Jun 292009
I’m in love with Liberator

2013 Update: I read this and wonder why we don’t use these any more. They haven’t been touched for over 3 years. I think it’s because in my new bedroom there is less than zero closet space and very little floor space. Plus, sex these days is less often and more spontaneous.  These days I’m just not into the kink and bondage at all, so the entire Black Label aspect never really got used.  If you use pillows to get a better position, then these will allow for much better support. Just be forewarned, the foam is really, really firm. Which is good, for the most part.  Liberator kicked me off their team, so the links are all broken I think. You can purchase Liberator gear from SheVibe.   For almost a year now I’ve watched longingly as peers in the blogosphere talked about and reviewed Liberator items. Recently I got lucky and was graciously

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Jun 052009
Review: Slut Paddle

        There were two reasons I requested this paddle to review. The first being the novelty factor of having something “imprint” the word SLUT on my ass. The second being that it was an affordable leather paddle of smaller length (only 12″). The Slut paddle is made by Sportsheets. It’s basically made from two shapes of leather – they are stitched together with a metal flat rod running through for the handle (making it nice and solid) and then left “open” for the paddle part employing a “double slapper” type of paddle. In between the two pieces is a piece of red paper – that’s the red you see in the photograph. It’s sewn in there but for what purpose, I’m not sure. Aesthetics? Related Posts:The Newest Tantus Silicone Paddle is Here! The first four silicone paddles were innovative enough, just being made of silicone. But then,…Tantus Silicone Paddles Tantus is pretty

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May 152009
Pinkcherry.com Review: The Wedge

There are many good occasions in your sex life for adding what is generally called “sex furniture”, or rather, pillows. The different shapes of sex pillows can greatly enhance or change up even the most basic of fucking positions. But when the most ideal shape, a large wedge, is a bit cumbersome and obvious….the natural thought is how to make it travel-friendly. Make it inflatable! In theory, it’s a great idea. I really wanted to like this. But, it should have occurred to me that I don’t like air mattresses. I can never find the right level of fullness. Either my ass hits the ground, or I feel like I’m going to roll off if I’m within 6 inches of the edge. Even the much-lauded “Sleep Number” bed is a glorified air mattresses, and I hated it, too. The same thing occurred with this inflatable wedge. In fact the feeling of “I’m going to roll

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Apr 202009

Recently I bought a bunch of cases from Vera, owner of For Your Nymphomation. My lot are from the older style of cases, so the zipper closure that locks isn’t as awesome as it is currently – but I don’t have kids or nosy parents/roommates, so I didn’t care. I got a bunch of  different things – a Bigfoot case, a Foot long case, a Hide n Seek case, and a Size Does Matter case. One of the things I love about the Hide n Seek case is the material – which, sadly, Vera is discontinuing. It’s the textured black. This isn’t the typical faux leather, it’s a more stiff, bumpy matte-finish vinyl. (Shown here in a smaller case than the one I got) Masculine, really. But I love it because it’s very stiff and sturdy and I know my somewhat-delicate bullet vibe is safe in there to get tossed around my big work bag

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Mar 292009
Review: Just in Case II (black)

Well, there’s really not a whole lot to say about this product! It either works, or it doesn’t. I’m pleased to report that it does! There’s no worry of accidentally opening up the lower condom section when you press the button to open up the upper compact/mirror portion. In fact, releasing the catch for the condom section is a slight bit tricky till you do it a few times. The compact is pretty, simple shiny black plastic with a non-descript logo design on the top. Easily mistaken for a make-up compact in your bag. It comes with 2 condoms and that’s about all it’ll hold. It would hold more if you get ones that have slimmer packaging, I guess. Why should you have something like this? It’s simple – the foil packaging for condoms is nowhere near indestructible. Especially in the average woman’s handbag there’s going to be a sharp object which could puncture a

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Mar 142009
Review: Frixion Lube

Today’s straightforward-no-bullshit review brought to you by the letter L. For lube. Frixion 4 oz Lube Really, there’s only so much you can say about lube! It either, well……it either lubes or it doesn’t! Once again though, Lilly Succumbs to Pretty Packaging. Remember the last two times? I’ve got a thing for cobalt blue glass, and while i know that the bottle isn’t glass….well, close enough. It’s pretty translucent cobalt! All the text/etc on it is on two labels so if you’re resourceful you could remove them and have a pretty nondescript bottle on your bedside table. Of course….well honestly now, what else could it be? I sure as hell would assume lube, but that’s my perverted mind. Now see, I realized recently that I’m not really the best gal to have reviewing lubes. I don’t really ever need it on the girly bits, and anal is not in the picture. I tried it on

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