Dec 162010

UPDATE: The links have been updated to the Mona 2. Until I can get an updated review posted of the Mona 2, I’ll fill you in on the changes briefly: The motor is more powerful. Not overwhelming, but very nice and more rumbly than before. The power difference is discernible and worth it. I would still highly recommend the Mona 2 over the Gigi 2. Mona 2 is waterproof, rechargeable, and composed of ABS plastic and silicone.

Occasionally I purchase my own sex toys; lately for some reason most of my purchases have ended in disappointment. Except for the Lelo Mona. Yes, folks, finally a review of a premium/luxury vibrator that I do not hate!!

I miss the styling of what I call the First-Gen Lelo line (Gigi, Elise, etc) but one of their changes to design was a lean towards bolder colors. I could be wrong but I was under the impression that they also changed the motors – rendering the Second-Gen line a little more powerful, with vibrations of a little lower pitch and more rumbly. If there’s a difference, it’s subtle. I had both Mona and Gigi charged up and I couldn’t feel a real discernible difference. That being said, Mona was able to get me off in a way Gigi wasn’t. Perhaps it’s the shape, perhaps there is a little bit more oomph – just the tiny bit I needed over the old toys.

Both Mona and Gigi are g-spot toys, but they look completely different. Gigi is overall a lot shorter and has less girth. The shortness of Gigi never allowed me to use it as a g-spot vibrator. Gigi has a pronounced flat head, where Mona is more…paddle shaped, I guess you could call it. There’s a width to Mona that gives a wonderful feeling of fullness that Gigi couldn’t, and I actually like the shape of Mona for clitoral massage even better than Gigi. There’s just something about the shape of Mona – the curve, the width, the length – that makes it a superior g-spot vibrator compared to Gigi, at least for me. They changed the buttons on this generation of toys, as well. There’s still four buttons that do the same thing, but instead of looking like a wheel, it’s just 4 buttons. It’s probably easier to use for most people than the old style.

Unless you prefer a slimmer vibrator, my recommendation now goes to Lelo’s Mona over Gigi. Both share the same silicone + ABS plastic construction, a similar control pad, rechargeable of course and come with a trademark black and white Lelo satin bag. It’s funny how when I like a toy, my review is shorter than when I dislike a toy. I really don’t know what else to say about this – I think it’s superior to Gigi for my tastes and the shape/size is definitely a winner. I’ve even gotten off using this internally while turned off and a bullet on my clit – it’s no Pure Wand, but it’s a close second.


Jan 132010

The cool new g-spot / dual stimulation bendable vibrator that I reviewed recently, the G-Ki by Je Joue, is now on sale at It’s priced at $98.99 currently – since it’s over $80 this means that EF will ship it Express Delivery for free! As far as I know, for now EdenFantasys is the only retailer selling it, or one of very few. I don’t see it anywhere else online.

g_ki_black g_ki_purple g_ki_pink_plus_box

I reviewed the black model but it’s also available in an eggplant-purple and a soft pink.

Jan 082010

So with my new, bionic arm I apparently took my pain-free status for granted, and over-used it. “Hey! I can pick up 2 containers of milk with one hand!” sort of over-use. Starting yesterday my whole arm started bothering me. Ache and pain and nerve pain and muscle fatigue…by the time I got home from work I was miserable. So instead of hockey, he laid with me in bed. Massaging my arm and gladly offering up something for me to squeeze – I don’t know what it is about this sort of pain/irritation/tension but when I stretch the muscle it’s like scratching an itch. So stretching, pulling, and gripping a squeezie ball are all lovely things. Instead of a squeezie ball though…..I used his cock (don’t worry, due to the on-going elbow problems my grip with that hand is pretty weak). Poor guy, he got so teased ;)

When he has muscle soreness and bad pain, sometimes we end up focusing “treatment” on his cock. An extended foreplay session does many things for him – redirects blood flow from the irritated muscles; overwhelms his brain with pleasure signals; increases his dopamine**. Even though I wasn’t really aroused, I agreed to let him try that trick on me. He brought out the Hitachi and after we determined that I hated the way it felt on my arm, it traveled south for his original idea.

Soon though it became clear to me that the Hitachi wasn’t going to get me off.

I know.


Not even with the added stimulation of a cock against my g-spot.

So I had him use one of my newest toys, the Eroscillator. It took some direction to adjust his style – unlike the Hitachi, the Eroscillator can’t be used to apply pressure. The more pressure, the less it oscillates. And while I was indeed enjoying the sensation, and feeling close at some points, it wasn’t working out. He, however, was enjoying my eye-rolling bed-writhing desperation.

He had me on my back and him in the somewhat-sitting up position, leaned back so that I could get the vibrator to my clit. At first I thought he didn’t understand what I meant, because he wasn’t sitting up straight enough to give me enough room to manipulate and position the Eroscillator. We couldn’t achieve that perfect angle of penetration in which he hits my g-spot so wonderfully but where I can also have a vibe on my clit…so, we gave up yet again. He was so stimulated that he couldn’t stand much more and so the Eroscillator was tossed aside as he pounded my cunt, working for his orgasm.

My turn again! Attempt 3 had me reaching for my Climax Twist vibrator, and I instructed him to grab another one of my new toys, the Nobessence Seduction dildo. The Climax provided that gorgeous, low rumbly vibrations and wasn’t overkill. The Seduction massaged my g-spot so perfectly. As I begged “faster” “harder” “more!” I felt my orgasm come on, a mere minute or two after we began with this combination. A thunderous orgasm overtook me as he kept up with the dildo and I with the Climax for the first big wave.

Oh sweet jesus that was good. If I hear one more “scientific study” saying the g-spot doesn’t exist, I’ll do very bad things. I know damn well I have a g-spot and I know how to use it. That combination of stimulation – that blended orgasm – it’s something so intense that my recovery reaction is a bit……


I laugh.

Not just a giggle for half a minute….

Picture a combination of the scene in Willy Wonky and the Chocolate Factory (the old one) when Grandpa and Charlie are floating and laughing, and the scene in Mary Poppins when they’re all floating and laughing (“I Love to Laugh!). That was me. Tears running down my face, laughing like I couldn’t stop…big and loud and infectious. For like… 10 minutes. I don’t understand it; it’s not a common reaction. Except I wasn’t physically floating. Woulda been cool though!

In between my laughing fits he asked me how my arm felt. My response was a dopey “What arm? I have an arm?” In the end though something in the whole of the evening helped because I no longer felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin from the anxiety of the muscle tension and pain, and it did indeed hurt a little less. Hey! I found a new physical therapy routine!

Oh, the cruel evil twist?

As he was in that sitting-up position and I’m thinking to myself “why isn’t this working like it does in porn??” he was also thinking the same thing. He couldn’t “sit up” and get far enough back for the necessary space while also allowing for vigorous fucking. And that day we realized….that is “porn sex” and not to be attempted by 30-something amateurs. Poor thing is limping around today with a groin pull/ache that hurts somethin awful. At first he was embarrassed to admit that, until I reminded him that it’s something to be proud of.

But I don’t think we’ll be using medicinal sex for it!! Poor guy needs to rest up.

*Definition of Panacea

**Besides the sheer pleasure you get from having an orgasm, the body takes it a step further by enhancing the endorphins and other hormones that elevate the mood. The chemical Oxytocin is a natural opiate that is released during sex and becomes quite copious during an orgasm. It is a powerful pain reliever and is compared to morphine. It breaks down like this: more sex – less pain.Woohoo!

Jan 022010

*Author’s note: This review is about the first-generation G-ki which is no longer made. The updated G-kii exists but I haven’t tried it, I don’t know what changes were made. Unfortunately then most of this review is moot.

Well, this is exciting! (so exciting that I ripped into the shipping box before I even made it into work) I’ve never gotten to review a *brand new* sex toy before! As of this writing, the Je Joue G-Ki isn’t even for sale quite yet, but when it is I’ll update this post. is one of the few retailers that will be selling this sex toy for the time being. You may or may not recognize the maker of this toy, Je Joue. To date they only have one sex toy out on the market but the innovative wonderment of it all created many waves in the adult industry and amongst toy critiques and addicts – That toy is the SaSi. SaSi is a high-end luxury toy meant to simulate oral sex and “learn” which moves you like. I wanted one for the longest time until I learned enough about it to know that it wouldn’t work with my particular anatomy. But there is always that possibility with many sex toys.

So as not to leave out a vital part of a woman’s potential for orgasm, Je Joue created the G-Ki. It’s unique because it bends a bit. When I saw the manufacturer’s photos and could tell that it bent, I originally thought that perhaps this was accomplished with a bendable wire core but that isn’t at all the case. There are two joints that click through a few angles of bendiness. It can go from this gentle curve to a “J” shape. The purpose of bending it into the J-shape is in the hopes that while the tip is massaging your g-spot, the body is vibrating against your labia and clitoris. In order to make it bend you have to press on a button at the joint. This unlocks it from its current position. As you can see, the G-ki is not very big. The overall shape is more oval than round, so width is hard to measure. I would say it’s closer to 1 3/8″ at the tip. The neck is maybe an inch.

The Je Joue G-Ki The Je Joue G-Ki The Je Joue G-Ki The Je Joue G-Ki Size Comparison vs Njoy Pure Wand The Je Joue G-Ki Size Comparison vs Njoy Pure Wand

Another very cool feature that I’ve only seen in Je Joue toys is that it recharges via a magnetic connection, much like your average cordless computer mouse. While the SaSi came with a smart looking base, the G-Ki just has a cord with a fob that magnetically clicks over the power buttons and begins the charge. You’ll see a little red light glow from under the silicone skin to let you know it’s charging. It blinks while it’s charging. It takes 2 hours to charge it for 2 hours of play time. Although I didn’t let it run for 2 hours, I would imagine that the last 45 minutes or so the vibrations would be noticeably weaker.

I believe that most of the toy is hard plastic covered by a matte silicone – except for the g-spot tip. It’s pure silicone to the core for the 1/2″ or so, so there’s a little give. Just enough. Neither the manual nor the site specifically says how many positions each joint can click to. The bending of the tip is more subtle that the mid-section. To bend it you press on a raised button at each joint to unlock it. Up at the tip, that unlock button has three dots on it. The mid-section button has 5 dots. Deductive reasoning tells me that this signifies the number of positions, but I could be wrong. I would not recommend this toy for someone with arthritis in their hands – I have it a little and I found those buttons to be just a bit hard to push in to unlock the joints. It’s not a deterrent for me, but it could be for someone worse off.

According to the site/manual, women should start out with the toy at it’s most “relaxed” position and play with the tip settings first. The instructions are very much geared towards women who are not experienced with toys or their g-spot. Not me, I bent the tip right away and even tried to make it into the J-shape right away until I learned that insertion wasn’t very easy that way! I have short arms so it was a little tricky to press hard enough on the button to unlock the midjoint with the toy inside of me, but it was do-able.

As for the vibrations, there’s two buttons, plus and minus. From any setting at all the toy can be shut off by holding the minus button for 2 seconds. You can click through 5 levels of vibrations and 5 different pulsing patterns. I don’t think that the different levels of vibration are anything past a subtle variance, but the first level is not powerful enough to be a hindrance to more sensitive women. (after I made the video, I played with the vibrations more and found there is a more obvious difference if you go through the 5 levels in *reverse*. This makes the lowest somehow seem lower than when you first turn it on) The frequency/pitch of the vibration is a very pleasing low and rumbly sort. The motor is in the handle but the vibrations travel quite well throughout the entire toy. The focal point of the vibrations should be the point in the handle where it is closest to your clit. Since the vibrations are more diffuse than pinpoint, it’s not a quick and easy O – it’s more of a build-up. Which is a great way to go about it when combining clit and g-spot play because for many women a g-spot orgasm takes longer than clitoral.

I personally found that if I wanted both clit and g-spot stimulation at once from this toy, my best bet was pushing on the very tip of the hand in a sort of rocking-circular-rubbing motion. This amplified the vibrations a bit as it pushed against my pubic bone. I would say that this is comparable to the Layaspot in both frequency, intensity and noise level. The Onye bullet vibrator is louder, the frequency is the same, but doesn’t feel much more powerful. The power level of the vibrations feels less intense because the vibrations are spread out in the handle, more diffuse than say a remote-handpack bullet vibe. I would still say though that my bullet vibes are stronger than the G-Ki. However, that’s comparing apples to oranges. I no longer have my Lelo Elise but I think that the G-Ki would also line up in comparison quite similarly. This wasn’t as powerful of a dual-sensation as a rabbit vibrator but this toy worked my g-spot much much better than any rabbit vibe could.

All in all, the G-Ki by Je Joue is an enjoyable, innovative toy. If I were to make changes, the first would be to add a few inches to the handle portion. But that’s just because I have short arms and a big belly, so most other women won’t need the handle to be longer. I’d also (of course) up the vibration intensity just a tad but again….that’s me (hi….clit o’steel here…). The intensity is probably enough for most women. It won’t be a dual-stimulation toy for every woman, but that is to be expected due to variances in anatomy. My clitoris is smaller and doesn’t protrude much and is nestled down between very full outer labia. If that does not describe you, then you would enjoy it even more than I have. If you’d like to read about the technical specs such as exact size and a list of the vibration functions, see my review on edenfantasys.