Sex Toys


I’ve been doing toy reviews since early days on my blog. VibeReview was kind enough to be the first, when I was still new to the game. I realize that some toy sites don’t have the best descriptions. I do my best to go beyond what they tell you about the toy. Had I read blogger reviews a few years ago when I bought my first toys, I could have saved a bunch of money. If you ever have ANY valid question about the toys I’ve reviewed (or a general question about ones I haven’t), please contact me privately, I’ll answer.

I view this as a privilege, not a job. I try to keep reviews interesting, but also informative, and above all else – honest to a fauly.

In the pages beyond this I have a complete listing of all my reviews; reviews broken down by major manufacturer or company; my current list of the best toys (in my opinion only!); my Ask Lilly column of more in-depth recommendations on toys and my sex toy care and maintenance page where you can read about all the various sex toy materials and how best to clean the toys.