May 162017
Is the Womanizer +Size a Plus Size Sex Toy?

A topic that I’ve been really up front and vocal about for ages is my weight and how that factors into sex toy use. It can’t be overlooked (but boy can it be mocked) and many readers over the years have appreciated my candor. A lot of factors come into play when using sex toys […]

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May 122017
Beginner’s Guide to BDSM Toys

I don’t often have Guest Posts but sometimes I want to bring you information that I just don’t know enough about! But you know I’m picky so you’ll only see guest posts from fellow bloggers I trust. Taylor J Mace was kind enough to write up this amazing guide to BDSM toys for you – […]

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Apr 302017
SenseVibe Warm Dual Stimulator by SenseMax

The SenseVibe Warm had a strange advantage right out of the gate: You all know how picky I am, but did you know that there’s one thing that can pique my interest despite all jaded misgivings?  Cool storage. Yeah, I know, I know. But I like cases, pouches, bags and totes. I’ve been suckered into […]

Apr 182017
Depression, 45, 40: Time For Some Honesty

Depression and #45 I never used to be very political; when I finally registered to vote in my home state, I registered as Independent because I had no real care either direction. I think I knew I was more Democrat, but I never was very bothered by elections. All politicians seemed “the same” and it […]

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Apr 072017
How Porous Sex Toys and Bad Lube Can Affect Vaginal Health

For years I’ve had readers come to me with questions about their sex toys and recurring yeast infections. More than one told me that they went to their doctor for a reaction (after using a porous sex toy) and the doctor would diagnose a yeast infection, usually. But I would still wonder if it was […]

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Mar 132017
Ask Lilly: Why Does My Silicone Sex Toy Smell Like Chemicals?

When we talk about the many benefits of body-safe silicone for sex toys, we have to talk about how folks can tell the difference between silicone and well, not silicone. There are clues if it’s a translucent material or we can do the flame test, but what if it passes all of that and you […]

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