun 072010

I no longer consider myself “bicurious”, and I haven’t for a number of years. But some days I still feel that way,  due to a lack of even one good Girl Date.

I’ve been with women sexually…..less than a half dozen, all encounters that happened through either planning to have sex or something similar. I’ve never actually *dated* a woman. Not for lack of trying! I had one encounter, once, that had a possibility of being….well, I don’t know. I’ll never know, because it was cut short. With the exception of that woman, for a few moments, I don’t think I’ve ever flirted with a woman face-to-face. Internet? sure. lots! I’ve even had dates with said women with mixed results.

Back in the heyday of Myspace, I met a few girls that I’d randomly friended on there (because they listed themselves as bi..yes I admit it) and had flirted with for a few weeks online. Flirted and became friendly with. The Goth girl was awesome; we got along famously, like the start of a great friendship. But I couldn’t detect any flirting! Do women flirt differently than guys? And I didn’t know how to be flirty with a woman. It seems different, somehow. In the end, the relationship failed for many reasons. One of which was that we lived an hour apart and she didn’t drive. Another date went horribly because at least for me, there was no attraction in person. It wasn’t her looks, it was her personality and the way she spoke. Too young, too um well that’s not politically correct so I won’t say it.

I went out with a girl I met on Okcupid last year. Again, it was like two friends hanging out. I mentioned her here very briefly (and she even let me put her up as a secret guest HNT!) and while she did kiss me at the end of our….date? hang-out? the atmosphere had still been friendly. So I was still left confused.

I’ve hung out with women I have a crush on, and guess what? No flirting. Either I’m undateable or the phenomenon Nadia (her friend, actually) calls the “Lesbian Sheep Dance” is alive and well.

I love women, but I apparently fail at dating them.

This needs to change.

Apr 182010

So the other week I wake up to an email notification in my inbox from the kinky social networking site I belong to. I’m not very active there, so I don’t get a lot of messages. I’ve had a few recently……dominant men who make me snarl and snap, but they’re not worth mentioning. Everybody gets those sort.

But this morning in question I was fresh into my self-imposed hiatus and easily irritated. When I read the message in my email I had no clue who the sender was other than their name but could see that the subject line was “hi honey” and the message was merely: “nice titties sexy girl”. I logged into the site with guns a’blazin’ and was all ready to fire off a “fuck you” email for the offensive and assumptive content (I told you I was feeling cranky and pissy! I’d normally brush it off)

but wait.

It’s not from a guy…..

And suddenly, I was stopped. My first reaction was “hey that’s kinda…”. She appears to be a little butch but she’s in a relationship with a guy and her look isn’t “butch” just “metal/punk/raaaa” tryin to be a hard ass. Her profile though comes across very butch and gruff and Toppy and a few lines in it lead me to believe that anything I might do with her I can expect him to be involved and neither one of them appealed to me quite enough to get involved in a dual-topping session from them.

Mostly importantly though was that lingering word that I hate.


I hate it. It sounds like a word used to describe an animal, like a cow’s teets or a dog’s. Which therefore leads me to imagining it coming out of a uneducated redneck-drawled mouth and…….no. Just….no.

Tits is fine. Boobs is fine. But yet I also cringe at “boobies” unless its coming from a kid. The word “boobies” seems juvenile to me. Whether it comes from a man or woman, it just feels asexual. It’s a word that if said during dirty talk would feel like a bucket of cold water.

Of course my skeptical brain then sat there and thought about it and then wondered if that message did, in fact, come from HER. Was it maybe him controlling both accounts? Or just him logging in to her account on a whim? They are local, and if I cared enough I could figure out if she’s actually behind it. But despite a deep craving recently for girly sex or group sex, the intrigue just isn’t there enough for me to take the risk in trying.

Dec 022008

For as many of you out there that enjoy or even prefer tits of my size, I’m sure there are equal number of those we simply don’t. Who prefer A or B cups. To which I have to say…..WTF are you doing here? LOL

I have a profile up on a dating/networking site, and of course I have photos. I have put up perhaps two that have posted here, and maybe 6 or 7 various ones that include my face. And really now….unless I’m wearing a turtleneck (don’t own one) or an unflattering t-shirt (don’t own one) my cleavage is going to be apparent. It’s going to be -there- to some degree. And of course you just cannot please everyone and I don’t expect to. But again….what IS the point in sending someone a disparaging message? This asshat says to me that I lack subtlety. That I’m “risking being pigeonholed by putting that message out there”.

That’s what the fuckin profile is for, dude. Really. I’ve even shown you guys parts of it – I’m wordy, lol. And really what does he care?

Ahh but there is someone who appreciates the photos I have up there. Well, actually, many many someones but this one…..ohdearlord. Murphy’s Law in effect, she lives in California and never has been to this coast in her young life. Young, you say? Yes.

She’s 19.

I do feel ever-so-slightly like a dirty old man but…..nahhhh. I’ll play Mrs. Robinson to her ;) Now THAT girl had some “lacking subtlety” photos up but was I complaining? Nosireebob. I was staring like the cartoon wolf at a photo of her, naked, playfully covering up the naughtiest bits. And hey, SHE contacted ME. So I’m alright. She’s….wow. Beautiful dark brown eyes constantly ringed in smudgy eyeliner. A body that is all the right kinds of curvy while still being thin. No bones poking out, impossibly soft-looking skin, just a body I could literally feast on for HOURS. I would happily devour her and require little in return.


Anyone wanna spring for airfare, and the right to sit quietly in the corner and jerk off while her and I go at it? hehe

It’s Tuesday! You know what that means…..Tits!!

This week’s TfT shot is…well….the opposite of subtle. In fact, it’s nearly 3D. Attack of the tits, even! So if “large racks” aren’t your thing, then skip over my photo there. There’s plenty of skinny girls to satisfy you at TfT!



really now, don’t say I didn’t warn you…..




Sep 252008

Imagine a soft tangle of limbs, pillows of flesh, salty and sweet, firm and soft.

This is my greatest desire.

To have two feminine mouths devouring my naked body, floating from cunt and clit to nipples and lips and all in between. To have two writhing moaning wet pussies in the palm of my literal hands.

A daisy chain, if you will, all mouths clamped to all cunts, drowning in the desire. To then swap kisses back and forth, all around, until we each have the taste of three pussies on our tongues.

For now I will not seek a hard cock. For now, I ache to slowly grind my cunt to hers, a slippery slick beautiful mess. A crescendo of movement all softness and hard desire.

Our hands and mouths won’t know where to go as we simultaneously ache for the one we’re touching and the one we want to be touching next.

But I know myself, I know my desire. As feminine as I am, I have the lust quotient of a man. I want to wear a harness and fuck them both. I want to employ toys to compliment my tongue and fingers, I want the power of bringing my two girls to a moaning sticky orgasm as they lay spread out before me…..moaning into each others mouths as I pull the strings. I want to stand them both up at the edge of the bed, hip to hip, bent over presenting two sweet cunts to me. Drive my harnessed cock into them, spank their round asses and drag a finger along their slits.

I want hours upon hours of lusty frenzied female fucking. While I grind my cunt to hers, press my nipples to hers, kiss her lips, while I finger her clit, while I pull and pinch her nipples, while she kisses her breast and she kisses my lips, while we three become one. Yes there is softness but underneath it all is hard fervent lust and we just cannot drink it up fast enough, we cannot consume enough to sate our desires.

This finger (mine) on my clit right now should be hers.
This clit (mine) under my finger right now should be -hers-.
This nipple (mine) that I am pinching right now should be hers.
This finger (mine) that is tracing my lips, that I am sucking on, should be -her- tongue.
This soft skin (mine) that I touch should be hers.
This exquisite orgasm (mine, oh fuck, yessss) I am teetering on the brink of this very moment should be from her.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to stop here, and come. Now.

Sep 122008

Another boring update post ;)

I had meant to post the other 2 half-decent photos from last Friday’s escapades, but that will wait for next week. Monday is a toy review, Tuesday announces a little contest for the wonderful highly-rated sex toy that I’m able to give away.

Two toys on their way to me for review are designed to fill me up. One is solid smooth and pretty big around. The other is wood. Yep, wood. Last minute edit: The hardwood dildo arrived today. I’m impressed. And Q will be happy to know that I’m a bit intimidated.


Remember the cat I rescued? I heard from Cat Lady today. She wanted to let me know that two nights after I rescued little girl, she birthed her kittens. 2 grey and 1 black. She’s had to stay on with the Cat Lady until momma and babies are safe to be moved. Momma has taken on duties as surrogate to others, a calico or two that were rescued without a momma to take care of them. I feel a lot better now, I had good timing in getting her away from the mean people and this area.


It’s always a bit melancholy when someone slowly pulls away from your life. Online-only or not, the closeness is still there, and in a lot of ways they know a deeper more “real” you than real-life friends. At least when you have deep dark secrets like me ;)  T’s abrupt exit was easier to handle, as we never were at a point where we spoke every day.  This one still reads my blog I think, but no longer flirts and barely says hello. C’est la vie…..he taught me a few things, all good.  I treasure the friends that I know are reliable and “real” like —-, Devil, Q of course, and a few female blogger friends that seem to be the real deal as well (I’m usually, oddly I suppose, better friends with men). I’m happy to see more of a female presence in my comments section, it rounds things out quite nicely! Goddamn shame though that most of them live too far away.


If you’ve noticed, I’ve not had much in the way of fiction, good fiction, lately. Having a bit of writers block. I need a few good shoving-off points of exhibitionist/voyeuristic ideas.


My work situation will be changing in a few months, getting a bit of a promotion and moving to another building within the same department. I’ll know next week what the office looks like, and what I can expect as far as my worktime antics are concerned. I’m a bit nervous on that…..


There’s a few sexy things I’m lusting after right now. One is shortly going to become a necessity! For Your Nymphomation has a great line of sextoy (and condom) storage cases of all sizes. Even a bridal line! (now that’s a fuckin honeymoon). I think I’m in need of this one but…, a bit out of my price range! At least for the foreseeable future. Hmmm a naughty christmas gift perhaps?

Njoy is a line of stainless steel toys that are high-quality and very well designed – also very highly rated by any blogger I’ve seen review them. I want this one. Apropo, it’s quite pricey. And I’ll just leave it at “quite pricey”, heh. Talk about being out of my price range…!

I currently don’t have anyone to practice rope bondage on me, but…perhaps in the near future. I’d like to get some good rope, I hear Twisted Monk is a good place. Nice colors, already conditioned. I would want black, of course. Perhaps some accent color….Statutory Grape sounds fun!

And finally….if I’m going to dream big, I should go all out. I have no hope of getting one of these anytime in the next 5 years. The Liberator Esse is the ultimate in “sex furniture”. AAG recently mentioned she has one. I watched a few videos on the manufacturer’s site, as if photos didn’t tempt me enough. Oof. WANT.