Dec 152009

I once had a lover who was a very wealthy man. The sort of showy wealth that would close down a restaurant with the flash of his cash just to have a private dinner. And he did just that, a few days before Christmas.

This restaurant had once upon a time been an old mansion, but now converted to beautiful place of business in wealthy part of the city. In order to add on more dining room space, an all glass “sun room” had  been added on to the back of the house. This room of the restaurant offered a beautiful view of the surrounding area and some privacy from busy bustle of the main dining room. Despite the fact that he had cleared out the place for the night, no patrons save for ourselves, he wanted us to eat back there. I soon saw why.

The glass ceiling was covered in white Christmas lights and there were two lit trees just outside, on each corner. Between the candle on our table and those lights, it was all that was needed for a romantic atmosphere and it provided enough light to see both inside and out into the night. Dinner was full of sumptuous food and sexy surprises. Namely, the coerced removal of my panties and then bra in between courses. He kept them on the table, neatly folded, he said they were too pretty to be stuffed in his pocket. Every time the waiter came to the table I blushed and couldn’t meet his gaze. Cause for even more blushing was how aroused I was soon after the waiter saw both bra and panties on the table. During dinner, my lover would occasionally feed me a bite of his food, sans fork, causing seductive finger-sucking-followed-by-quick-making-out scenes. As he fed me the final morsel of food this way, his hand pushed aside the fabric of my top to expose my breast for his fingers to better pinch my nipple. Soon he was pinching so hard that it hurt but it felt good but it hurt but ohhhhh fuck it felt good. In this moment of painful ecstasy, during which I could not speak, I caught sight of the waiter entering the room from behind my date. The moment his brain latched onto the scene and realized, he silently stopped in his tracks and stared. He stared, mouth open a little, for a few seconds that felt like minutes until he cleared his throat and approached the table.

My date, quite clearly, did not care. His hand did not snap back away from me nor did he make a move to prevent the waiter from seeing my bared breast. The waiter asked about dessert and finally the grip on my nipple was released but he made no move to cover me back up. I was still reeling from the lingering pain and did not hear the quick conversation about dessert.

The waiter cleared the table of all but our nearly-empty wine bottle and glasses and off he scurried. Oddly, he shut the door that led into the main dining room. As I looked questioningly at my date, he stood up and extended his hand for me to take. We walked over to the stand next to the glass, both looking out, him behind me. As his hands and arms wrapped around me we watched cars drive down the street. In a moment I felt his bare, cool hand on my ass, making its way down the cleft of cheeks. He chuckled at how wet I was. Then, as I watched our faint and flickering reflection in the glass, his hands began to lift up my shirt. I tried to stop him, I tried to protest that the waiter would be back soon, but all he said was “Don’t you worry about that” and off came my top. Off came my skirt. I stood naked in a softly lit room, with nothing between me and the outside world except thick panes of glass.

We kissed.

My hands blindly sought out his skin.

His hands, having no barrier, fluidly roamed my body.

My hands, restricted by his clothing, desperately yet weakly fought to get through.

His hands gripping my ass, he lifted me up and my legs wrapped around his waist.

My ass met the cold glass.

His lips found my nipples and I forgot about the cold. If a car were to drive by and the passengers were to look past the twinkling lights on the tree, they would have seen a naked woman’s rear end pressed against the glass wall.

Then he put me down and stepped towards the table, grabbing the wine bottle. He offered me a swig and then he polished off the rest. His eyes lit up as he held the empty bottle. Before I could ask what his intentions were I found myself bent forward with my ass tilted just so to him and my palms on the window. Before I could think I felt the neck of the wine bottle running along my slick cunt. And before I could catch my breath from the shock the bottle was gone and then back again and what the fuck was he…..

He was pushing the bottom end of the slender wine bottle inside of me. Stretching me. It went faster than and easier than I thought it would, the glass slicked up with my wetness.

In the restaurant, against the window he fucked me with that bottle. One hand, one cheek, one tit pressed against the glass, my other hand assaulting my clit, I came hard by the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree outside.

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Dec 082009

Despite working on the top floor, the stairs in the building keep going up – to the roof, I guess. While that would be a pretty fucking awesome place to sneak off too in the middle of the workday for kissing and groping….we’re just not that daring, yet.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t use the stairs. We figured that if anyone should somehow happen upon us or hear us, we’d have about 4 seconds to break apart and pretend we were just sitting there talking.


Sitting there, just talking.

YOU would believe me, wouldn’t you??

I didn’t think so.

One day last week or so, after an amazing amount of tortuous teasing, we surreptitiously snuck into the stairwell at afternoon break time. He went up first, I followed a minute later.  We were taking a huge risk and taking things up a notch. To this point we had not touched anymore more so than his fingers brushing my nipple for a moment. We didn’t say to each other what we were meeting in the stairwell for; I’m not sure either of us really knew until the moment things happened. We smiled at each other as we stood there in close proximity, listening to the door open on our floor and a few people head downstairs. We didn’t speak; we just kept looking at each other and looking down the stairs to make sure no one had noticed us.

As their voices faded, he grinned again and moved his hand to my breast with his thumb lightly caressing my hardening nipple. My lips parted and I drew in a quick breath but I didn’t break eye contact with him. Then he moved his hand up a little to the neckline of my low-cut shirt and slipped his hand underneath my shirt and my bra – bare hand on bare nipple. He already knew I liked it rough so he didn’t hesitate to pinch. A small gasp and a small smile from me encouraged more. The next pinch was harder, and he held on longer. My eyelids shut for a moment and my head fell back; I lost my balance just slightly, just enough for him to steady me at the waist with his other arm. This move pressed our bodies together from the pubic bone downwards and I could feel his cock, hard against my stomach.

Instinctively my hand sought it out and lightly caressed the length of it through his pants. Our lips were barely touching, we were too busy trying not to drown from the touches to actually kiss at first. But then we were. And then our hands and lips worked in a frenzied, passionate tandem; He tugged hard on my nipple while I grasped his cock as best as I could and stroked. I broke the kiss with a near-silent “ow ow ow” because my nipple had reached the pain threshold. Yet still I let out a tiny whimper when his hand left my breast. Then suddenly he pulled down my top and exposed the same nipple he had been roughing up. His head dipped down and I braced for more pain, but instead he traced it with his tongue. The light pressure and warm, wet tongue was an overload of senses after what he had done to me.

I put my hand at the back of his head and pushed him, crushed up, up against my breast so that he would suck or bite or something more. Anything. As he took the cue and began sucking, we heard a door open and the voices of people in the stairwell. He stopped for a split second as we listened, hearts racing, but then I whispered “More, just a minute more please” and he continued on. That was so incredibly hot to have this guy sucking my bared nipple in the stairwell with people two flights down. When we heard another door open and close and the voices went away, I made him stop.

I straightened myself out and he did the same, in silence, until I said “Holy fuck that was…….wow. I absolutely must go jerk off in the women’s room now. Right now.” We exited the stairwell and both headed for the restrooms. The way he grinned at me before he went inside let me know that he had the same mission as me.

Nov 302009


Photographer unknown

I had decided to start adding to my erotic art photography portfolio. Since my end results were primarily high contrast black and white, I wanted to delve into a more licentious subject matter. Porn can easily become art with just a small change in lighting and removing the color from the prints.

I wanted to photograph the contrast between the flesh of a hard-bodied male and a soft, curvy female. The two posing for me did not know each other. I knew each of them in my own weird social circles, though, so their comfort level with me translated well into a pseudo-comfort with each other. And their bodies looked exquisite together.

I made them hold poses for 5-10 minutes, sometimes difficult poses, until I got the angle of light and the angle of the shot “just so”. The proximity of their nakedness and my scrutiny resulted in this beautiful agony of arousal for them both. I asked if they would feel comfortable doing some poses of vaginal penetration for me, and they readily agreed. His thick cock and her diminutive outer labia really lent a “skewered and spread wide” filthy quality to the joining of the contrast in flesh. Her cunt was a glistening, split peach just swallowing his marble hard cock.

Each penetrative pose that I had them hold for such agonizingly long minutes added to their subtle desperate arousal. I wasn’t stupid; I knew what I was doing, what I was creating. She was laid back on a table, while he was standing. Her ass raised up off the table a few inches, and her legs wrapped around his hips for added support, left her body in this downward slant away from him. I had them hold a position of his cock halfway inside of her. As I stood next to her head I bent forward to get a different close-up angle and my long hair trailed over her breasts. I could see the controlled, but rapid, rising and falling of her chest as she did her best to remain stoic. Almost imperceptibly she started pumping her hips to get the friction her cunt was craving. I laid a cool hand on her mound, looked back at her, and sternly told her to be still – she was blurring the shot. Privately though I was grinning; I was pulling their strings so well.

I asked them to adjust slightly so that the current position was more exaggerated – I wanted to get a different angle and needed more space but the same depth of penetration. When I noticed how very wet she was, I used one finger to redistribute it from her cunt opening up to her clit and labia. A firm, slow, touch that teased his cock and her clit. As I did it I locked eyes with him; we smiled at each other when we heard her whispered moan as my finger grazed her swollen clit. It was his turn to groan when I sucked her juices off my finger before continuing. When I looked at her I could see the pink flush creeping across her breasts and face, I knew her breathing was more labored. She looked so beautiful, so overcome with lust, so tortured. I moved the accent light, I slowly walked around them to snap a few more shots. I instructed him to slowly penetrate her almost to the hilt and then lean his body backward. When he did this, I watched her face. Her eyes closed and her lips parted to a slight “o”; the furrowed brow came next and I snapped a few photos of her face for my own use. Then I spread her labia around his cock, a pair of lips in a kiss. Another quick graze over her clit just to be sadistic. A few more shots and I noticed his breathing was getting more shallow and rapid, his eyes closing, his face the same portrait of pleasure as hers.

“What is she doing?” I asked him.

“She’s…..I don’t know….she’s milking my cock….it’s like sex but its…not…” He could barely speak around the controlled effort not to fuck the shit out of her, I presume.

“Carrrrieeee” I taunted. “You just can’t help yourself, can you. You’re trying to come.”

She didn’t answer me. She was lost. I moved and stood right next to him, facing her. I whispered to him to not dare come. She had listened to me; she wasn’t moving her body but I could just make out the movements of her cunt. With my camera held precariously in one hand, aimed at their sexes, I used my other hand to briefly tease and kick her over the edge. With a finger on either side I lightly stroked his cock and let my fingers trail down to do the same to her clit. Back up, back down. My eyes on her face, my camera much lower. Another few strokes and I stopped so that I could concentrate on taking photos of her coming while stretched out around his cock. She whined her apology and her body began these subtle convulsions as she began to come.

“John, you are still not to come, do you hear me?” To his credit he did not…..until she finished contracting around his cock and I told them we were finished. The outward stroke of his cock exiting her body was the last straw, or perhaps the dam just being released. As he climaxed, he sunk to his knees, cock in hand with this full-body look of sheer relief, frustration and bliss all rolled together. I caught that on camera too, clicking away. More for my personal collection.

I kissed her goodbye, deeply, to let her go shower and get dressed.

“Well, John, if you’ll excuse me I need to go pretend to upload these shots to my computer while I actually go jerk off real quick. You two finished, now I need to.” I said. But he grabbed my wrist and pulled me down to him for a kiss. As my clothes were shoved aside I soon found out that he wasn’t quite satisfied and wouldn’t dare leave me to tend to my needs by myself.

Nov 222009

It started simply. It started quickly. We transitioned from the occasional flirty glance to daily teasing and talking all because of one moment of my carelessness, one moment of his prying eyes. I was standing in the elevator lobby tapping away on my cellphone, adding the photo I had taken in my car moments before to a text message to someone, and I didn’t know that D was behind me. We rode the elevator up to the top floor together and about halfway up all other occupants got out.

“So did he like it?”

I just stared at him, heart racing, hoping he didn’t mean what I thought he meant. The grin on his cute, boyish face confirmed against my hopes.


I knew I was blushing and all I could say was “He hasn’t replied yet”. The teasing, kinda-cocky glint in his eye brought my own smile out. We said no more, just proceeded to our respective sections to find our cubicles.

In the days that followed a tentative email and a knowing grin while passing by multiplied into more. We found brief moments throughout the workday to surreptitiously tease and flirt via email. Coded words, double entendres,  secret communications. A heavily-veiled but obvious-to-us message coupled by an innocent-to-others meeting at the printer 5 seconds after for a few words to be quietly uttered that were most definitely not safe for work.It took a lot of self control for us both to keep straight faces and limit the number of “coincidental” encounters and keep our fun under the radar of nosy nearby co-workers.

Soon we were augmenting our coded emails with raunchy text messages. It didn’t take him long to ask to see that same photo that started it all, the one he only caught a glance of, a flash of naked skin. I pondered that, I weighed the risk. I decided to ask for an insurance policy. I told him I wouldn’t send it to his phone unless he sent me a naughty pic first. For once I managed to silence the boy with all the snappy comebacks. I texted him again and proceeded to describe the photo he was asking for in explicit, sultry words. Then I described another one that was also in my phone. When I told him to meet me at the copier in 1 minute, his response made it hard for me not to outwardly gloat.

“I can’t get up from my desk right now without being obvious that uh….something came up…”

“Show me. Now. Turn away from T and let me see what is so obvious.”

The photo he complied with showed a bulge that seemed out of place in his work pants. Ha! Subtle, but I knew what I was looking at. And thus, the teasing and risque photo dares started (there is something so deliciously naughty about a hard cock surrounded by office clothes). It was hot and arousing and distracting and such a delicious surprise, this turn of events. But yet still…..this did not go beyond work. This did not go beyond glances, words, text and photos despite how close by our cubicles really were. Until…..

Until the day I was wearing this ever-so-slightly sheer top at work. I went into the bathroom to take a photo for him, my bra cups shoved down and tits exposed. The text along with the photo told him that I was leaving my bra like that for awhile and that he should take notice the next time he walked by me. Oh, he noticed. A little while later as we stood by the printer pretending to sort through papers he stood close to me for a moment and accidentally-on-purpose brushed the back over his hand over my breast. The touch caused my nipple to harden instantly. Oh, he noticed. For what felt like minutes but was more like 3 seconds, his fingers lightly caressed my rock hard nipple through my thin shirt. I didn’t breath until he stopped and once he did stop it took me a minute to regain my composure and know that I could walk the 8 feet to my desk. Aided by our clutches of printed papers, me hiding my nipples that could cut glass and him hiding the hard bulge in his dress pants, we scurried back to our cubes where the messages flew back and forth. He knew about my bullet vibrator; he knew I carried it with me but I had told him that I never used it at work before or at least not at my desk. He thought he was being so daring. He asked questions about it and I knew what was coming.

“You should go put the bullet in and turn it on while you’re at your desk…..I dare you, Lilly.”

Oh gee, why gosh no, I couldn’t possibly do that……

Oh, a dare, you say? Well how can I refuse then?

And so it went. He asked, I told, about how good it felt and how naughty I was. I told him how my chest was flushed red and I was so close to coming. It was nearing 4pm. He waited a bit longer, for half of our co-workers to head out for the day, before he came to my desk under the guise of showing me how to look something up in our system. And he saw for himself my beautiful agony, how badly I needed it. While I followed his work-related instruction he whispered “I dare you to come right here at your desk as I watch”.

I should win an Emmy for that performance. Pretending to be taught, pretending to ask real questions, all while letting only barely audible moans escape as he spoke and I ground the bullet into my clit. As I felt that moment of imminent orgasm I couldn’t speak, I could only subtly tap his hand to let him know. He stared and watched the show as I tried to feign normalcy while my body betrayed me. My eyelids fluttered, I jerked three tiny body spasms that slipped from my control, and I felt the heat spread across my face and my chest. When I met his eyes again I saw awestruck lust.

“Thanks for showing me, D, I’ll let you know if I have any other problems.” I smiled serenely and stared at him until he walked away, with a tiny restrained smile on his lips.

Oct 042009

Do you think that my chosen attire was an innocent happenstance? No, I saw myself in the changing room mirror when I bought it and later through the lens of the camera. It’s cut deep and it draws the eyes like a siren’s call.

Yeah, I know.

Do you think I’m oblivious to the fact that nearly every time I’m there, so are you? Or him? Or even him? Watching over me from your perch with jovial chatter, under the pretense that you need to make sure I’m doing it correctly. But that’s not the real reason.

No, I know better.

Do you think that I’m concentrating on counting or my form when I go silent for a few moments and look off slightly to your left, staring at nothing in the distance? I can see in my periphery that you’re watching me – not my form, no, your eyes and mind are elsewhere.

I pretend I don’t, but I do know.

You try to be professional, and do your job properly, helping others around me. But I see your gaze that you think you hide so well. I saw you watching me from that dimly lit room while working on someone else, as I laid on my stomach propped up by my elbows. Really now, the amount of cleavage that is bared from that position?

I know what you can see.

Did you think you were being sneaky? Waiting until dusk was fading to dark until you took those boxes to the dumpster and had him hold open the fire door that is right next to the pool? You knew that you’d see if he opened the door more to look for you, so on your way back you took your time and you stopped at the window that is 3 feet from me and looks over the pool. Did you think that it was so bright inside and so dark outside that I wouldn’t see you standing and watching? You forgot that your pants were light-colored and so….

I knew. And I played it for that brief minute.

And I enjoyed it when you two entered the room again, chatting over-eagerly with each other and including me in it. Too much laughter, a little too loud, trying too hard. To distract from the fact that your hands were in the pockets of your khakis, slyly trying to shift things around down there. It was too little too late. I’m not that oblivious, I’m not that dumb.

I knew.

Yes, I know. I know that you’re limited for now. I know what you’re staring at and when. I know now that the four of you vie for dibs on sitting with the pool patient under the pretense of “it’s a nice and relaxing rest” or so you told the other workers. One of them innocently spilled the beans, she didn’t know; she didn’t get it. You don’t do it with every pool patient; I’ve seen when others are there and you’re not in the room with them by pretense of help.

I know. And my knowledge is my power.

Sep 222009


I realize that this is an unorthodox request, especially coming from a woman. Never known a woman who likes to spy and watch others having sex? Then either she was too uptight to admit it to you or even herself.  I’ve posted this under W4M because I figure that more men will check here than women or couples. But I’m not looking to just watch a man by himself. My preference would be to watch a couple.

I’ve had fantasies bred by some really hot erotica books and blogs. Some scenarios I’ve wanked to are ones like I’m in my car at night in a parking lot that’s nearly empty – suddenly a car comes in, and no one gets out right away….but then they do. Both of them. Why? Because they can’t fuck IN the car. As I silently watch from the safety of my hiding spot, they fuck against and on the car. OR. Parking lot this time is in front of your apartment complex. You get your wife to feel kinky enough to fuck in full view of the window that I can see into, with enough lights on so I can clearly see. Obviously a level of trust is going to be necessary here, so this isn’t something to jump into blindly. I’m not doing this so that I can record you or take photos, you won’t find your bare asses posted somewhere on the internet. This is purely for my own fantasy enjoyment.

Yes I’m real, yes I’m female. This is just my particular kink and I’m trying to find a way to indulge in it. I don’t want to meet in person, this isn’t an ad for sex or to join you and your wife. This is not an ad to watch you jerk off while I sit in a chair. If I wanted to see that I’d log into a chat room. Please don’t suggest situations in which my safety would be compromised, I’m not that stupid.


I posted that ad some time ago in my local Craigslist. I, surprisingly, didn’t get all that many replies. But I did find just one suitable reply – and in the end, one is better than none. We conversed for a week or two and fleshed out details.

He and his co-worker/mistress had started fucking in one of the empty offices where he works, whenever they work the later shift together. To keep up appearances she apparently pretends to leave when all others are going home, and then sneaks back in after the last one goes out. Their workplace is on the first floor in a large office building that is part of a complex of other buildings. In short, it’s not private property and my car there wouldn’t be conspicuous. He gave explicit directions as to which window (on the side) and which nights they closed up together. I didn’t tell him which night I’d be watching. I just randomly picked one.

I arrived early and put my seat back a little to read my book. It appeared as though I was waiting on someone, it was nothing to cause a second glance. A half hour later, as dusk was settling in, I noticed a lamp being turned on in the previously dark room. I quickly put my book down, put my glasses on and sat up in anticipation of the show. First I saw him alone; moments later she eagerly went to his arms. It was plainly obvious that they are a newer couple, still intent on devouring each other as much and as voraciously as possible. After a few steamy kisses she took note of the raised blinds and the lamp that was on; she said something to him and made a move to turn off the lamp – I held my breath as he quickly diverted her. He pressed his body up against hers from behind and wrapped his arms around her as his lips found her neck. She melted and slowly became more caught up in the lust. The moment his hand grabbed her hair was the moment I relaxed and knew she wouldn’t go for the lamp again.

The flames between them fanned quickly and they tore off each others’ clothes in that way that new lovers do. I felt my clit thump and pulse and knew how soaking wet I was already. I started slowly – my cunt already bared by my wearing a skirt and no panties – and I did something I never do when masturbating in semi-public locations. I took off my top. I pulled my breasts out of my bra cups and as I teased my wet cunt lips with one finger the other hand was busy pinching my nipples. I watched as they attacked each other with passionate kisses and gropes and fast movements; I was equally envious and turned on. I watched as she bent at the waist to suck his cock.

As she sucked his cock I started rubbing my clit in earnest. When it became a tug-of-war between them of his hips pumping to fuck her mouth and her sucking the life out of him, my own hips moved of their volition.

As he moved her up suddenly to sit on the desk I brought out my vibrator. When his lips locked around her nipple and his fingers dove for her cunt, she threw her head back in an obvious gasp of pleasure, my own gasps escaped as electricity flowed from my cunt and the vibrator worked its magic.

Then when he pushed her to lay back on the desk and his mouth sought out her cunt, I felt my orgasm begin to climb as I watched her back arch and her hands grab his head.

I couldn’t help it, moans and curses flew out as my cunt spasmed and flooded in a powerful orgasm. Mere moments later, before I could catch my breath or calm down my pounding heart, I witnessed her obvious climax from his oral skills.

He didn’t give her more than a moments rest before he sunk his cock easily into her cunt. She wrapped her legs around his waist at first and then he grabbed her legs and pushed them back – this allowed me to see brief flashes of glistening cock as he pounded into her. Did he do this because he hoped I was watching?

As I watched her get fucked my own cunt needed more attention. I grabbed my Pure Wand to try to fill up my need for cock at that moment. It didn’t take much at all before I felt the frenzy of a building g-spot orgasm. I backed off on the bullet buzzing on my clit so that I could wait for them. I didn’t wait long.

He must have said something to her because she moved her hands to hold her own legs against her chest and she spread them as much as possible. He was fucking her so forcefully, with a hand digging into her hip, that I could see her tits jiggle. He moved his free hand to her cunt and presumably started rubbing her clit. Within minutes her body shook and twitched as she climaxed; the feeling of her convulsing cunt was too much for him to bear and I watched as he stopped pumping, leaned his upper body back a little and clenched his jaw. Without hearing them I knew how strongly they had just climaxed.

I returned the bullet to my clit as I witnessed the finale, I roughly fucked myself with the hot steel wand, and I had my own massive, wet, noisy orgasm.