Apr 222009
An Update on the Office

In a nutshell……it sucks. Hardcore. What sucks, you ask? Let me give you a brief (ish) rundown: My supervisor: I had not worked in the same office as her before, so I never had to deal with her full time. I can’t stand her.  She’s a giggler, at everything and at inappropriate times. Laughing at people’s inability to perform a job function that is new to them, AS she’s making a shitty attempt to explain it again. She’s really not being a very good supervisor. My cubicle: Oh hell. Now you all know I was “on display” before, being at a receptionist type desk with the 4 foot wall in front of me, open to everybody that walked by. Now, the walls are 5 feet to my front and my back, and about 6 feet to my left where the overhead cabinet is. To my right is the separating aisle and then a mirror of

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Apr 142009

I’m approaching my final 3 days in the office. Therefore, I’m taking request for naughty office pics that I could potentially snap. Or….other suggestions, if you can think of anything. Now, I’m not saying I’ll be able to do every request/suggestion, but I’ll certainly try! Click on the tags associated with this post to see past escapades. Today is Tuesday….Friday is my last day, but that day will also be kinda hectic here, I assume. I know moving people are going to arrive late afternoon that day. So if you have any requests……hurry up!! I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m really feeling nervous as to what my new office life will be like come Monday morning. Not just with regards to my online time and my naughtiness, but everything. Related Posts:I need a class in Time Management Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but I haven’t been as active on social media…Manners, Community and

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Mar 172009

It was not enough that I obeyed, despite my workload. It was not enough that for 4 hours I had that fat-ended wooden dildo wedged in my cunt and a vibrating bullet intermittently buzzing against my clit. At his command. It was not enough that my orgasm count was up to four.  Four!  We had only reached that number once before. It didn’t matter that I had work to do. It didn’t matter that the restrooms are not private. It didn’t matter that my freshly-post-orgasm cunt was tighter than hell. Nope. Not at all. He instructed me to go right at that very minute, as I was still recovering with a flushed chest and accelerated heart rate. Go to the restroom and fuck myself with the dildo. Not a little bit, not just farther in and tiny outward pulls. Nope. Not at all. Fully out, fully in. Each movement my eyes widened and I tried

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Mar 122009
Whore on the Floor

I discovered not too long ago that if I’m on my knees on the floor behind my desk, most people that walk by won’t even see me. Not unless they stand at my counter or come around behind my desk to get something. If they do notice me I can use the pretense of untangling the cords under my desk. Being down there allows me to shove one or both hands down inside pants and panties to spread my cunt and gyrate the vibe against my clit in just that right way so that I go crashing over the edge of orgasm. It also dirties up my knees and sometimes musses my hair. Out of the sheer blue a switch somewhere is flicked and he orders me to the restroom to insert my toys. I was so shocked that I spoke out of turn. “Do you have any idea how much work I have to

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Nov 292008

Well folks I am not going to be getting the promotion, I will not be moving to the other office. Due to the current hiring freeze and the merging of all similar offices in 6 months, HR put the kibotz on that higher position being filled since it was vacated by my now-supervisor. So no extra money. No change in scenery. I worry about the merger because I can’t say for sure that I’ll get to keep my internet access privileges. I’ll have to find another route, something I can afford, when the time comes. I have quite a few “friendships” that are online only, and only during the workday. Some are casual and a select few are very meaningful to me. If I weren’t able to chat during the workday I think I would lose those people. And for SURE I would be bored to death. I’ve grown terribly accustomed to this “way of

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Oct 232008

“2 days ago {3 days ago, as you’re reading this post} I was replying to a post of yours…. a very delectable, very beautiful, set of pictures… I had no idea that you’d reply to me, let alone helping me set up my page; so I wanted to thank you. And yeah….your posts have done nothing but get me absolutely fucking -wound-….the thought of you being alone in your office till 5…wow…I’ve got a whole load of naughty ideas…” Whoa, reverse. Back up. 4 days ago, Subtle Release started reading my blog. Bouncing around between recent and archive posts and leaving a few comments. So I checked out his blog, his very new blog, and left him a comment about his post and thanking him for the very nice compliments he left on mine. He alluded in his reply comment there that his frustrated state might be caused a bit by me. The next day

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