May 312009
Confessional: There's an Exhibitionist on Route 76

Today is the last day of National Masturbation Month. I hope you made the month note-worthy! I sure did. All in all it was a crappy weekend filled with familial obligations that involved a shit-ton of driving. My time was divided between being in a decidedly irritating environment to an, albeit equally irritating, quiet and contemplative environment (my god does this state have more than it’s fair share of idiotic asshole drivers). I tend to do a lot of thinking and daydreaming and such when I’m driving for long periods alone. When I was still doing jewelry design it was a time period when I would think up the most designs. Handy, right? I’m driving, my memory is crap and so I have to wait until I get home or can pull over to sketch out designs….frequently I’d forget half of the brilliant ideas. To combat boredom today, in hours 9-12 of driving (hours 1-9

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Feb 182009
Back to my "roots"

It’s been a while since I posted an exhibitionist sort of photo. I plan to start remedying that. On the last day with my old Razr phone, some photos were taken. R had requested ahead of time that I be sure it was charged, he was going to ask for some photos throughout the day, a proper send-off for the phone that served me well. As I sat there in my car in my lot that morning I noticed how and where the sun was hitting me. I knew that with the sunlight hitting me so brightly that my semi-sheer bra would be more pronounced. So I set about snapping a photo or two of my sweater yanked down to expose my tits in my red bra. I also then angled it so that it could be seen where I was and that it was a bit risky. I did not expect to look at

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Feb 012009

  Do you see that stairwell there? That very well-lit and glassed-in stairwell? He had me there. Yes, I do mean he fucked me there. The indiscretion was not planned, you see. But I couldn’t have planned anything that delicious. We were only meeting up for an hour, for drinks, fairly innocent. The parking in the city is mere dollars after 8pm, and it is scarce anywhere else, therefore it was only natural I park there. We had our drinks, we flirted, we stared, we knew. We left after 45 minutes and he asked if I wanted to go for a walk; things were quiet in the city because it was a weeknight. We could just walk and talk and not be overcome by noise pollution. I agreed but I wanted to drop my bag off to my car, and so we went. It was still warm outside, warm for October that is. I wore

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Oct 152008
Window of Opportunity, Exhibitionist Style

Come to my window….. Maybe not literally, as I’m on the second floor…but you certainly might get a good view some evenings. ………… The first window here is my bedroom window. They cannot see me on the bed (the whole of the bed takes up the entire space under the window, the headboard is against the window wall and the headboard is level with the windowsill), only when I’m standing up. The second window is that of the “cachette”, what was intended to be a small walk-in closet off the bedroom but is used as the office. This small window does not open; as I sit here typing away, I’m parallel to it. Recently I have been outside in various states of the day/evening and realized…oh….people can see in a lot earlier in the day than I had assumed. And in the evening? The windows stand out, as this apartment is the only one to

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Sep 282008
Confessional: Peep Show....Come and watch me

Yesterday while talking to Sage, an exhibitionistic desire was brought to the surface. I have thought about it before, but never had anyone to tell. Do you recall Madonna’s old video for Open Your Heart? Those of you my age and older will….I won’t embed the video, I don’t want to subject you to watching it if 80’s music videos are not your thing ;) ……………………. I don’t know what reminded me of her video, but Sage and I were talking about my last fantasy piece of the all girl threesome. And what you all would pay to be even just a mere silent witness to that fantasy in the flesh. Even with the protection of the glass, could I do this? Alone, or with another woman or more? Growing up I played the piano. I took lessons for something like 11 years until I graduated high school. Due to the ADD, I simply slowed

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Aug 292008
Movin' on up....

Welcome to my new home :) Now forgive the dust, I still have some work to do to get things perfect, such as re-do the URL’s for photos and re-do links within posts…etc. But it’s here! Alec, Coy Pink‘s wonderful hubby, helped me pull this theme together. If not for his CSS and general web expertise, I’d still be sitting here clicking through free ready-made themes that I only half-like. My boy James helped me figure out confusing FTP stuff with the photos, so now I have a place to upload them to. So please, have a look around. Make sure nothing’s too wonky, if it is, let me know. And please update your feed reader as well as your link to me if you’ve been so kind as to share me on your blogroll. I’ve had numerous requests, so this is another of the Parking Lot Exhibitionist photos: *grins* don’t you love the bit

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