Aug 122010
What's good for the Gander isn't always good for the Goose

Remember this swimsuit? It worked well for me back when I wore it for physical therapy. But now I’m wearing it for my newly-joined water aerobics classes. Thankfully the class takes place in the deep end of the pool so class participants can’t see but I am sure that people walking around the pool could see, if they looked. I keep slowly popping out. More than a few times at last night’s class I had to surreptitiously tuck my nipples back into the swimsuit. It just ain’t cool. So this weekend I’m going to try and fix the suit. Perhaps by sewing the straps a little tighter. I can’t really think of anything else. Maybe sewing a frog in between the cups? Related Posts:Tantus Vibrating Harness Review The Vibrating Velvet Harness is the star of the Tantus August Sale!FREE shipping (even International!)…Not in Kansas anymore… Oh, life. What a fuckin pain in the ass it

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