Feb 182009
Back to my "roots"

It’s been a while since I posted an exhibitionist sort of photo. I plan to start remedying that. On the last day with my old Razr phone, some photos were taken. R had requested ahead of time that I be sure it was charged, he was going to ask for some photos throughout the day, a proper send-off for the phone that served me well. As I sat there in my car in my lot that morning I noticed how and where the sun was hitting me. I knew that with the sunlight hitting me so brightly that my semi-sheer bra would be more pronounced. So I set about snapping a photo or two of my sweater yanked down to expose my tits in my red bra. I also then angled it so that it could be seen where I was and that it was a bit risky. I did not expect to look at

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Feb 082009
Our Life Is Not a Movie, or Maybe

If you worked in my building, if you saw me on the streets, if you met me at a party, would you ever guess I write this blog and post these pictures and do what I secretly do? Probably not. Outside of my partner, no one in “real life” knows about this blog. This is the case for many many (most) blogs I read. It is the case for many others, this blurry line between “real 3D life” and the virtual reality world we have created between IM and email and blogs and commenting and Twitter. So when I was at the party back in November, it was very surreal to be meeting these people whom, for some, I knew intimately from the neck down – “It’s so nice to put a face with the tits!” – and more surreal to be called Lilly as if it were my real name. But I got used

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