Dec 162010
Review: Lelo Mona

UPDATE: The links have been updated to the Mona 2. Until I can get an updated review posted of the Mona 2, I’ll fill you in on the changes briefly: The motor is more powerful. Not overwhelming, but very nice and more rumbly than before. The power difference is discernible and worth it. I would still highly recommend the Mona 2 over the Gigi 2. Mona 2 is waterproof, rechargeable, and composed of ABS plastic and silicone. Occasionally I purchase my own sex toys; lately for some reason most of my purchases have ended in disappointment. Except for the Lelo Mona. Yes, folks, finally a review of a premium/luxury vibrator that I do not hate!! I miss the styling of what I call the First-Gen Lelo line (Gigi, Elise, etc) but one of their changes to design was a lean towards bolder colors. I could be wrong but I was under the impression that they

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Jan 132010
The G-Ki Vibrator On Sale Now

The cool new g-spot / dual stimulation bendable vibrator that I reviewed recently, the G-Ki by Je Joue, is now on sale at It’s priced at $98.99 currently – since it’s over $80 this means that EF will ship it Express Delivery for free! As far as I know, for now EdenFantasys is the only retailer selling it, or one of very few. I don’t see it anywhere else online. I reviewed the black model but it’s also available in an eggplant-purple and a soft pink. Related Posts:Quickie Review: Lelo Mona 2 If you at all frequent the world of sex toy review blogs (or even Reddit)…Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sex Toy Deals First, I hope that everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving is having a wonderful holiday with…Lelo Luna Beads – Noir As someone who vastly prefers grey & black to pastel shades, you would think I…

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Jan 082010

So with my new, bionic arm I apparently took my pain-free status for granted, and over-used it. “Hey! I can pick up 2 containers of milk with one hand!” sort of over-use. Starting yesterday my whole arm started bothering me. Ache and pain and nerve pain and muscle fatigue…by the time I got home from work I was miserable. So instead of hockey, he laid with me in bed. Massaging my arm and gladly offering up something for me to squeeze – I don’t know what it is about this sort of pain/irritation/tension but when I stretch the muscle it’s like scratching an itch. So stretching, pulling, and gripping a squeezie ball are all lovely things. Instead of a squeezie ball though…..I used his cock (don’t worry, due to the on-going elbow problems my grip with that hand is pretty weak). Poor guy, he got so teased ;) When he has muscle soreness and bad

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Jan 022010
Review: The G-Ki by Je Joue

Well, this is exciting! (so exciting that I ripped into the shipping box before I even made it into work) I’ve never gotten to review a *brand new* sex toy before! As of this writing, the Je Joue G-Ki isn’t even for sale quite yet, but when it is I’ll update this post. is one of the few retailers that will be selling this sex toy for the time being. You may or may not recognize the maker of this toy, Je Joue. To date they only have one sex toy out on the market but the innovative wonderment of it all created many waves in the adult industry and amongst toy critiques and addicts – That toy is the SaSi. SaSi is a high-end luxury toy meant to simulate oral sex and “learn” which moves you like. I wanted one for the longest time until I learned enough about it to know that

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