Aug 132010

A couple more Formspring questions to answer!

Do you have a favorite ‘go-to’ fantasy while masturbating?

Usually I don’t fantasize. My mind is too much like a tv that the channel-up button on the remote is being held down, scenes/words/noises flicking by. Or I’m already reading erotica / looking at photos or videos or hot chicks (particularly hot chicks jerking off). But on the off chance my mind wanders in a singular direction, it’s usually based off this piece.

What’s your favorite part of being a sex blogger?

My favorite part? Hmmmm….. it’s the friendships I’ve made. Our community isn’t all rainbows and puppy dogs but I concentrate on the wonderful people I’ve met in real life and or those I communicate with often to keep me sane and grateful. Plus I can talk excitedly about my latest favorite sex toy with these people and not have them go all wide-eyed and “uh huh…..” and shuffle away like I have a disease.

What do you enjoy most about making to love to woman vs making love to a man?

*cringes* ok well no offense to the asker, but let’s remove the whole “making love” bit from the equation here because I don’t do that, and if I do, it’s with my husband. Everything else is hot, sweaty fucking. Can I help it if I share a deep-rooted motto with Lady Gaga? “And baby when it’s love sex if its not rough it isn’t fun.” Of course, I generally never got it rough from women like I can get it from guys but that’s just because I haven’t been with enough as many women. I appreciate the body parts and persona of whomever I’m with be it strong arms, cock, cunt, tits, etc.



e[lust] Edition #19 – Publishes on September 1st. Submissions will be accepted during August 19th-24th. The eligible post date range then will be anything published from July 28th – Aug 24th.

The Sex Blogger Co-op – I’m going to be closing down the location in the next day or so, so be sure to get the new address of the private forums and register! Just a reminder to anybody who’s a “sex blogger” and not in the Co-op….you don’t have to be a certain type of blogger, just one who blogs about adult topics/sex in any way.

ToySwap Network – TSN is staying at its location, I paid for the cheapest plan for a year. Anybody who reviews sex toys and wants to swap away their “not my favorites” toys for something bigger or better can join, just email me.

Wanton Wednesday – I haven’t been participating lately but I think that’ll be changing soon! I’m excited that we’ve got a good, firm group and some newbies joining us here and there.


Also, my hectic schedule is slowing down enough that I’ve turned my Yahoo Pingbox back on, over there in the sidebar.

Dec 272009

If you’re on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen a bunch of your comrades doing the Formspring thing, and likely you are too. A couple people prodded me to do one, but rebel that I am, I haven’t linked it up with Twitter and I’ll be answering the questions here on my blog. This has led to very few questions, lol.

The first one is from Nadia (Diary of a Kinky Librarian and @NadiaWest):

Do you think that being a sex blogger has changed you in any way? How so?

Yes, it really has. There’s the obvious in how it has changed my life and lifestyle, but it also has changed *me*. I am more educated on sex-related topics. I am more confident. I am more open in my discussions with my husband and prospective partners regarding sex. I have become more tolerant and accepting of kinks/fetishes that aren’t my thing; some I have even learned to like. Being a sex blogger also brought out my submissive nature in a large degree, which you know if you’ve been reading me for the last year. I don’t know how that particular change will be affecting me from here on out but it is a change nonetheless. All in all it has brought me experiences, friendships & relationships and a frame of mind that I wouldn’t change for anything.

The second one is from Profligacy (Brit’s Master and @Big_Nutz):

What is your wildest unfulfilled fantasy?

There’s many unfulfilled fantasies. Second place spot goes to the D/s sex that I never got from youknowwho. But if you’re asking for the most out-there fantasy? It’s probably nothing shocking to many readers, and of course it’s a little dangerous. Am I going to tell you right now? *grins*

No. I’ll be dedicating another post to that.

An anonymous questioner asked:

How did you come to learn what works best for your body in terms of sex toys or masturbation style?

Practice. Practice! And finally buying the right sex toys. You all know that my love affair with toys is only about 5 years long; I had had a couple toys prior to that but I really never used them. They weren’t the right thing for me, but I didn’t see a reason to seek out anything else. I had a partner, a sex life I was happy enough with, and that was that. But the day I finally felt an unadulterated strong vibration on my clit? That was the day it all changed. I began buying more vibrators. I wasn’t buying from the right online sites though, because the reviews (if any) were of no help. I wasted a lot of money, frankly. Unless you’re easy to orgasm, you shouldn’t just use the eenie-meenie-miney-moe method of choosing a sex toy. So through reading the reviews of other bloggers and trying out toys myself via reviewing, I’ve learned what my body likes and needs. I’ve learned how to better read reviews from others, because the opinions put forth in a review are going to vary.

Practice. Experiment. Educate.

Want to know anything else? Ask me, either anonymously or not.