Jul 212008

Part 2 in the continuation of The Hotel, co-authored with Jack of RoughWords. POV changes with the author changes, as noted by the different font. In Part 1, Jack and Lilly meet after he “rescues” her. Her repayment leads her down a path she didn’t expect…
Continuation from here

By Jack and Lilly


We left off in Part 1:

I turned back around and ignored our little audience of one; I was too far gone to give a shit. It only made me hungrier. Jack slid the card into the door and unlocked while I remained standing the hallway and facing the wall trying so hard to regain a little composure.

He grabbed the silky restraint he fashioned and literally jerked me into the room, backwards, while I stared at the lurker with passion-glazed eyes. Jack didn’t close the door all the way. Neither did I, I didn’t care at that point; I simply needed to be consumed. I needed a witness to my consumption.

I beckoned the lurker to watch with a half-cocked smirk under hooded eyes. Jack whipped me around and threw me on the bed face first, exposed ass in the air towards the door.

He paused. I could feel the gazes of both Jack and the lurker searing into my skin. The waiting, the knowing and yet not knowing, all collided and drove my desire through the roof. Surely they could tell how aroused I was. My instinct said to run from this but I wanted it so badly. He slowly unbuttoned and removed his shirt, pausing every now and then to slowly run a finger over my ass. The moment I felt myself relax somewhat suddenly I saw his arm move and…


A smack on her ass and then another. A snaking finger finding her wet cunt and pushing deep into it. I liked making her squirm and moan. Her dress looked good pulled up and pushed over her back. I wanted to pull out my cock and push it right into her inviting wetness as her ass pushed back against my hand wanting more fingers and more stimulation, but there was so much I wanted to do first.

I pulled off her frilly panties. Her arms were still tied behind her back with my thick red tie. I sat her up and slipped my hands around her feeling the softness of her breasts.

“Damn I’ve wanted to feel these ever since the first time I saw you.”

My hands went to her back and I unzipped her dress, then fingering the clasp to her bra I opened it. Untying her hands I pulled her dress off, then her bra, pulling off her shoes and leaving her in nothing but her thigh high stockings. Then I guided her to her knees.


I had never felt more alive, truth be told. My mind was racing with jumbled and conflicting thoughts; my brain and my cunt in a war against each other. While the flush of embarrassment spread over my chest and face, my cunt throbbed and ached, dripping with my desire. Fear and desire in my eyes at once told our lurker to cautiously enter but stay his distance…..for now.


The door clicked closed and I saw the guy from the room across the hall standing there leaning against the door. He said nothing and didn’t meet my eyes. He was watching her and she squirmed and blushed at his gaze.

I ran my fingers through the thickness of her hair and pulled slowly and firmly. She winced beautifully and her hands came up and started undoing my belt. She fumbled a little with my dress pants but finally got them open and then she pulled out my hard cock and just held it for a second.

“You should stand up and bend over. Give our guest a better view.”


“No I can’t”

I thought this but did not say it. Did my face betray my fear more or my desire? I glanced at the lurker and could easily see the outline of his hard cock straining against his pants. His arousal drove mine.

I wanted to please both our guest and Jack, so I complied. I rose to my feet and faced away from our guest, feet planted apart, bent at the waist until my lips met hard cock. I started slow- wrapping my lips around the head of his cock and licking, sucking just the head- then licking down the shaft and back up with another sloppy suck to the tip.


“Keep sucking, but reach behind you and pull apart your ass cheeks for our friend.”

She made a whimpering sound as she slipped the length of my cock into her hot mouth. She did it, balancing herself my holding on to me with one hand and reaching back and pulling one ass cheek apart. He studied every inch of her, but said nothing.

“God, keep sucking. You should finger yourself for us too. Show him how wet you are and how you like to finger fuck yourself.”

She let out a louder muffled cry, but I felt her shift and the guy’s eyes lit up as he watched her reach underneath herself and slipped her hand between her legs and spread the lips of her pussy for him. She was moaning more and more and my cock slipped out of her mouth.

“Don’t stop sucking. Come on, you have to put on a good show for both of us.”

I pulled her hair and pushed my cock back between her lips.

“You better get yourself nice and wet because I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you really hard. And if our friend wants he can maybe come a little closer and jerk off on your tits. Wouldn’t you like that?”

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and waited for her answer.


I could barely answer him, but managed to whisper:


My desire had overcome anything else and I cared for nothing other than pleasure and desire. Mine, his, and his. I wondered if Jack had a clue that although he was pushing me, none of this was yet any wilder than my fantasies. I crawled to the bed and laid on my back, at the edge. This allowed Jack to fuck me and the lurker to come to my side. I stared at the mystery man until he slowly came forward to stand by my head. I longed to touch him but I didn’t dare…..yet. I spread myself wide open for Jack. Slowly he touched me, fingered my clit; when I closed my eyes in pleasure he rammed his cock in my tight, wet cunt.

I had one cock slamming into me and another being stroked mere inches from my face. I reached up and touched his balls, grazed his thighs, finally pushing his hand out of the way to make room for mine. I pulled his cock to my mouth because I so badly needed something to suck
on. It didn’t take long for our lurker to pull quickly out of my mouth and cum all over my tits. The next thing I knew, Jack pulled out and was doing the same.

My chest, my stomach…. covered. Sticky. Warm. Deliciously messy. I trailed a finger through the mess, mixing the cum from both men before sliding the finger into my mouth and licking it clean. My eyes never left Jack’s face.

Soon I realized we were now alone, the lurker had silently left. I slowly turned over on the bed to my stomach and raised my ass up high, legs spread, glistening cunt revealed and just begging to be fucked again. Now, and for the rest of the night, I was his slut. His toy.

Jul 202008

I’m a very orally fixated person. It is evident in my appreciation for gourmet food. My longing and love of a good long makeout session. My occasional cigarette.

My inability to resist wrapping my lips around a hard cock.

Hard firm cock, soft smooth skin. It is my aim to reduce you to a blithering, sexually-crazed shell of a man. My hands, eyes, lips, tongue all just gravitate to a hard cock.

A firm hand around the base, stroking with the rhythm of my mouth, up and down. A twist perhaps of my head on the upward pull of suction. Swirling tongue over the head. Warm soft hand caressing balls, firmly pressing the perineum.

I crave the taste of the skin, my tongue memorizing you. Up, down, soft and firm, shaft and head, balls and more. I am hungry, I can’t get enough.

You will not know which way is north; the distinction between warm wet mouth and sloppy wet fingers is soon indiscernible. Our moans mingle together. Weave your fingers through my hair at the nape, guide me. Teasingly slow yet strong suction. Lingering down low, teasing at the tip. Faster, your moans egg me on, your hands pushing me just enough. Saliva running down your shaft, lubricating my fingers that work their own brand of magic. Slurping, devouring you, never enough, give me more of you. Hands, mouth, blurred.

I look up at you with fuck-me eyes, but instead they say “cum for me, lover”.

Jul 182008

Note: this is the story I told you about, co-authored with Jack of Roughwords. You will notice that the POV changes back and forth between us. We start out with Jack….

I was on a business trip, staying in a beautiful hotel and not expecting to do anything but go up to my room and go to sleep. Little did I know I would soon be fingering some incredible girl in the hallway, her big tits pressed against me and her sweet little mouth chirping moans into my ear as we waited to get caught.

We’d met in the elevator 15 minutes before. Some drunk guy was trying to kiss her and practically mauled her in the hallway; she looked over at me and mouthed “Help!”


Jerk. The “best man” just wouldn’t quit! Grabby hands trying to get me, rubbery lips trying to kiss me. I couldn’t take it anymore; I left the ballroom to seek an escape. Like an oasis there stood the Businessman. We locked eyes and I saw …..something….and I headed right for him with a desperate look in my eyes and said “Help!” silently.

As if I knew him, I strutted over to him and snaked my hands around his neck and whispered “Kiss me now, ask questions later”. Oh did he deliver. What other favors could I ask him for? The immediate sexual chemistry and tension between us made it almost obvious to the Best Man that he had groped the wrong girl. Businessman growled off a few menacing words accompanied by wandering hands which hammered the point home.

I followed Businessman into the elevator to thank him further. His eyes, his skilled lips and hands, that deep gravelly voice all just practically begged for some true showing of gratitude. I’m happy to oblige.

I held out my hand and purred “Thank you for all your help. My name is Lilly. You simply must let me thank you properly sometime.” Without words he pulled me to him and forcefully kissed me.


She let out a little yelp when I pushed her against the door of my suite. Her eyes moved back and forth checking the hallway in both directions for anyone approaching. I kissed her neck and made a fist in the fabric of her dress, slowly pulling it up until my fingers found the smoothness of her stockings and then the sweet feel of her skin just above where they ended.

She gasped when we heard the ding of the elevator. I moved my hand up until I felt heat and wet silk. Her lip trembled as we watched an older couple turn from the elevator without even seeing us and walk down the hallway in the opposite direction.

“Should I stop?” I growled into her ear. My fingers found the edge of her panties and I pushed them aside and twisted my finger into the soaking wetness of her. She shook her head and I sank one finger in.


There’s chemistry and then there’s spontaneous combustion. I had never felt an attraction so immediate, so strong. Our lips came together passionately once we were alone in the elevator; his hands exploring my body and capturing me against him. He pulled back and with one long look, said it all. I was a goner.

I knew what he had to offer, he knew what I would give. I tentatively hit the button for my floor, 4, but was locked in heated exploration and ignored the open doors when we arrived, forgoing it for his floor, 10.

He pinned me up against the wall outside his door and stared at me as if waiting for an answer. I grabbed his tie and brought him to me for another kiss. “What the fuck am I doing??” I wondered to myself as things quickly spiraled out of my control and into his.

I am exposed, we could get caught, please expose more, they’re going to see us!, touch me right there, smack me harder…..someone’s there. Fuck. Yes.


I turned her around to the wall and pulled her hands behind her. Taking off my tie I slipped it around her wrists and tied them together. I pulled up her skirt and hungrily grabbed the thickness of her ass.
“Damn, I wanted to fucking grab your ass since the minute I saw you.”

She said nothing, just panted and gasped for air.

I moved to the side and smacked her ass hard. The sound echoed down the hallway. I pulled her panties down and felt her naked skin, the spot where I spanked her already getting red. I spanked it again and the sound was even louder. I knew I couldn’t keep her out here for long; we would probably get thrown out of the hotel.

I kicked her legs apart and moved my finger down the crack of her ass. She was so wet that the minute my finger touched the lips of her cunt one of my fingers slipped right in. Her body tightened and she groaned.

I heard a latch, then the squeak of an old door opening. The door just opposite my door opened and I turned around to see a guy in his thirties who I recognized from one of my meetings. He was there for the same conference I was. He was looking right at me, my finger still in her.

I didn’t really meet his eyes. Lilly looked back when I stopped fingering her and her body became tense.


I turned back around and ignored our little audience of one; I was too far gone to give a shit. It only made me hungrier. Jack slid the card into the door and unlocked while I remained standing the hallway and facing the wall trying so hard to regain a little composure.

He grabbed the silky restraint he fashioned and literally jerked me into the room, backwards, while I stared at the lurker with passion-glazed eyes. Jack didn’t close the door all the way. Neither did I, I didn’t care at that point; I simply needed to be consumed. I needed a witness to my consumption.

I beckoned the lurker to watch with a half-cocked smirk under hooded eyes. Jack whipped me around and threw me on the bed face first, exposed ass in the air towards the door.

To be continued………part 2 will post on Monday

Jul 142008

Q and I play rough. He manages to totally submerse me in the fantasy world. Last week was the best. Remember this from my previous post?

Q: gets really close to your ear for a second while nobody is looking and whispers I can’t wait to try and put my fist in your cunt, though. licks your ear
(Fucker. He says that, but I didn’t see it at first, had to quickly leave the window as a co-worker was coming up to my desk. I read it finally, minutes later, and had to quickly regain my composure. He said this without yet knowing that being fisted is a fantasy of mine that only has its place in the rough, submissive sex scene I’m craving lately)

It started this conversation off, in the vein of me “performing” for him, being forced to expose myself and be vulnerable. We enter the conversation here as he is telling me what he would want to do to bring out my most submissive side. He gets very dominant with me; he knows I can take it. If you can’t stand the heat, get outta the kitchen….you’ve been warned….

(I’ve already pulled out my Silver Bullet vibe….somehow…this couldn’t be much worse timing at the office, as it’s break time with people coming and going)

Q: I’d be sitting right behind you, legs around your sides, whispering nasty things in your ear while I watch you rub. Playing with your nipples and pulling on them….reaching down to help and then make you lick it off my fingers. Calling you a nasty little cunt for performing for me. Daring you to cum.
L: I put the vibrtor on myclit
L: wow
L: cant type
L: sorry
L: cant even think
Q: Good
Q: See? I know what buttons to push
L: I know you do
Q: Look at you. Flushed and wet, no doubt
L: yes…
Q: (x) hours away and I command you enough to do that to you
L: Fuck. I just had to talk to someone and force myself to keep my eyes open and breathing normal from the vibrations on my clit right now.

(that was so difficult…I could feel that I was already a little flushed, and I was so aroused that the bullet vibe almost immediately started the climb up the hill so to speak. There was no “foreplay” no teasing vibes, just “holy fuck” right away)

He changes tone and transports me right into the moment, painting the picture for me….


I keep my legs tight against you…..
Ordering you to rub for me….guiding you with my hand
Whispering trashy nasty thoughts in your ear…..

Must be some sort of special slut to meet a man you’ve never known before now in a hotel room and cum for him when he commands it, aren’t you?
 focus on the clit
that’s right….. fuck that wet cunt for me….show me

show me how wet I make it, slut

oh god
I need to cum

Look at your hole….. stretched nice and open for me……
I’ll be fucking it soon enough but first you’ll give me what I want
I own you….. I own this I own this cunt right now…all of it. Inside and out. Say it. who owns this hole, slut

you own it
i’m yours

Good, now you know it too
You know what I want
You’ll fucking give it to me, won’t you

yes, sir

oh god


L: i…..cant breathe
Q: Good ;)
L: omg, my face is beet red…I wish you could see me
Q: Good. I hope men walk by and know what you just did. I wish to display my work proudly
Q: But it will be a well kept secret for only a few. ;)
L: holy fuck
L: i didn’t think i could do it here
Q: Well guess what….. you did. you just needed the right instigating.

I sent him this pic from my phone (and another one which I can’t post here) to show him just how badly flushed I was. From the moment the Bullet touched my clit until I came, was only 10 minutes. 10 minutes!! For the situation and the nature of things – having to be stealth about it, and occasionally stopping, taking my hand out of my pants and off the bullet thereby halting the imminent orgasm – 10 minutes was a goddamn record. I was flushed like this all over my cleavage and breasts, splotchy…my face too was red, my cheeks.

There were other things said, which I feel possibly cross the line for this post, delving into the almost-violent. I know he wouldn’t actually do those things in person with me, he wouldn’t be able to hurt me like that.
I trust him.

I need this.

(this is one of those posts that has taken me all day to do. editing. censoring, a bit. over-thinking. it’s one that I’m not going to be totally comfortable with until I get positive feedback.)

Jun 302008

I must have looked at him with some fear mixed into my lust because he smiled and kissed my check tenderly. His lips moved back my cheek to my ear so he could whisper: Are you ready?

Did I mention he was strong?

Suddenly he grabbed me and dragged me into his lap with my back to his chest. One hand reached around and pinched my nipple, drawing it out. The other hand slid around and pulled my skirt up in the front (very easy to do as it was one of those floaty full things hitting just above the knee). I was about as exposed as I could get; my cunt bared and visible with the scent of my arousal heavy in the cab, and my breast hanging out as his personal plaything. All those red lights were really ending up in the cab drivers favor; with every one he was getting more and more bold with his watchful eye. In my position up on his lap my upper half was also visible to other people in other taxis and cars and I heard the occasional honk or holler. Half of me was embarrassed, my face burning in shame. The other half highly aroused and that half was a dead giveaway.

He suddenly told the driver to pull over and let us out. As the driver put the cab in park he turned around in his seat and stared at my body full on, mere inches away, with this horribly wonderful lecherous smirk. He let me slide off while he paid and I quickly fixed my shirt and bra, readjusting myself to be covered. I could see we were in a neighborhood full of brownstone style apartments and houses. The rain had let up and as we exited the cab I could feel only the sensuous humidity in the air.

He led me to the steps of the closest building. Staring at me with equal parts lust and power he stepped close and in 2 seconds flat had my shirt over my head and off before I had time to protest much less stop him. It might have been evening where I had the cover of darkness but this was no sleepy neighborhood. He backed up until he was sitting on the third step and pulled me onto his lap, straddling him. He reached underneath and I thought he would pull out his cock and fuck me right there – would I have cared? No, not at that point.

But as usual he was full of surprises. With the hand underneath me he began stroking my sopping wet cunt so lightly that I bucked on his hand, pressing into him, needing more. As he finally sunk two fingers into me, using his free hand he flipped the back of my skirt up and tucked it into my waistband, affording anyone walking by a full view of my ass and the hand under me. I no longer cared. Let the world watch. His thumb grazed my clit and I cried out. His thumb ground into my clit and I moaned with pent up frustration.

I pressed my pussy against his hand as hard as I could for the only care in my mind was the imminent orgasm approaching. As suddenly as he started, he stopped. He pulled his hand away. I begged him – please no, don’t stop, I need it. He reached around my back with both hands and quickly flicked my bra open; he yanked it in the middle of the cups up front to pull it off my body. As he took one nipple in his mouth he slowly leaned back, taking me with him. In this position my cunt was wide open and bared for all to see who walked by; and there were certainly people. The pain of his teeth on my nipple was so exquisite but I cried for release.

Go ahead then, he whispered. Use your own hand. Get yourself off for me, for these people. They’re all watching you.

My hand shot to my clit like lightning. While my fingers rubbed my clit furiously, and occasionally sank deep in me, my wrist was rubbing against his hard cock through his dress pants. As he kneaded my breasts, kissed and bit and sucked them, I orgasmed furiously on his lap, on the steps, in front of unknown strangers. I collapsed on his chest from exhaustion and he untucked my skirt and handed me my shirt to put on. The bra – he kept that in his hand, as a trophy as he led me to his apartment.

Jun 272008

This is my first foray here into the fictional world. Please let me know if this arouses you like it did for me while writing it….enjoy…

We left the restaurant at 9 and it was raining hard. The evening had been nice so far, but I couldn’t translate the written words on our screens in the internet world into physical attraction in the here and now. He could, but I couldn’t. The flirtatious looks, the unnecessary contact and the way he smiled let me know exactly how he felt. We got along great, though, and if nothing else a wonderful friendship would come from this. He was trying to hail us a cab, but it was proving difficult given the rain. By the time we got one, we were both more than damp from the rain. My hair was beginning to stick to my face and neck in thick ropes; my top clinging to my breasts and my nipples protruding out all made for quite a site.

He leaned close and reminded me of a story he wrote me of a couple feverishly fucking in the backseat of a cab. His low voice quietly rumbled in my ear: Gee look at that, here we are in a cab. Are you feeling some deja vu yet, or is it just me?

He was well aware that it had been a fantasy I enjoyed and one that he had created for me. He began whispering words, snippets of his story. As I let his words flow over me I felt myself getting aroused despite my earlier reservations. A familiar heat pooled in my cunt; that telltale tingle running down my sternum into my belly into the heat of my sex, immediately followed by wetness. I was barely aware of myself….my head leaned back against the seat, eyes closed, legs drifting apart.

His hand lightly resting on my bare thigh, his lips to my ear I could barely hear him whisper…. I know you want my hand to move up your skirt, but the driver can’t see that low right now. I need to start higher up to clue him in on what I’m doing to you. I know you want him to see.

His hand trailed down the side of my neck, across my collarbone, teased around my cleavage. The deep “V” of my top allowed him to touch quite a bit of my breast without diving underneath clothing just yet. (I cannot think I just relish in sensations) I felt his lips graze the hollow on the side of my neck – seconds felt like minutes – finally he deeply suckled my neck, biting a bit. All that was heard from me was a sharp intake of breath and a low moan. Quickly his hand yanked my shirt and bra strap off of my shoulder, moved to my breast and pulled it into full view.I fluttered open my eyes to catch the quick glances of the driver from the rear-view mirror. Yes, this was what I wanted.

He had one hand on my thigh now and one hand cupping my breast, pinching my nipple. He was purposely avoiding going anywhere near my now-dripping pussy. I needed so many things at that moment but I could not voice them. I slid my ass forward a bit on the seat in an attempt to move his hand further up my thigh – all this caused was for my skirt to ride up along with his hand, and I could feel that my pussy was exposed. After a minute of my squirming on the seat, arching my body towards his hands, he moved a single finger towards me and ran it lightly up my slit but did not push in. This was just enough to convey that he was well aware of my arousal and what I wanted, but he was in control.

My clothes damp and hair wet, water dripping down my goosefleshed skin, my nipple was hard from the combination of the chill and the pinching. His hand moved away from my breast and any modesty that hand had been affording me was gone – I was fully exposed in that way. I tried to move my hand to his lap to search for signs of his own arousal but he wouldn’t let me. This was about my exposure right now, my vulnerability, my show to put on. I must have looked at him with some fear mixed into my lust because he smiled and kissed my check tenderly. His lips moved back my cheek to my ear so he could whisper: Are you ready?

To be continued……