Oct 232008

“2 days ago {3 days ago, as you’re reading this post} I was replying to a post of yours…. a very delectable, very beautiful, set of pictures… I had no idea that you’d reply to me, let alone helping me set up my page; so I wanted to thank you. And yeah….your posts have done nothing but get me absolutely fucking -wound-….the thought of you being alone in your office till 5…wow…I’ve got a whole load of naughty ideas…”

Whoa, reverse. Back up. 4 days ago, Subtle Release started reading my blog. Bouncing around between recent and archive posts and leaving a few comments. So I checked out his blog, his very new blog, and left him a comment about his post and thanking him for the very nice compliments he left on mine. He alluded in his reply comment there that his frustrated state might be caused a bit by me. The next day I found another post, praising the beautiful and geeky women he found through HNT. Beautiful and geeky? My kinda girl! Share the link, please! Well….

“Pictured This one as a top down view while I ran my tongue over your pussy, making your back arch”

Oh. My my my…. *blush*

So I decided to reply via email to his most recent comment on another archive post. We flirted a bit and I gave him information, how-to, and advice on the blog he started. Walked him through a few basic WordPress settings. Next day, more of the same. I was summoned to the downstairs office to cover the desk, and found that the only remaining person working was likely gone the rest of the day at meetings. I found myself looking at an hour there all alone. Now, you -know- the sorts of things I get up to when I’m alone there. So I fill him in briefly. Smart boy, asks if I have gotten out my bullet vibe yet. No, wasn’t feelin it….Shame, no? He asks if I would mind if he left me a voicemail through gmail. Hmmm…no one has ever done that before…what followed was what you read above.

His voice quiet and low, he seemed mildly unsure of himself….it was cute. I could tell when he paused to smile. Which words were just flowing without forethought, and which words were emphatically, deliberately stated. It made me smile. Second listen, it made me wet. 75 seconds was the length of that message. 75 seconds to make my pulse race. 75 seconds to hook me and hooked I was. I wanted more.

Spurred on, he recorded another, longer one. Detailing a short fantasy brought on by some photos of mine. I sat there all alone, quiet office, his voice heavy with lust was pouring out of my speakers. What caused my hand to quickly slip below my dress pants and dip into my sloppy wet cunt was the first catch in his voice. A nanosecond pause, intake of breath. Then a few stumbled words. 2 seconds of heavy breathing. While I could not be certain, it sounded as if he were stroking his cock while speaking to me. THAT did it. Vibrator out, pronto. I replayed a few sections, listened to the telltale signs, pressed that bullet vibe to my clit. While I was sitting back, lost in the quiet of my own thoughts……the door opened. Thankfully I had closed the glass door to drown out the hallway noises, but it only afforded me a 2 second cover-up time. Faster than lightning I yanked my hand out of the front of my pants, as I spoke to my coworker (higher-up, funny older lady, but who could get me in trouble) it took me a few seconds to shut off the vibe. She had stopped in to speak to the supervisor who was out at meetings. I tried so hard not to look guilty but I think I failed. I knew my face was flushed deep with embarassment and arousal.  She could have seen my hand making a hasty retreat.

Did that prevent me from finishing?

You know me….no it did not. 2 minutes later I was quietly moaning my orgasm. Breathless with wet sticky fingers. Had someone walked in at that exact moment I would have been in trouble for sure.

I praised his efforts, thanked him, and said that I would welcome more in the future. That the brief seconds where it was obvious his arousal had gotten the better of him, were the best part. I listened to the voicemails once or twice more that evening.

The next day, yesterday, was filled with teasing (words and photos) on both ends. Relentless flirting. I took delight, nay, glee in knowing that I was making him insanely crazy with lust. Every leap he took down the road of “resistance is futile” just fed me more, made me reveal a little more to get that extra ounce of desire from him. I kept seeing a voicemail notification pop up in my inbox. Damn him, he knew I couldn’t listen to them, I had no headphones. So much for him thinking he wouldn’t be able to leave such voicemails that day in between the need to stay quiet and all the conference calls he was obligated to. I brought myself to the very edge quite a few times (and ended up coming loudly in my car). Right before I left though, in a very nearly empty office, I turned up my sound and stealthily listened to his most recent voicemail. All labored breathing and whispered incantations of a man dying to come, quiet moans escaping despite his efforts. I let that reverberate in my head in the walk to my car. I arrived home to find the culmination of his efforts, finally, in one last (of 4 total) voicemail. Oh fucking hell. Hottest thing I’ve heard in a long while. An aural testament to the arousal I egged on. My ears picked up on so much that the scene painted itself in my mind.

I do not even know his name yet. I don’t know what he looks like (above the waist, heh). But still the connection was quick and electric. I want more.

Sep 192008

Recently I had a brief chance to get seriously naughty at work. I took a dare a little farther on my own – quite possibly flashing a crew of construction workers. I say “possibly” because I’m not really sure. IF they looked my way….well my eyesight is not great at a distance so I couldn’t tell. The windows are thick, so I couldn’t hear. Every time one turned my way I had to fight the urge to hastily duck down.

Here I am giving the boys a lovely view (pity you can’t see this from their angle) of suspended full breasts, sunlight hitting my pale skin.

I posed for more photos after this….a view from behind, unobstructed by panties. No, I won’t post those. If any of you recall the very small and grainy spread-ass shot from a few months ago, you have an idea of what the view looks like – but not grainy. Not small.


Topless, right next to the window. At one point during the couple of pics I snapped there was a guy right over there on that far ledge. Close enough to make my heart race – I couldn’t look.

I had a fantasy….

Since I was one window from the corner, well, it’s obvious how to find me. I imagined giving them a hell of a way to start the day. With a quick fuck from the office slut.

Perhaps as I was still taking photos I would hear a knock on the glass door, and see 2 construction workers peering into the office which looked closed. I freeze, I’m mostly undressed! Wearing only that skirt you see in the photo…..no panties, either. In a split second decision I run to the door, flip the lock and let them in. I know the door – it’s broken. Whether or not the lock is flipped, people can’t get in from the outside.

“You didn’t think you could tease us over there and not get a visit, did you little girl?”

I can’t speak, I can’t do or say anything – I’m so nervous. I back farther into the office, back into the cubicle in which I was taking those photos of me posing in front of the window.

His voice is low and growling in my ear “Lean over the desk, just like you were. Show those guys over there those big tits again, but this time in action. They’ll see em bounce as my buddy and I fuck you.”

He shoves me forward, I assume the position. My skirt is lifted up, and I know that they are both right next to me, one on each side of my body. Pressing into me. Rough jeans against my skin. Dirty coarse hands running over my body, harshly grasping, tweaking, pulling my hair. One of them runs a hand up under my arm, forcing my arm up in the air, over my head. He brings my forearm back, so that my upper arm is in the air and my wrist is at my neck. He taps my other arm and I mimic. In his one huge hand he grips my wrists together….human bondage. This position makes my breasts even more prominent. My chest pushes forward, my ass pushes back….and meets skin….firm stomach. Cock.

The one who will fuck me first introduces himself to me unceremoniously – one finger runs along my slit, and finds the slippery wetness. Plunging deep in my cunt. One moment later his cock follows, and I cry out. I can not move, nor do I want to. The man holding my wrists in his hand is forcefully pinching and pulling on my nipples, groping each breast in turn. I can see out the window that one at a time, the other workers come to the edge of the construction area and stare in for a moment before returning to work.

I can feel my orgasm slowly approaching as the cock of the man behind me pummels my g-spot….suddenly he is fucking me even rougher and grunts out as he cums. My pleasure here is of no consequence. He backs off, and the other man takes his place. As I become impaled on a second cock, a signal is given to the guys outside. I can hear a knock on the glass door again, and I’m panicking. I try to turn, I am fearful it is a co-worker.

No, it’s another construction worker. Tag teaming me, they are. He taps out the first one who just finished with me. In a daze…..the second man finishes, the third man spins me around and lifts me up onto the desk. His hand on my tits….more pinching, more pulling. His palm on my chest he pushes me to lay down. Any man outside now sees their friend pumping away and my tits bouncing above my face which belies my nervous fear…..the face of sweet sexual torture.

This fantasy brought me to orgasm at lunchtime while I sat in the office, babysitting the phones. People walking by the glass door, in the hallway, on their way to lunch or coming back. Talking, laughing, oblivious. Oblivious to the slut sitting in there, talking to one of her online lovers over IM, moaning as the bullet buzzes her clit to orgasm. Messy orgasm. Oops….!

Jul 142008

Q and I play rough. He manages to totally submerse me in the fantasy world. Last week was the best. Remember this from my previous post?

Q: gets really close to your ear for a second while nobody is looking and whispers I can’t wait to try and put my fist in your cunt, though. licks your ear
(Fucker. He says that, but I didn’t see it at first, had to quickly leave the window as a co-worker was coming up to my desk. I read it finally, minutes later, and had to quickly regain my composure. He said this without yet knowing that being fisted is a fantasy of mine that only has its place in the rough, submissive sex scene I’m craving lately)

It started this conversation off, in the vein of me “performing” for him, being forced to expose myself and be vulnerable. We enter the conversation here as he is telling me what he would want to do to bring out my most submissive side. He gets very dominant with me; he knows I can take it. If you can’t stand the heat, get outta the kitchen….you’ve been warned….

(I’ve already pulled out my Silver Bullet vibe….somehow…this couldn’t be much worse timing at the office, as it’s break time with people coming and going)

Q: I’d be sitting right behind you, legs around your sides, whispering nasty things in your ear while I watch you rub. Playing with your nipples and pulling on them….reaching down to help and then make you lick it off my fingers. Calling you a nasty little cunt for performing for me. Daring you to cum.
L: I put the vibrtor on myclit
L: wow
L: cant type
L: sorry
L: cant even think
Q: Good
Q: See? I know what buttons to push
L: I know you do
Q: Look at you. Flushed and wet, no doubt
L: yes…
Q: (x) hours away and I command you enough to do that to you
L: Fuck. I just had to talk to someone and force myself to keep my eyes open and breathing normal from the vibrations on my clit right now.

(that was so difficult…I could feel that I was already a little flushed, and I was so aroused that the bullet vibe almost immediately started the climb up the hill so to speak. There was no “foreplay” no teasing vibes, just “holy fuck” right away)

He changes tone and transports me right into the moment, painting the picture for me….


I keep my legs tight against you…..
Ordering you to rub for me….guiding you with my hand
Whispering trashy nasty thoughts in your ear…..

Must be some sort of special slut to meet a man you’ve never known before now in a hotel room and cum for him when he commands it, aren’t you?
 focus on the clit
that’s right….. fuck that wet cunt for me….show me

show me how wet I make it, slut

oh god
I need to cum

Look at your hole….. stretched nice and open for me……
I’ll be fucking it soon enough but first you’ll give me what I want
I own you….. I own this I own this cunt right now…all of it. Inside and out. Say it. who owns this hole, slut

you own it
i’m yours

Good, now you know it too
You know what I want
You’ll fucking give it to me, won’t you

yes, sir

oh god


L: i…..cant breathe
Q: Good ;)
L: omg, my face is beet red…I wish you could see me
Q: Good. I hope men walk by and know what you just did. I wish to display my work proudly
Q: But it will be a well kept secret for only a few. ;)
L: holy fuck
L: i didn’t think i could do it here
Q: Well guess what….. you did. you just needed the right instigating.

I sent him this pic from my phone (and another one which I can’t post here) to show him just how badly flushed I was. From the moment the Bullet touched my clit until I came, was only 10 minutes. 10 minutes!! For the situation and the nature of things – having to be stealth about it, and occasionally stopping, taking my hand out of my pants and off the bullet thereby halting the imminent orgasm – 10 minutes was a goddamn record. I was flushed like this all over my cleavage and breasts, splotchy…my face too was red, my cheeks.

There were other things said, which I feel possibly cross the line for this post, delving into the almost-violent. I know he wouldn’t actually do those things in person with me, he wouldn’t be able to hurt me like that.
I trust him.

I need this.

(this is one of those posts that has taken me all day to do. editing. censoring, a bit. over-thinking. it’s one that I’m not going to be totally comfortable with until I get positive feedback.)

Jul 032008

Yesterday, at work, I tried out the first of my toys that VibeReview.com sent me to test and share about! Yes, at work… ;)

A sexy conversation with a few of my boys – different conversations, same time! – led to my state of arousal and a need to take care of that…right that very minute. Of course, the million dollar question is, Did Lilly get off?? Keep reading!

The Silver Bullet – this little guy replaced my dearly departed red micro bullet that I mentioned way back in the beginning of my exploits. There are many things that I really like about this vibrator, and some things that could do better. While VibeReview doesn’t carry the exact same bullet vibe I was using before, the ones they do carry are equivalent or better. For size reference purposes and one with a motor more like my old vibe, check out The Firecracker Bullet.

The Good:

1. The cord – longer than my old one. It’s long enough for the vibe to be on my clit, the cord to come up my panties to my waistband and have enough that I can comfortably hold the remote handpack without feeling like I’m going to tug the thing out of me.

2. The size of the bullet – As you saw with the Firecracker Bullet, my old one was pretty tiny. The dimensions of S.B. are 2.25″ long and 1″ wide. Because my outter labia are fuller, I was able to nestle this guy in between my pussy lips and with my panties on it stayed there, even when I was dripping wet! Because of the larger size, I was more able to get it on just the right spot. Another plus to the size? Because it wasn’t totally swallowed up by my pussy, whenever I squirmed/rocked/shifted in my chair, so did the S.B. ever so slightly…just the right amount to drive me CRAZY.

How crazy? I was sitting there at my desk constantly moving just a bit. Squeezing my thighs together….leaning back and forwards a little bit, just generally gyrating so that the bullet ground against my clit even more. I was so close to the edge of the orgasm, like standing 10 feet from the cliff. I leaned back in my chair for a minute and with my hand I pressed the S.B. into me even harder through my dress pants, which were really damp, by the way. I could feel that my face was really warm and flushed from being so close to orgasm.

3. While at times I had wished the vibrations were stronger, there were also times that I was glad it was not stronger, or it would have been too much to tolerate. If your clit is in the sensitive to moderate range, this would be the perfect vibe. The handpack has a slider control to go from low to high and anywhere in between. If you really want something stronger, go for The Turbo Bullet.

4. It got warm…yes, warm. Not hot, nothing unpleasant. In fact, it was quite fucking nice! That lovely warmth on my clit and pussy lips brought extra blood flow to the area and that is -always- a good thing. The Firecracker Bullet also has the warming feature if you want a smaller bullet vibe. If you’re looking to add in some internal warming, try out the Dual Action Infrared Vibe, which is one I also own. Just the top of it warms up.

The Bad:

There was only one bad. I had wished at times that I was able to push the power of the vibes up juuust a little bit more. In the end, I had to retreat to the ladies room and hold it right on my sweet spot, on the side of my clit, to orgasm.

So I tucked the controller in the waistband of my pants and retreated to the bathroom. It was close to lunch break time so I hoped it would be empty just long enough. Wasn’t at first. I sat there quietly rubbing my clit, my cunt was soaking wet. finally it was empty and I turned on the vibe. Got soooo close, and someone came in. DAMN. As soon as she left, it was back on. In 10 seconds I was cumming. The moment it began though, the door opened so I had to shut off the S.B. but was still able to ride out a nice orgasm.

If you need something more powerful, get the Turbo Bullet. (not to mention it has silicone nubbies on the outside, also a plus to keeping it in one spot!)

OH, the noise level – it’s neither a good nor a bad. While it was doin its job here at my desk, I couldn’t hear it. In the ladies’ room however….well, not doable if anybody else was in there. But really how often will most women be in that situation? ;)

For the absolute best bullet experience, get the Berry Delight. It adds in various settings, a higher quality motor, and lovely soft silicone nubs all over it, which would be sooo lovely on the S.B. *wink wink nudge nudge* I really really really want the Berry Delight vibe…

Overall: A good toy. Wonderful for beginners or even those who have many toys. This would also be absolutely wonderful to use during sex. Easier to hold to your clit than a smaller micro-bullet vibe! Hey, bf might also enjoy the egg held to a few key spots while you are busily sucking cock ;) I personally like holding it to the perineum or just resting on his anus, even his balls!

This review made possible by the WONDERFUL folks over at VibeReview. They don’t carry crappy toys, and you can read reviews and detailed info before buying. And as always let me remind you men that it’s not just a site for women – it is “female friendly” and created by women, but their Men’s Toy Section is great and has a -ton- of stuff all with really great and informative reviews – don’t believe me? Check out the reviews on this bad boy, the Titus. Doesn’t that look amazing? I’d love to use that on a guy while sucking his cock….
(p.s. if you decide to buy anything I told you about, be sure to do so from my links as I get credit for your purchase, being an affiliate. Thanks!)

Jun 242008

A young man I used to flirt and banter with here at the office one day finally admitted to me that, sometimes, he’s not checking a text message when he’s at my desk talking to me for 15-20 minutes at a stretch.

He was slyly using his cameraphone to take a picture of a place he didn’t want to stare openly at since we were “just friends” (his idea, not mine). I had always wondered why, on my days when I knew what I was wearing and how it looked from his angle (especially when I would lean forward a slight bit), he seemed oblivious to the cleavage. I had started out thinking “what better way to woo him to the dark side than cleavage?” But I was soon left wondering if perhaps he was gay. Yes, I know, you men are going to tell me that you’ve become stealth-masters at glancing at cleavage and we can’t tell. Yes, we can. I’m sorry to inform you. And since during every conversation, long flirtatious eye contact was always held, I knew where his eyes were looking and where they weren’t.

But he tricked me with the cameraphone.

I was quite aroused when he finally confessed one day in an email. I had worried that the “boob shirt” (you’ve all seen it before, “the picture that launched a thousand sperm”) was a bit TOO much for an office setting. I casually asked him in email one afternoon if he thought my shirt was too revealing for work “or is that something you just don’t notice with me?” There was silence for awhile.

Then I get a text. A pic message, actually, from him. Of a damn fine view of cleavage……wait…that top looks familiar…you guessed it, it was me. Was I offended? Skeeved out? Fuck no, I grinned like the cat who got the canary. I asked him to send me his favorite one that he had taken. I also asked how many he had taken….it was a lot, that’s all he would admit to. Below you’ll find his favorite.

I asked why it was his favorite, but he never answered me.

Over the next few weeks of his assignment, whenever I would be wearing one of my lower-cut tops, I would all but outright tell him to “take a picture, it’ll last longer”…when he got out his phone and said, not-quite-convincingly, “Oh I have a text, I wonder who it’s from” I would pointedly lean forward more, make the girls even more overflowing and obvious and grin up at him. My little not-so-secret voyeur.

Hmm, I need a replacement for Temp Boy……care to seek employment here, anyone? ;)

Jun 172008

Is it still exhibitionism if no one knows?

I chat online with guys every day. Some are flirtations that have been around awhile, some are boys-of-the-week. I get VERY aroused when the flirting turns sexual. Not so much cyber-sex as in “I’m doing this to you, can you feel me?”, but the “if I were there” game…the virtual show and tell game…swapping stories and fantasies and compliments and photos (oh the photos…my favorite sort of online exhibitionism…we’ll talk about those another time)

I work in an office, I’m kinda like the receptionist/secretary. Therefore, I don’t hide away in a cubicle or office. There’s only two ways out of our area, and to go out the more-oft used doors, you go past my desk. In any given minute, I have someone walking past my desk. Being that it’s a receptionist desk, I have one of those “counter” like things in front of me.

So I sit here and off and on throughout the day, I’m talking to people. Some days it’s fairly innocent. Other days….whew. Now the people I’m talking to online know what I’m doing, but my coworkers do not.

What am I doing? Talking about sexually explicit things. Perhaps going into the public restroom to snap a photo or two on my phone to send to the lucky recipient. But sometimes…..

Sometimes I’ve gotten out a badboy similar to this:

Slipped it somehow into my panties with the remote in my hand, hidden under my desk. Depending on if I’m wearing pants or a skirt that day, the handpack is hidden under clothes or perhaps not. I nestle it between my pussy lips and against my clit and turn it on. And I try really hard not to let on to all these people walking by my desk what I’m really doing. Which is difficult because this particular toy can get really powerful at the top setting of the dial. At the lower settings it is quiet enough, once nestled, for me to use at my desk (key thing here, for me, which is why I’m having trouble finding a replacement for it since it just died today)

I have had one online-amour, K, instruct me when to turn it on, what setting, when to crank it up and when to let myself orgasm.
I’ve sat here and squirmed, flushed red, driving myself to the edge…but the combination of the act and the talking has me so wet that the vibrating little devil won’t stay put. I try to discretely use my fingers/hand to press the bullet to my clit.
A few times I’ve orgasmed…right here at my desk. Once I had to take it to the restroom (the public one) and discretely finish off in a stall.

So. My point. I had one ;)

SOMEone knows what I’m doing…the online object of my lust…but the people around me do not. sure, I could easily get caught with my hand down my pants, or flushing a little too much.
Is this still exhibitionism?