Jun 222017
Womanizer 2Go Review

The Womanizer 2GO is over-the-top femme and ridiculously large. To accomodate a “travel” product style there are function and motor changes that I’m having a lot of complicated feelings about. If the Womanizer 2GO were priced more reasonably I could be less picky.

Jun 202017
Womanizer Plus Size Review

The Womanizer Plus Size information was up on the Womanizer website for months before I could get my hands on it, but I was excited – a sex toy designed for plus size people?? Could it be?? When I noted last month that the Womanizer Plus Size marketing campaign seemed to be a bit light […]

Jun 112017
Crave Bullet Review

Some sex toys are multi-purpose, and others are good for just one thing – the Crave Bullet is a very decent bullet if you’re buying it to replace the short, watch-battery cheap bullets that come with things like cock rings, dildos, etc. But if you’re looking for an external, rechargeable vibrator? You can do better. […]

Jun 072017
Shots Toys HIKY Review

Maybe I’m off my game. Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I really wanted the HIKY to be good. I thought that it could combine the sensations of the Womanizer with the appeal of a traditional vibrator so that folks could always find something to like about it. I scoffed at the terms “suction” and “vacuum” […]

Jun 032017
#SFS17 Pre-Game!

If you’re going to Woodhull’s SFS17, or trying to go, this is the post for you! Deets on free registration, Blog Squad Scholarships AND the Digital Content Creators Meet n Greet!

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May 162017
Is the Womanizer +Size a Plus Size Sex Toy?

A topic that I’ve been really up front and vocal about for ages is my weight and how that factors into sex toy use. It can’t be overlooked (but boy can it be mocked) and many readers over the years have appreciated my candor. A lot of factors come into play when using sex toys […]

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