Sep 162008

Last week I was contacted by the lovely Nina of a PR Firm called Media Bitch – announcement was out that the We-Vibe is finally sold internationally! While VibeReview had already sent me one to review for them, I took this chance to share the love with my wonderful readers, and Nina sweetly agreed. Yes, you heard that right. I’m giving away one We-Vibe to someone very lucky. Guys, girls, enter! It will be sent direct from the manufacturer, not me, so no worries on a perhaps unexplained return address ;) Visit the We-Vibe website to learn even more about it. What do you have to do? Oh gee, I can’t just give it away without any work on your part! ;) One of the main “themes” to my blog is exhibitionism and also voyeurism. I want you to link me directly to the best damn voyeuristic porn you can find me on YouPorn, RedTube,

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