Apr 202009

Recently I bought a bunch of cases from Vera, owner of For Your Nymphomation. My lot are from the older style of cases, so the zipper closure that locks isn’t as awesome as it is currently – but I don’t have kids or nosy parents/roommates, so I didn’t care. I got a bunch of  different things – a Bigfoot case, a Foot long case, a Hide n Seek case, and a Size Does Matter case. One of the things I love about the Hide n Seek case is the material – which, sadly, Vera is discontinuing. It’s the textured black. This isn’t the typical faux leather, it’s a more stiff, bumpy matte-finish vinyl. (Shown here in a smaller case than the one I got) Masculine, really. But I love it because it’s very stiff and sturdy and I know my somewhat-delicate bullet vibe is safe in there to get tossed around my big work bag

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Mar 292009
Review: Just in Case II (black)

Well, there’s really not a whole lot to say about this product! It either works, or it doesn’t. I’m pleased to report that it does! There’s no worry of accidentally opening up the lower condom section when you press the button to open up the upper compact/mirror portion. In fact, releasing the catch for the condom section is a slight bit tricky till you do it a few times. The compact is pretty, simple shiny black plastic with a non-descript logo design on the top. Easily mistaken for a make-up compact in your bag. It comes with 2 condoms and that’s about all it’ll hold. It would hold more if you get ones that have slimmer packaging, I guess. Why should you have something like this? It’s simple – the foil packaging for condoms is nowhere near indestructible. Especially in the average woman’s handbag there’s going to be a sharp object which could puncture a

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Mar 142009
Review: Frixion Lube

Today’s straightforward-no-bullshit review brought to you by the letter L. For lube. Frixion 4 oz Lube Really, there’s only so much you can say about lube! It either, well……it either lubes or it doesn’t! Once again though, Lilly Succumbs to Pretty Packaging. Remember the last two times? I’ve got a thing for cobalt blue glass, and while i know that the bottle isn’t glass….well, close enough. It’s pretty translucent cobalt! All the text/etc on it is on two labels so if you’re resourceful you could remove them and have a pretty nondescript bottle on your bedside table. Of course….well honestly now, what else could it be? I sure as hell would assume lube, but that’s my perverted mind. Now see, I realized recently that I’m not really the best gal to have reviewing lubes. I don’t really ever need it on the girly bits, and anal is not in the picture. I tried it on

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Jan 312009
Review: Kama Sutra Oil of Love

  Kama Sutra Vanilla Oil of Love   Yet again, dear readers, I chose something by the looks of it. I didn’t really know much of anything about the Kama Sutra line of items. In the past they didn’t appeal to me or seem to offer up something missing from my sex life. You gotta admit though, it’s pretty pretty! Another one to set on your nightstand. The one I tried is the Vanilla Cream as I am not a fan of imitation fruit scents. The scent on this is not overpowering but it’s decidedly “there”. Unlike the Chocolate Aphrodisiac oil which had little to no chocolate scent, this delivers with a relaxing erotic fragrance. However, it’s the same sort of concoction. They call it an “oil”, but it contains no oil. Instead it’s sweetened up with chemicals and This supposedly has another tingly/warming property like the other stuff I reviewed, but it failed to

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Jan 172009
Review: Bondage for Sex (book)

  As soon as I received the first bondage rope to review from Sextoy.com, I realized that…..I don’t quite know what to do with it. The proper way, I mean. And there IS a proper way. You have to make a few passes with the rope, make sure the band of ropes is flat, etc so that the pressure from the ropes is distributed over a larger area than just the width of the single strand of rope. It’ll hurt less and be more safe – less chance of cutting off circulation and so on. The first book I picked to review is Bondage for Sex, Vol. 1. It’s soft-cover but the cover is thick and protection. The pages are heavy and glossy. Every tie is shown in color photos of models that seem…um well, awfully hairless. I mean, everywhere except their head, lol. Just an oddity I picked up on. How well you’re going

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Jan 162009
Review: Shunga Chocolate Aphrodisiac Oil

I’ve never tried anything like these massage oils before – to be honest we used the KY warming or something (and I’m mostly referring to back massages). Since there are a lot of different scented/flavored massage oils at Sextoy.com (you’ll find more in the Bath & Body category), I had to have -some- method for choosing. So I went by looks. Isn’t this pretty?? Shunga Chocolate Aphrodisiac Oil I’m not one for fake-fruity flavored/scented things, so I went for chocolate. I’ve got a chocolate-hazelnut candle that’s delish, and a chocolate-vanilla bodypowder that’s wonderful, so I thought I was on the right track. The Good: There is actually no oil in this. Which means it’s not going to feel oily/greasy during of after.  {Ingredients: (may contain) U.S.P. Glycerin, U.S.P. Propylene Glycol, Flavor, Sodium Saccarine, FDandC Blue #1, FDandC Yellow # 5, FDandC Yellow # 6, FDandC Red # 40} Since there’s no oil, if any drips

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