Feb 082010

“I parked in the garage today. Top floor.”

That was all Office Boy’s email said. While I had a pretty decent idea why he was telling me this, I decided to play coy and I asked him why.

“Meet me inside the elevator lobby up there at 12, and you’ll find out.”

“Will I need my coat? It’s pretty cold out there, you know. Where are we going?”

“No coat. Not going anywhere. You’ll see….just be quiet and enjoy ;)”

And so the morning progressed as it usually did on days like that. Flirts and looks and words strung together made my breathe catch and heart race. He had me squirming and wet. I contemplated putting the bullet vibrator in but as soon as I mentioned that idea to him he said no…not “yet”. When he told me to bring the vibrator with me on lunch break, I knew for certain his full intent.

When I stepped out of the elevator onto the top floor of the garage I was happy to see that at least the dark and cloudy sky was calm; I hadn’t brought an umbrella. He was standing a few feet away, waiting on me. Suddenly I felt like I was in high school and I flashed back to uncomfortable, frustrating backseat sessions. Thankfully the car he was leading me to was a nice sized SUV. He unlocked it with one of those keychain buttons and grinned at me as he held the back door open. I smiled and shook my head in partial disbelief as I climbed in first and slid across the bench seat. I glanced out a few windows and could see two buildings taller than ours nearby.

“I wonder if any of those people inside happened to be looking out and saw us get in?”

He smiled and said “I hope so” as he pulled me in hard for a long kiss.

This was a moment that we hadn’t experienced yet – (somewhat limited) privacy, a lesser chance of being caught. Time. As the rain started, that chance of being caught together lessened even more. We knew this and broke the kiss for a quick giggle at our luck.

His hand quickly slid from my throat to my collarbone and lingered for a soft sweep across the top of my breasts before one hand continued down to cup my breast inside my bra. His thumb flicked my hard nipple a few times and I gasped while his tongue was in my mouth. Some quick teenage-like fumbling occurred as our hands and arms tangled in our hurry; I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my v-neck sweater and shoved my other bra cup down to fully expose the breast that his hand wasn’t busy with and he quickly followed my lead with the side of the bra in his possession. Foreheads pressed together, lips not quite touching, we both slowed down to do just one thing.

He pinched one nipple lightly; I said “harder”.

He pinched harder and I said “yesss…fuck”.

His other hand joined my other breast and he whispered “God you have such beautiful tits” right before he pinched both nipples *hard*, which elicited a squeak and a moan from me.

We kissed lightly and without focus, both a sensual act and maddening at the same time. More, I needed more.

In a blur I was on my knees on the seat, straddling his leg, his mouth latched onto one nipple and his fingers hunting for the key to undoing my dress pants. Before I could think to offer help I felt his cool, rough fingers finding out just how wet I was. He massaged my clit as I shamefully pressed my cunt harder against his hand but this wasn’t a good angle. Not with pants. I wasn’t sure it was a smart idea, but they had to go.

As my pants came off the bullet vibrator fell out of my pocket; his eyes lit up when he saw it. At the same moment I remembered how he had wished in the past that he could hear me as I came those times in the bathroom for him, or better yet he wished to hear me come in a place I didn’t have to grasp for the strength to be quiet. With my panties left on I put the bullet in its traditional location, nestled between my very slippery cunt lips and the cord threaded up and out the top of my panties. The snug stretchy fabric held the bullet in place despite all the slippery juices, so that when I turned it on I was rewarded with perfect vibrations thrumming away on my clit.

I told him to kiss me and as he did my hand found that very tempting bulge in his pants; aftera minute or so I finally moved from rubbing and teasing through the fabric to his belt buckle but he stopped me.

“No, right now is just about you and if your hand is on my cock I won’t be able to hold to that.”

“That’s not fair to you, though!” I protested and I meant it.

“Oh you’re not going home tonight until I come. By 5, everybody will be cleared out of this level” and he grinned at his foolproof little plan.

I considered teasing him more and making him think I wouldn’t be able to meet up again, but I’m not that mean and I really needed to come. A funny thing happens when I find myself in situation like this – disheveled state of partial undress, a morning of teasing and arousal, a cute guy kissing me and pinching me in exactly the right ways with one of my favorite vibrators buzzing away on my clit……I act like a bitch in heat. In between kisses I nearly begged him to fill my cunt somehow, some way. His fingers pushed my panties aside just enough and in went 1….2….3 fingers with the heel of his palm pushing against the bullet. I ended up writhing and humping his hand as I whispered “almost” which prompted his free hand to pinch a nipple and his lips to travel to my neck, to that perfect spot.

He later told me I was loud when I came, loud and beautiful with eyes closed and filthy words and moans pouring from me while my cunt spasmed and clenched around his fingers.

I couldn’t wait to try to return the favor at 5pm.

Jan 312010

Webcams are such a glorious invention. Better still is finding a free members-only chatroom that is webcam-capable and located on a NSFW forum. Nakedness is encouraged, orgasms are even better when shared, and it all is an exhibitionist/voyeur’s dream. Sometimes I watch, sometimes I show off. Sometimes I show off while watching someone else show off. It’s safe but its naughty. It’s thrilling yet it’s controlled.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Her webcam is on but she’s still clothed. She’s a regular and everybody knows Hope is going to show off something at some point, so they are watching her feed. Since she’s one of two females in the room that night and I find her hot, I keep my eye on her while I browse the couple other cams that are up. Most are watching, tonight, like me. After some chatting and without warning, she shoves down the straps of her tank top and reveals perfectly tanned (but fake) tits that I can’t stop staring at. I’m sure the others in the room have the same problem. Compliments for her fly by on my screen. It’s mostly men in there; the women are outnumbered. From what I can tell most of the women there are not bi so I’m the only female voicing appreciation and this is noticed by the watchers and by Hope.

My tongue ached to be teasing female flesh right then, it was downright absurd.

I tell her this and she responds by moving the cam down to reveal her bare cunt. My aching need multiplied a thousand-fold right then as I watched a small, slightly-choppy webcam showing Hope proceed to masturbate for the room. I couldn’t hear her because she didn’t have her microphone on that time, but watching was a turn-on enough. I came while watching her second round.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Danielle was another regular who was frequently around at the same time as Hope. She bared her breasts a lot and would do so anytime I coyly asked in chat. One evening when both Danielle and Hope were around, my arousal was kicked into overdrive as both of them began showing off. Luckily I could see both at the same time because it would have been torture to know I was missing out on one. I kept my bullet vibe on low to draw it out as long as possible for me as I stared, mouth open, at the two cute girls who loved to show off.

I let the room in general, and the girls too, know that I was watching and appreciating and jerking off with them. I was encouraged by the greedy, horny men in the room to join them on camera. It was dark, my webcam sucked and I just wasn’t up for being on camera but I figured I could at least turn on my microphone. I watched the little icons light up next to name after name to signify that they were listening to me breathing, sighing, whimpering and moaning quietly. Hope finished first and then the icon next to her name lit up so I knew that she was listening to me. She stared at her laptop with a finger in her mouth, listening to me jerk off as I watched her friend Danielle. That thought alone made it impossible to hold back much more so I ended up coming while about 14 people listened. It wasn’t that I was being spied on that fed me though, it was watching a big dildo hammer away at Danielle’s cunt. Watching her ass clench in what surely was a powerful orgasm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Women who like to watch guys jerk off can always find one in the room with his webcam on. One afternoon I wandered in to find two people who only had eyes for each other. They both had their microphones on, so I could hear the lusty and flirty exchanges as she stripped slowly for him; him and his hard cock that he was slowly stroking. I heard his groans of appreciation when she was finally topless and playing with her tits. I heard her giggle at that.

They were only paying attention to each other; they ignored the chat and paid no mind that others were watching. They interacted only with each other. I silently begged her to strip the whole way, right along with his begging, and she quickly acquiesced. This was a true voyeur moment for me. This was as close to spying without being known as I could get.

Soon enough we were down to little else than moaning and groaning and sex sounds as they jerked off for each other. She was deliciously loud; loud enough that I had to turn off the audio feed from her and could hear her coming through his speakers. I, of course, had my bullet vibe nestled against my clit but I wasn’t even helping it along. I just sat here almost still. I always have to help the vibe along by pressing it against my clit but I think the combination of seeing and hearing and spying was sensory overload. She was straddling a dildo that was sitting on her chair, rubbing her clit furiously and making an awful racket while working towards her orgasm. He was laying in bed watching her and all I could see was a blur of his hand stroking his cock quickly; he was moaning and talking dirty to her. Via his audio feed and through his speakers I could clearly hear her say “oh god I’m coming”, followed by a loud confirmation. Seconds later he followed suit and their moans mingled, and without warning….I was coming too. With no outside help, no special contortions to press the bullet harder to my clit, no nipple pinching…..I came in my chair, still watching. Then I logged off once I recovered.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My time spent at this forum/chatroom was months ago, but still have other things to write about. Because yes, I did turn on my camera a time or two, so you’ll get to hear about that side of it too.

Edit: Sorry but no, I’m not giving out the site name…..

Dec 232009

A post by AAG earlier in the week reminded me of my first blowjob – and man was it awkward. And actually – quite regrettable. I must confess though that I’m not sure which year of high school this occurred, junior or senior year. I know that his name was John and he lived in another school district; we caught each others eye in the Small Town Friday Night Activity of Going To The Mall. LAME! I know. But I thought he was hot. We had something resembling a lame date and then a month or so later I saw him again for my Christmas formal.

He was allowed to drive me to and from the dance, I think. But oddly we didn’t get frisky until he brought me home. He dropped me off and politely made small talk with my father and then I walked him to his car. I originally thought that my father went to bed at that point. Oh silly, silly me. John’s idea of “saying goodnight” was to lure me into his backseat for a few kisses. Or so he said. Have I mentioned how inexperienced I was yet at this age?  Ha! Pretty soon, he whipped out his cock and I hadn’t a damn clue what to do with it other than put my hand on it. Very quickly, his hand on the back of my head increased the pressure of pushing me down to his lap until he had to outright tell me what he wanted because I just wasn’t getting the hint. I do recall telling him that I’d never done that before and wasn’t sure how…..I don’t remember what he said but I felt that I shouldn’t say no, I wanted him to like me.

I couldn’t tell you anymore what I did or didn’t do. I’m pretty sure my teeth caught him once. And I do know that it didn’t last very long, certainly he didn’t come. I was scared enough of Penis; ejaculation would have made me run, I bet.

The worst part? You guessed it by now, my dad wasn’t in bed. He never said anything to me when I came back to the house, but I know he knew I was in that backseat with that boy. Oh, the shame. The shame!!

My regret stems from two facts: This boy didn’t deserve a blowjob from me, because he was a douchebag and I didn’t realize it until afterwards. He faked being grounded to get out of ever seeing me again. And of course that my father had an inkling of me being unladylike in the backseat of the car in my driveway.

I don’t think I sucked another cock until my First Real Boyfriend. Somehow with him I went from being afraid of Penis, Sex and Naked Men to becoming a slutty slut-ho in a week’s time. I fucked him inside a week of dating, and we couldn’t keep our dirty little hands off each other. But that’s a story for another time.


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Dec 152009

I once had a lover who was a very wealthy man. The sort of showy wealth that would close down a restaurant with the flash of his cash just to have a private dinner. And he did just that, a few days before Christmas.

This restaurant had once upon a time been an old mansion, but now converted to beautiful place of business in wealthy part of the city. In order to add on more dining room space, an all glass “sun room” had  been added on to the back of the house. This room of the restaurant offered a beautiful view of the surrounding area and some privacy from busy bustle of the main dining room. Despite the fact that he had cleared out the place for the night, no patrons save for ourselves, he wanted us to eat back there. I soon saw why.

The glass ceiling was covered in white Christmas lights and there were two lit trees just outside, on each corner. Between the candle on our table and those lights, it was all that was needed for a romantic atmosphere and it provided enough light to see both inside and out into the night. Dinner was full of sumptuous food and sexy surprises. Namely, the coerced removal of my panties and then bra in between courses. He kept them on the table, neatly folded, he said they were too pretty to be stuffed in his pocket. Every time the waiter came to the table I blushed and couldn’t meet his gaze. Cause for even more blushing was how aroused I was soon after the waiter saw both bra and panties on the table. During dinner, my lover would occasionally feed me a bite of his food, sans fork, causing seductive finger-sucking-followed-by-quick-making-out scenes. As he fed me the final morsel of food this way, his hand pushed aside the fabric of my top to expose my breast for his fingers to better pinch my nipple. Soon he was pinching so hard that it hurt but it felt good but it hurt but ohhhhh fuck it felt good. In this moment of painful ecstasy, during which I could not speak, I caught sight of the waiter entering the room from behind my date. The moment his brain latched onto the scene and realized, he silently stopped in his tracks and stared. He stared, mouth open a little, for a few seconds that felt like minutes until he cleared his throat and approached the table.

My date, quite clearly, did not care. His hand did not snap back away from me nor did he make a move to prevent the waiter from seeing my bared breast. The waiter asked about dessert and finally the grip on my nipple was released but he made no move to cover me back up. I was still reeling from the lingering pain and did not hear the quick conversation about dessert.

The waiter cleared the table of all but our nearly-empty wine bottle and glasses and off he scurried. Oddly, he shut the door that led into the main dining room. As I looked questioningly at my date, he stood up and extended his hand for me to take. We walked over to the stand next to the glass, both looking out, him behind me. As his hands and arms wrapped around me we watched cars drive down the street. In a moment I felt his bare, cool hand on my ass, making its way down the cleft of cheeks. He chuckled at how wet I was. Then, as I watched our faint and flickering reflection in the glass, his hands began to lift up my shirt. I tried to stop him, I tried to protest that the waiter would be back soon, but all he said was “Don’t you worry about that” and off came my top. Off came my skirt. I stood naked in a softly lit room, with nothing between me and the outside world except thick panes of glass.

We kissed.

My hands blindly sought out his skin.

His hands, having no barrier, fluidly roamed my body.

My hands, restricted by his clothing, desperately yet weakly fought to get through.

His hands gripping my ass, he lifted me up and my legs wrapped around his waist.

My ass met the cold glass.

His lips found my nipples and I forgot about the cold. If a car were to drive by and the passengers were to look past the twinkling lights on the tree, they would have seen a naked woman’s rear end pressed against the glass wall.

Then he put me down and stepped towards the table, grabbing the wine bottle. He offered me a swig and then he polished off the rest. His eyes lit up as he held the empty bottle. Before I could ask what his intentions were I found myself bent forward with my ass tilted just so to him and my palms on the window. Before I could think I felt the neck of the wine bottle running along my slick cunt. And before I could catch my breath from the shock the bottle was gone and then back again and what the fuck was he…..

He was pushing the bottom end of the slender wine bottle inside of me. Stretching me. It went faster than and easier than I thought it would, the glass slicked up with my wetness.

In the restaurant, against the window he fucked me with that bottle. One hand, one cheek, one tit pressed against the glass, my other hand assaulting my clit, I came hard by the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree outside.

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Dec 082009

Despite working on the top floor, the stairs in the building keep going up – to the roof, I guess. While that would be a pretty fucking awesome place to sneak off too in the middle of the workday for kissing and groping….we’re just not that daring, yet.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t use the stairs. We figured that if anyone should somehow happen upon us or hear us, we’d have about 4 seconds to break apart and pretend we were just sitting there talking.


Sitting there, just talking.

YOU would believe me, wouldn’t you??

I didn’t think so.

One day last week or so, after an amazing amount of tortuous teasing, we surreptitiously snuck into the stairwell at afternoon break time. He went up first, I followed a minute later.  We were taking a huge risk and taking things up a notch. To this point we had not touched anymore more so than his fingers brushing my nipple for a moment. We didn’t say to each other what we were meeting in the stairwell for; I’m not sure either of us really knew until the moment things happened. We smiled at each other as we stood there in close proximity, listening to the door open on our floor and a few people head downstairs. We didn’t speak; we just kept looking at each other and looking down the stairs to make sure no one had noticed us.

As their voices faded, he grinned again and moved his hand to my breast with his thumb lightly caressing my hardening nipple. My lips parted and I drew in a quick breath but I didn’t break eye contact with him. Then he moved his hand up a little to the neckline of my low-cut shirt and slipped his hand underneath my shirt and my bra – bare hand on bare nipple. He already knew I liked it rough so he didn’t hesitate to pinch. A small gasp and a small smile from me encouraged more. The next pinch was harder, and he held on longer. My eyelids shut for a moment and my head fell back; I lost my balance just slightly, just enough for him to steady me at the waist with his other arm. This move pressed our bodies together from the pubic bone downwards and I could feel his cock, hard against my stomach.

Instinctively my hand sought it out and lightly caressed the length of it through his pants. Our lips were barely touching, we were too busy trying not to drown from the touches to actually kiss at first. But then we were. And then our hands and lips worked in a frenzied, passionate tandem; He tugged hard on my nipple while I grasped his cock as best as I could and stroked. I broke the kiss with a near-silent “ow ow ow” because my nipple had reached the pain threshold. Yet still I let out a tiny whimper when his hand left my breast. Then suddenly he pulled down my top and exposed the same nipple he had been roughing up. His head dipped down and I braced for more pain, but instead he traced it with his tongue. The light pressure and warm, wet tongue was an overload of senses after what he had done to me.

I put my hand at the back of his head and pushed him, crushed up, up against my breast so that he would suck or bite or something more. Anything. As he took the cue and began sucking, we heard a door open and the voices of people in the stairwell. He stopped for a split second as we listened, hearts racing, but then I whispered “More, just a minute more please” and he continued on. That was so incredibly hot to have this guy sucking my bared nipple in the stairwell with people two flights down. When we heard another door open and close and the voices went away, I made him stop.

I straightened myself out and he did the same, in silence, until I said “Holy fuck that was…….wow. I absolutely must go jerk off in the women’s room now. Right now.” We exited the stairwell and both headed for the restrooms. The way he grinned at me before he went inside let me know that he had the same mission as me.

Nov 302009


Photographer unknown

I had decided to start adding to my erotic art photography portfolio. Since my end results were primarily high contrast black and white, I wanted to delve into a more licentious subject matter. Porn can easily become art with just a small change in lighting and removing the color from the prints.

I wanted to photograph the contrast between the flesh of a hard-bodied male and a soft, curvy female. The two posing for me did not know each other. I knew each of them in my own weird social circles, though, so their comfort level with me translated well into a pseudo-comfort with each other. And their bodies looked exquisite together.

I made them hold poses for 5-10 minutes, sometimes difficult poses, until I got the angle of light and the angle of the shot “just so”. The proximity of their nakedness and my scrutiny resulted in this beautiful agony of arousal for them both. I asked if they would feel comfortable doing some poses of vaginal penetration for me, and they readily agreed. His thick cock and her diminutive outer labia really lent a “skewered and spread wide” filthy quality to the joining of the contrast in flesh. Her cunt was a glistening, split peach just swallowing his marble hard cock.

Each penetrative pose that I had them hold for such agonizingly long minutes added to their subtle desperate arousal. I wasn’t stupid; I knew what I was doing, what I was creating. She was laid back on a table, while he was standing. Her ass raised up off the table a few inches, and her legs wrapped around his hips for added support, left her body in this downward slant away from him. I had them hold a position of his cock halfway inside of her. As I stood next to her head I bent forward to get a different close-up angle and my long hair trailed over her breasts. I could see the controlled, but rapid, rising and falling of her chest as she did her best to remain stoic. Almost imperceptibly she started pumping her hips to get the friction her cunt was craving. I laid a cool hand on her mound, looked back at her, and sternly told her to be still – she was blurring the shot. Privately though I was grinning; I was pulling their strings so well.

I asked them to adjust slightly so that the current position was more exaggerated – I wanted to get a different angle and needed more space but the same depth of penetration. When I noticed how very wet she was, I used one finger to redistribute it from her cunt opening up to her clit and labia. A firm, slow, touch that teased his cock and her clit. As I did it I locked eyes with him; we smiled at each other when we heard her whispered moan as my finger grazed her swollen clit. It was his turn to groan when I sucked her juices off my finger before continuing. When I looked at her I could see the pink flush creeping across her breasts and face, I knew her breathing was more labored. She looked so beautiful, so overcome with lust, so tortured. I moved the accent light, I slowly walked around them to snap a few more shots. I instructed him to slowly penetrate her almost to the hilt and then lean his body backward. When he did this, I watched her face. Her eyes closed and her lips parted to a slight “o”; the furrowed brow came next and I snapped a few photos of her face for my own use. Then I spread her labia around his cock, a pair of lips in a kiss. Another quick graze over her clit just to be sadistic. A few more shots and I noticed his breathing was getting more shallow and rapid, his eyes closing, his face the same portrait of pleasure as hers.

“What is she doing?” I asked him.

“She’s…..I don’t know….she’s milking my cock….it’s like sex but its…not…” He could barely speak around the controlled effort not to fuck the shit out of her, I presume.

“Carrrrieeee” I taunted. “You just can’t help yourself, can you. You’re trying to come.”

She didn’t answer me. She was lost. I moved and stood right next to him, facing her. I whispered to him to not dare come. She had listened to me; she wasn’t moving her body but I could just make out the movements of her cunt. With my camera held precariously in one hand, aimed at their sexes, I used my other hand to briefly tease and kick her over the edge. With a finger on either side I lightly stroked his cock and let my fingers trail down to do the same to her clit. Back up, back down. My eyes on her face, my camera much lower. Another few strokes and I stopped so that I could concentrate on taking photos of her coming while stretched out around his cock. She whined her apology and her body began these subtle convulsions as she began to come.

“John, you are still not to come, do you hear me?” To his credit he did not…..until she finished contracting around his cock and I told them we were finished. The outward stroke of his cock exiting her body was the last straw, or perhaps the dam just being released. As he climaxed, he sunk to his knees, cock in hand with this full-body look of sheer relief, frustration and bliss all rolled together. I caught that on camera too, clicking away. More for my personal collection.

I kissed her goodbye, deeply, to let her go shower and get dressed.

“Well, John, if you’ll excuse me I need to go pretend to upload these shots to my computer while I actually go jerk off real quick. You two finished, now I need to.” I said. But he grabbed my wrist and pulled me down to him for a kiss. As my clothes were shoved aside I soon found out that he wasn’t quite satisfied and wouldn’t dare leave me to tend to my needs by myself.