Aug 152009
A Comparative Review: Electric Massager Attachments

UPDATE:  I’ve just noticed that this post is being linked to and I wanted to point out that this review is VERY old. If I’d known in advance, I would have had more time to update this review (like I plan to do with many other old reviews). For more Magic Wand and other wand attachments, check them out here. If you have any questions, please email me or hit me up on the chat/message button below and I will help you out! I answer all emails!   Sex toy manufacturers have come to realize that electric massagers like the Hitachi are here to stay – so they’d better get their piece of that pie. These types of vibrators aren’t always meant to be used as a sex toy, so additions are needed to better achieve that naughty purpose. There are a good number of these out there, most of them are Hitachi attachments because

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Jul 312009
A Comparative Review: Top Electric Massager Vibrators - Part 1

There’s one big thing to be said for the “electric massager” style vibrators. Actually, two big things. 1. They don’t take batteries 2. They’re inconspicuous, because their original purpose is as a muscle massager But which one should you try? I’ve reviewed a bunch, the most common ones. In these two reviews I’m going to do my best to compare them to each other to help you pick the best one and the right one for you. In the plug-in style corner we’ve got the Hitachi Magic Wand; the Miracle Massager and the My Miracle Massager (both by CalExotics). In the rechargeable corner is the Ideal (by Natural Contours); the Acuvibe and the Acuvibe mini. Should you choose one style over the other? That depends on the environment you’d be using it in and your masturbation style. The plug-in style boasts all power, all the time, always on. However this means you are tethered by

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