Dec 182017
My Favorite Dildo Maker - Sir Kenton of Funkit

As part of a new-to-me end-of-the-year series of posts, I’m telling you about my favorite things from 2017. Today I’m talking about my favorite dildo maker of 2017 – Kenton Johnston, the singular person behind Funkit Toys. Regular readers may be scratching their heads at this point because I named Funkit Toys as one of […]

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Dec 132017
My Favorite Sex Toy Shop:

Whether it’s their above-and-beyond customer service, their support for smaller brands, their support of the blogging and sex ed community or their simple willingness to take advice or critcism and create positive change, the SheVibe team shines like a beacon. In a world where literally every month this year some company has made an egregious error in ethics or judgment I have the utmost faith that SheVibe will never be out of my favor. Empathy, humility, generosity, sincerity – these are the traits that come to mind when I think about Sandra and Thor.

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Dec 122017
These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: 2017

For years now I’ve kept up a tradition of talking about the Best (and Worst) things I’ve reviewed over the prior year. But this year I looked at my reviews (lacking though they are) and found that there were actually very few things I reviewed and loved. I could make a list of the worst, […]

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Nov 142017
Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review

I feel like I must surely intro way too many reviews by telling you how skeptical I was about a product before I even laid hands on it. I do, right? I’m kind of afraid to find the answer and search my blog. But yeah I was skeptical about the Hot Octopuss Queen Bee from […]

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Nov 022017
(N)O-Wand Massager Review

I might be the most skeptical reviewer around so when I read claims about the O-Wand being the “most powerful” rechargeable wand vibrator on the market, or claims of rumble, I immediately distrusted the whole thing. Could the O-Wand match the rumbling growl of the Lelo Smart Wand Large1? Would the O-Wand compete with other […]

Oct 122017
This is a Call

CN: mental health, grief, weight/loss and physical health issues “This is a call to all my past resignations, it’s been far too long.” Every time I draft a post like this I wonder “Should I really publish this? Does it really belong here?” but then I remember that at the end of the day this […]

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