Sep 162008

Last week I was contacted by the lovely Nina of a PR Firm called Media Bitch – announcement was out that the We-Vibe is finally sold internationally! While VibeReview had already sent me one to review for them, I took this chance to share the love with my wonderful readers, and Nina sweetly agreed.

Yes, you heard that right. I’m giving away one We-Vibe to someone very lucky. Guys, girls, enter! It will be sent direct from the manufacturer, not me, so no worries on a perhaps unexplained return address ;)

Visit the We-Vibe website to learn even more about it.

What do you have to do? Oh gee, I can’t just give it away without any work on your part! ;)

One of the main “themes” to my blog is exhibitionism and also voyeurism.

I want you to link me directly to the best damn voyeuristic porn you can find me on YouPorn, RedTube, etc. Here’s my rules:

1. One entry per person

2. I don’t care if you’re a blogger or a reader!

3. You can only link to a site that does not require a membership, doesn’t have an assload of pop-ups, and one you can link directly to the video of your choosing. Doesn’t have to be the two sites I listed, I know there’s more places out there. (edit: found another one called tube8)

4. Voyeur theme – hidden cam, spying, that sort of thing. Needless to say something that looks staged isn’t going to win me over! Make it HOT, and graphic, make it something you think I’d masturbate to!

5. Check out the links posted before yours – if there’s an identical video being linked, the first person to name it will get credit. If you happen to notice before the contest is over that someone posted your link before you, you can then post another link.

I’ll pick my favorites – say…5? 6? And then my two secret-special guest judges and I will pick a winner from those. You have until Friday, September 26th at midnight EST to comment here with your link! You’ll need to provide a valid email address in the comment form – when you fill it out in the right spot there in the form, it doesn’t publish it to the blog post, I’m the only one who will see it. I’ll inform the winner and get their contact info off to Nina!

If you have any questions at all that you think I didn’t cover in my review, email me and ask!