May 122009

Back in the old office, I was taking risks. Masturbating at my desk, even while I felt 95% safe doing so, was still a risk. Someone could by chance hear the vibrator, or take note of my flushed skin and lack of focus on work – or worse yet, as I got more daring towards the end, walk around behind my desk as I was on the floor. Perhaps my feeling safe was just being cocky.

I had assumed that, given the layout of the new office, I would not at all be able to continue my ways, especially playing with Q online. The inability to easily carry on a mostly-uninterrupted conversation is gone now; my movements have to be controlled and my poker face has to be in top game. And, given that I need pressure on my clit in order to come…..well, how could I do that at my desk here??

Last week he and I finally succumbed to it all and for the first time in many weeks, he had his (virtual) way with me. Twice.

I realized that even though there are more people, and closer, the office is noisier. The bullet vibe sound was masked perfectly. (as an aside, I am now using another bullet, more similar to my beloved original Silver Bullet)

And….before, the restroom was small….4 stalls. Any sound of the vibrator was frighteningly loud in there. But here, the restrooms are much bigger and I was able to find a way to quietly use the bullet vibe while in a stall. There were a few moments of loudness, as the internal vibrating bit went off balance and hit upon some hard internal surface, but I was able to orgasm. I waited until I thought everyone had left, for the first round, and was successful.

Of course, you know what that foreshadowing means.

I wasn’t so successful the second time.

The second time took me longer, there were more people in there, etc etc. As I felt myself nearing, I was not caring if someone was still in there. I did try to wait, and I thought I had heard the door close, with no other sounds of occupation.

In the words of the great Ron White….

I was wrong.

As my climax subsided and I moved the bullet away from my clit, I had this feeling I should have turned it off first before moving it, and I was right. A few short loud bursts in the silence of the bathroom and I wondered “What if I was wrong about it being empty?” Oh well, too late, deep breath. I wiped away the excess wetness from my cunt (for my panties already had a large soaked patch in them, I didn’t need it to be worse)  and snapped a few requested photos for him, I exited the stall, headed to the sinks and….there was a closed stall door a few down from me.


Whoever it was had to have heard me at some point. I had also been in that stall for quite some time, relatively speaking.

I kept my back to the stall doors, washed my hands in a hurry and quickly but controlled I left the restroom and made a beeline for my desk. I don’t know who it was – in the current office there are over 300 people on my floor, chances are it wasn’t anyone who knows me.

But still.

I was embarrassed and yet thrilled, scared and yet even more aroused.

Playtime is now a lot more dangerous, that is for sure. But neither he nor I care, really.