Jun 152010

Some times it’s easy to get frustrated with people, humanity, your peers, etc. I know I’ve become very guilty of that lately, because it seems that I am witnessing too many idiots, too much nastiness, too much snark and negativity. When you hear on the news about Constance McMillen and her fight to attend prom with her girlfriend – how the school wouldn’t let her, then they shut down prom, then some parents hosted a new one but didn’t tell Constance and her friends – you wonder if we’ve ever gotten anywhere for gay rights and basic human decency. Then I found a site called GivesMeHope.com. Adriana mentioned it recently. I’m a sap. Have I mentioned that? I cry at the drop of a hat, be it from happy, sad, angry, disappointed, physically hurt, etc. The tears flow easily. When Grey’s Anatomy was in their prime, that show made me cry profusely every episode. This

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