Nov 012016
Rankings and Community

Three things to know about me before we get on with it:  I suck at accepting compliments I’m competitive in some aspects Yet I prefer fairness So today I found out I was named Kinkly’s#1 Sex Blogging Superhero 2016. In my 8 years of blogging there has been at least one “Top 100” list every […]

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Oct 232016
Are Clear Silicone Sex Toys Possible? Absolutely!

Silicone sex toys have come a long way, baby. I often am asked to give someone my opinion on whether or not a sex toy is actually the silicone it claims to be. When the material is opaque it’s hard to tell visually but the proliferation of clear jelly/TPR material in sex toys gives me […]

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Oct 172016
Ask Lilly: Can you help me choose a vibrator for my girlfriend?

This might rank as one of the questions I see the most; it’s usually asked by cis men shopping for a (usually first) sex toy for their cis woman partner. If the question is asked vaguely in a more public forum the answers from others most often include the Magic Wand; if the seeker has […]

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Oct 092016
Crowned Jewels - Beautiful Metal Sex Toys

Crowned Jewels as a brand name might not make you think “sex toys” but the surprise is worth it. Gorgeous, well-made aluminum or titanium alloy1 dildos, butt plugs, cock rings and more. Njoy was probably the first brand to really bring amazing metal sex toys to the masses; the Pure Wand is so good that […]

Oct 072016
Lill'Bits: A Sex Toy Update, a Sex Toy Test, a Sex Toy Store

After a fun, short weekend in Philly I have some things to share – what it’s like when a bunch of bloggers go into sex toy shops, an important update on the new & improved Satisfyer Pro 2, and some words about my flame testing the Buck Off, Perfect Fit brand’s latest product made from “Silaskin”, a supposed TPR & silicone blend. Also gonna talk about getting that sucker tested, and I’ll need your help for that.

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Sep 232016
SFS16: Like Sex Blogger Christmas

It’s been (way) more than a month now since Sex Blogger Christmas aka Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit. I expected to write about this sooner but got hit hard with a cold-turned-infection the day I was driving home from the Summit; I missed a lot of work, have spent weeks exhausted and have had a lot of brain fog. The brain fog has clouded a lot of my memories, making writing about the weekend pretty difficult. I realized at one point during writing this (with its 14 edits) that I’ve been procrastinating on publishing this post because I’ve been afraid – afraid that it’s not good enough, that it’s missing important things, that I can’t do justice to my gratitude for Shevibe (my sponsor), Tantus, and Ricci Levy and the entire Woodhull Board. Because really, nothing short of a ticker tape parade would do justice to their greatness.

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