Feb 092010
When Worlds Collide: Lilly vs. L

(This post originally appeared over at Edencafe. It appears here now in hopes it will bring more discussion.) There are two sides to me. The Lilly you see online and the L that most others see in reality (and how I feel in reality). Sometimes there is a bleeding of the edges betwixt the two worlds and I am gaining comfort in that happening more. This isn’t to say that Lilly is a contrived persona. In fact, not at all. Lilly is what L truly is under the surface. Lilly is the no-holds-barred version of L. There are most definitely pixels shared between the two. A Venn diagram, if you will. The better I know someone and the more comfortable I am with them, the more Lilly and L meld together as almost one. I don’t mind people staring at Lilly because it’s all virtual and I can control it. But in the stark lights

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Jan 052010

I wouldn’t say that I get a lot of reader emails. Perhaps 2-3 most weeks, sometimes more –  sometimes less. Some are sweet and don’t expect anything in return, they just wanted to compliment in private. Some are a little cheesy and make me roll my eyes, but I smile nonetheless. Some give me a glimpse of a person that I could enjoy chatting with – and some do lead to that. Some are from greedy lil bastards asking for more photos. Some mean well but missed the mark a little – one that comes to mind bore the subject line of  “Guess who found your blog!” and I swear to you my heart stopped for a moment. He was referring to himself and all in all it was a really nice and sweet email but that subject line….to an anonymous blogger…..whew! Some try to jump right into cybering and sexy chat. Some ask me

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