Sep 192008
Lilly and the Construction Crew

Recently I had a brief chance to get seriously naughty at work. I took a dare a little farther on my own – quite possibly flashing a crew of construction workers. I say “possibly” because I’m not really sure. IF they looked my way….well my eyesight is not great at a distance so I couldn’t tell. The windows are thick, so I couldn’t hear. Every time one turned my way I had to fight the urge to hastily duck down. Here I am giving the boys a lovely view (pity you can’t see this from their angle) of suspended full breasts, sunlight hitting my pale skin. I posed for more photos after this….a view from behind, unobstructed by panties. No, I won’t post those. If any of you recall the very small and grainy spread-ass shot from a few months ago, you have an idea of what the view looks like – but not grainy.

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Jul 142008
Necessary Roughness

Q and I play rough. He manages to totally submerse me in the fantasy world. Last week was the best. Remember this from my previous post? Q: gets really close to your ear for a second while nobody is looking and whispers I can’t wait to try and put my fist in your cunt, though. licks your ear (Fucker. He says that, but I didn’t see it at first, had to quickly leave the window as a co-worker was coming up to my desk. I read it finally, minutes later, and had to quickly regain my composure. He said this without yet knowing that being fisted is a fantasy of mine that only has its place in the rough, submissive sex scene I’m craving lately) It started this conversation off, in the vein of me “performing” for him, being forced to expose myself and be vulnerable. We enter the conversation here as he is telling

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Jul 032008
VibeReview: Silver Bullet Review

Yesterday, at work, I tried out the first of my toys that sent me to test and share about! Yes, at work… ;) A sexy conversation with a few of my boys – different conversations, same time! – led to my state of arousal and a need to take care of that…right that very minute. Of course, the million dollar question is, Did Lilly get off?? Keep reading! The Silver Bullet – this little guy replaced my dearly departed red micro bullet that I mentioned way back in the beginning of my exploits. There are many things that I really like about this vibrator, and some things that could do better. While VibeReview doesn’t carry the exact same bullet vibe I was using before, the ones they do carry are equivalent or better. For size reference purposes and one with a motor more like my old vibe, check out The Firecracker Bullet. The Good:

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Jun 242008
Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer

A young man I used to flirt and banter with here at the office one day finally admitted to me that, sometimes, he’s not checking a text message when he’s at my desk talking to me for 15-20 minutes at a stretch. He was slyly using his cameraphone to take a picture of a place he didn’t want to stare openly at since we were “just friends” (his idea, not mine). I had always wondered why, on my days when I knew what I was wearing and how it looked from his angle (especially when I would lean forward a slight bit), he seemed oblivious to the cleavage. I had started out thinking “what better way to woo him to the dark side than cleavage?” But I was soon left wondering if perhaps he was gay. Yes, I know, you men are going to tell me that you’ve become stealth-masters at glancing at cleavage and

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Jun 172008
Let's talk semantics

Is it still exhibitionism if no one knows? I chat online with guys every day. Some are flirtations that have been around awhile, some are boys-of-the-week. I get VERY aroused when the flirting turns sexual. Not so much cyber-sex as in “I’m doing this to you, can you feel me?”, but the “if I were there” game…the virtual show and tell game…swapping stories and fantasies and compliments and photos (oh the photos…my favorite sort of online exhibitionism…we’ll talk about those another time) I work in an office, I’m kinda like the receptionist/secretary. Therefore, I don’t hide away in a cubicle or office. There’s only two ways out of our area, and to go out the more-oft used doors, you go past my desk. In any given minute, I have someone walking past my desk. Being that it’s a receptionist desk, I have one of those “counter” like things in front of me. So I sit

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