Mar 092009

As he leaves the room to clean up, he hands me a dildo and a vibrator with instructions to not stop but yet not to come without permission. I see him in my periphery here and there, he keeps a casual eye on me but won’t say anything. I am already halfway there and it doesn’t take me long to get to the point where I have to start backing off with the vibrator, or I will come. I know he wants me to come and I know he’ll make me beg for it. But this time he is not egging me on with filthy words. As I move the vibrator a fraction of an inch away from my clit I call out softly to him for I cannot see him. Please, Sir…..I’m getting close No reply. I don’t know where he is. Closer….please… I am whimpering pathetically, and suddenly I see him. He is

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Feb 112009

{note: This is not for HNT and there will not be any HNT this week} He had me mark myself for him. Branded, I suppose. “This hole is for Master to cum in” was written on my thigh for him to see. “R’s Whore” written in another spot. When I see him, I know he’ll write on me. He has said he’ll do it in black permanent marker. A “tramp stamp” across the small of my back. Filthy words for him to see as he’s fucking me. What will he write? For His use only Cum Slut If found, return to R ok maybe not…heh When I return home that night to my partner, I will whisper to him the slutty filthy things I did, that were done to me; he’ll see the words and take his own turn claiming my cunt. I will wear the words in secret for days until they disappear on

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Jan 112009
Confessional: Zero to Sub in 3 seconds flat

When it is done correctly as I am being kissed and therefore not aware of it until it happens, the effect is obvious. A moan and a whimper, my knees might buckle a bit, and the jolt of arousal is so swift and sharp that the breath is nearly knocked out of me…

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Dec 212008

We lay, presumably asleep, in the dark room. Side by side, intimately close, bare skin brushing bare skin as we turn and toss in slumber. We never bothered to dress for sleep. Too exhausted from hours of debauchery in this room to care about something as silly as clothing for sleep. The room is mostly quiet save for the low hum of the fan. I wake once again but this time my ears catch a sound. A wet sound. Remaining still so as to not disturb, I open my eyes and look for the source of the erotic sound. I then notice the faint sensation of her right arm moving slightly against my left arm. She has pushed the sheet down her body. I can see her pale skin in the dark – and I see her hand on her pussy as she fingers her clit. She makes no sound but for jagged breathing. Immediately

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Nov 292008

Well folks I am not going to be getting the promotion, I will not be moving to the other office. Due to the current hiring freeze and the merging of all similar offices in 6 months, HR put the kibotz on that higher position being filled since it was vacated by my now-supervisor. So no extra money. No change in scenery. I worry about the merger because I can’t say for sure that I’ll get to keep my internet access privileges. I’ll have to find another route, something I can afford, when the time comes. I have quite a few “friendships” that are online only, and only during the workday. Some are casual and a select few are very meaningful to me. If I weren’t able to chat during the workday I think I would lose those people. And for SURE I would be bored to death. I’ve grown terribly accustomed to this “way of

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Nov 242008

He is naked, standing, legs shoulder-width apart. I have his wrists bound together, his arms extended above his head just in front of him, the rope tied up to a hook in the ceiling. I have his hips back slightly so that he is leaning forward just a bit. Just enough. I swing the flogger very gently towards his hard cock, so that the soft suede gently teases him. He is vulnerable but trusting. He tries to push his hips toward the flogger to feel more caresses to his cock, despite the fact that this is really an instrument of pain and could become one at any moment. The cool weight of the suede plays on him like tendrils. Fingers. I move behind him and any gentleness is gone. With a figure-8 motion and most of my strength I work the flogger on his back and ass, leaving delicious red marks that appear in short

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