Mar 012010

This weekend had a lot of creativity in it in many different forms.

First on Saturday night after a lovely long bath taken together, husband accomplished something that was previously so rare that I thought it a fluke. I orgasmed from oral sex. It happened to me only *once* before and I’m not sure what that guy did that was so different (I didn’t bother figuring it out because as it turns out, his ability to get me off orally was his only good trait). Husband employed a new method of spreading my labia with one hand coming from above while the other hand was busy trying to fist me and in general abusing my g-spot in the most wonderful way. We’d gotten me verrrry close in the past but couldn’t tip me over the edge; all prior sessions ended with a vibe on my clit. I had been about 1 minute away from reprieving his poor mouth and asking for the vibrator when suddenly it became possible that maybe, just maybe, I was almost there.

We were both pleasantly surprised, and I was shocked at how intense the orgasm was (probably due to the g-spot stimulation). I even twittered our accomplishment in the wee hours of the morning/late night, I was so giddy. Literally, giddy. It was another one of those blended orgasms that leaves me a laughing/giggling mess after I come.

In other news of creativity, I realized on Sunday that the Toy Swap Network that Sinclair and I started is a year old this week! In honor of that I created a new banner + theme for the site. I showed husband the design after I was done and he immediately said that it reminded him strongly of the Nick Bantock “Griffin and Sabine” series that we both loved. Nick writes these short books that are almost more about the art than the storyline, but I love both equally. Most of his books are presented as a story told through correspondence between the fictional characters. One side of the page shows the front of the postcard, the other shows the written side of the postcard. Scattered about are letters; folded up sturdy letters in envelopes glued to the page that you actually get to pull out of the envelope, unfold and read like you’ve just found a shoebox of correspondence buried in your backyard. It’s unique and cute and all around awesome.

My design inspiration for the new site was that it’s less about just the sex toys and more about the swapping. Mailing. Packages and stamps and so forth. (btw is a huge resource for awesome photoshop brushes)

I’m hoping to get our current members back into being more active; we’ve seen a slow rise in swaps and items being listed, so I’m hoping the anniversary will bring back some older members and even new reviewers who have toys to swap.