May 172009

I had been eying her up for weeks, this enigma. Reasonably confident exterior, with a shy and easily embarrassed girl peeking out sometimes. I had witnessed the duality enough to know I could fuck with her. Sarah. Thin, pretty in a different sort of way and very attractive, C-cup tits, long straight light brown hair. A little younger than me but not by much.

After more than a month of laying the groundwork and getting things to a flirtatious and covertly dirty stage, I taught her how to communicate via email without risk of our naughty words being read.

I confessed a few things to her, one of them being my relationship with R and what we did. Her response was positive and then I laid out one more bombshell – that he wanted me to find a submissive girl to play with in the same manner. What a delicious and dangerous twist it would be to do this with a girl in my office….

I asked her, outright, if she considered herself submissive. She answered that she didn’t really know, as she had no experience in it – but the erotic stories she’s read online gave her a taste and at least knew that she wasn’t dominant.

Obviously I had to tread carefully; I could deal with that. I sent her off this email:

“Hypothetically speaking – what if, right now, I told you to go to the restroom and remove your panties? Would you do it? And what if, when you exited your stall, you found me standing there waiting for you to hand them to me? Would you do that? Would it make you blush? And then… what if… you stood over the sink washing your hands, I slid my hand up your skirt to your bare ass and down the crack and slipped my fingers quickly into your sticky wet cunt? Would you fight me? Or would you like it?”

A hypothetical situation, a little bit of control by me and a little bit of dominance. To be honest the short paragraph made me instantly wet. But I had to ignore the throbbing. The moment I hit ‘send’ I got up and walked down my cube row, over to her aisle and then I stood there quietly as she read my words. So engrossed that she didn’t see me there right away. I watched her lips part and her face flush to pink. A good sign. As she looked up and noticed me, she blushed a furious red throughout her face and chest.

“Oh I can wait, don’t let me interrupt you, go ahead and finish off your email there” I said nonchalantly as if I were there to just ask her a silly work question. But the hard look on my face told her that she best not argue with me, she should indeed answer that email.

She typed away for a minute, casting quick sidelong glances at me as she did so. When she finished I kept up the ruse and asked her a silly work question. I walked back to my desk and went straight for the email.

“Would I do it? Yes.

Would I hand them over? I hesitantly say Yes.

Would I fight you? The shock of it would take me by surprise and the fact that someone could walk in at any second would cause me to fight it at first. Would I like it? Again, a hesitant ‘yes’. Even as you are standing over me right now trying to embarrass me, I know deep down I’d like it no matter how it appeared on the outside.”


Just the answers I wanted to hear.

{Thank you Muse Mina, you were a big help and a good bit of inspiration for this piece}

Jan 052009

Every piece of furniture is occupied. Most of the couches contain two couples. There is a makeshift bed in the middle of the open space. There are a few rooms with doors for those shy couples needing some privacy from prying eyes, but prying ears can hear everything.

Some are watching. Some are being watched. Some are doing both – watching others and giving a show. It is a visual feast before us, a hedonistic dream.

We are sharing a couch with another couple. They are relentlessly devouring each other, as if sating a hundred year hunger. The heat and scent of her arousal is nearly overwhelming me, is also feeding my own arousal. We are both half-dressed; he wearing nothing but his khaki pants (commando, of course) and I in nothing but a full skirt and my bra. In between deep kisses, in between pinches to my nipple and my hand gripping his cock, in between wandering caressing hands and tongues…. we watch. It is difficult to tear my eyes from the couple sharing the couch with us, but I need to see everything. I hear moans and screams, sighs and grunts of pleasure; skin against skin sounds and wet, slippery sounds.

That woman over there, wantonly deep-throating that man’s cock; she is taking her time, making him groan as his eyes roll back in his head in pleasure. My breath catches as I glimpse two pale, very naked women on the floor; kneeling, kissing each other with no regard to their surroundings. The larger woman of the two seem to be in control, her hand in between them, fingering the other girls cunt. As I watch, I feel the strong pull of longing to be either one of them.

I look up at the man I came with and see that he is watching the same women; he glances at me and smiles knowingly.

The most erotic scene is happening on the mound of pillows and blankets there in the center of the room. 3 women and 2 men, everyone latched on to someone else’s body part. Everyone getting or receiving pleasure, a few are fully occupied in both areas. A part of me aches to join them. Literally, aches. My wetness is coating my thighs, my breathing is ragged and I can feel the flush of arousal spreading. I need release right now as much as I need air to breathe. He pulls me to my feet so that I am standing in front of him and he stares at my body while his hands skip over me. He removes my bra and unzips my skirt, it falls in a puddle at my feet. I soon realize that the couple sharing the couch is staring at me as well. My cunt twitches in anticipation of what he’ll do to me in front of these people.

“Turn around. Face away from me and bend over and grab your ankles”

I pause for a split second as I realize what this position does to me.

I feel his fingers trail lightly down my ass and trace my swollen lips. I am so achingly aroused and wet that he has no resistance at all when he plunges three fingers deep into my cunt. Thankfully his hand is holding my hip, for I nearly lost my balance as my knees weakened with the rush of pleasure. Just as abruptly as he entered, he pulls away. And then I feel the heat of the first loud smack to my ass. Things are hazy for a moment and the next thing I know, two strong hands are around my arms, pulling me up. A hard cock is right in my face, and it’s not his. I don’t care. As he continues to alternate between fingering me and spanking me, I take out my oral fixation on the man in front of me. I won’t need much….I push my ass towards him, a silent beg for mercy. Mercy in the form of orgasm. Finally…..with his fingers assaulting my clit and my mouth firmly wrapped around another man’s cock, I feel it beginnning. I feel the tingle and rush of sensation go down through my body and release through my cunt. I can barely stand up as the orgasm claims me. Before it is over, I feel his cock being buried to the hilt inside of me. Two cocks are really all that are keeping my body afloat.


A big thank you to Naughty Secretary for giving me advice when I was stuck with this piece, and the nudgings to finish it up.

Dec 212008

We lay, presumably asleep, in the dark room. Side by side, intimately close, bare skin brushing bare skin as we turn and toss in slumber. We never bothered to dress for sleep. Too exhausted from hours of debauchery in this room to care about something as silly as clothing for sleep. The room is mostly quiet save for the low hum of the fan. I wake once again but this time my ears catch a sound. A wet sound. Remaining still so as to not disturb, I open my eyes and look for the source of the erotic sound. I then notice the faint sensation of her right arm moving slightly against my left arm.

She has pushed the sheet down her body. I can see her pale skin in the dark – and I see her hand on her pussy as she fingers her clit. She makes no sound but for jagged breathing. Immediately I am wet, my cunt tingly and throbbing with arousal. I turn my head to look at her face and I let my fingers move against her so that she will realize I am awake. Our sleepy eyes meet but she does not stop what she’s doing.

My mouth craves skin and I dip my head to her shoulder. A kiss. A gentle bite. More…My lips travel to her nipple. A kiss. A not-so gentle bite. My own fingers trail down to relieve the ache, dip into dripping wetness. Not enough……not enough. I quietly push the sheet away from me as I reach for the bottle of lube.  I squirt a large amount on to my palm and then unceremoniously smear it on her upper thigh. I straddle her thigh and start to firmly grind my pussy against her. She pauses only to change hands, and I grab her now-free right hand and bring her soaked fingers to my lips to clean her off. She pulls free from my mouth after a minute and trails her slick fingers down my breast, finally to my nipple – she grabs it. Pulls.

It is the low moan elicited from that action that causes him to stir from the other side of the bed.

Through a sleepy haze he watches. I yank the sheet off his body entirely and watch his cock quickly harden. My right hand still slippery from lube, I wrap it around his cock with a firm grip as I stroke. He lays propped up on his side to watch us.

Her left hand rubbing her pussy. Her right hand tugging my nipple. I am now grinding my clit so hard on her thigh that I briefly wonder if I am hurting her, but I don’t quite care. She is first to orgasm. As I grind against her, and watch her body jerk in spasms, I am entranced. In short order I feel my own rolling forth. I reserve some concentration for his cock, never wavering in my ministrations. He watches us and while he seems passive, I see his eyes close in pleasure for brief seconds. He let us have our moment with each other, but I am ever mindful of my place. For as much as she is my (our) toy to use for tonight, I am His to use and I don’t  forget that. Not in this moment, not ever.

As she and I come down from our orgasms, trying to catch our breath, I feel his cock expand and hear him groan. No, I never forgot myself, and had kept up a mostly steady rhythm. Faster now, to push him over the edge; both hands slickly sliding over his cock. He comes all over us both. Not much by this time around but enough.

He yanks me off of her and towards him, while she moves over to my old position in bed. He kisses me – at first rough and claiming, then tender and sleepy. He bites my bottom lip; there is an intimate pause between us before he whispers my instructions.

“Clean each other up and then get to sleep, dammit. It’s 4 a.m.; we have a long day ahead of us and I’m tired.”

I just smile to myself and say “Yes, Sir”.

Sep 222008

{On a side note, this is my 100th post!}

The weather was starting to turn colder, the leaves began their change to color. This morning I decided to go for a stroll through the woods at a nearby state park with trails. I tend to be a bit of a hermit, so I decided to go early in the morning. With my headphones on and music going, I started off on an easy trail. About 5 minutes in and I had yet to see another soul, which was just perfect. I had my digital camera tucked in my pocket in the hopes I would catch a few wild animals at this hour if I walked quietly enough.

But what I saw out of the corner of my eye was not an animal; it was wild though. I stopped the moment I caught movement and looked for the source. As I stopped the Ipod and removed my headphones I saw the obvious flash of skin in the foliage. About 15 feet back into the woods from the trail was a young guy. He was leaning his back against a tree, facing mostly away from the trail. His pants and boxers pulled down to his knees, he was lost in his own little world, masturbating at a slow and deliberate pace. I stood there frozen, my heart racing, not knowing what to do. Stay? Leave? Avoid looking his direction but make some noise?

As I stood there a minute longer, he still had no idea I was there. The shock and shy fear slowly left me and the devious side came out. I remembered the camera in my pocket. There is such a plus to digital cameras -well, many pluses – but I always have all sounds turned off on mine, in case I need to catch a cat mid-dream. Or as luck would have it, a man, mid-jerk. Slowly, stealthily I pulled out the camera and turned it on. Staring at him through the LCD screen, zoomed in a bit. I kept his face in the frame, to make sure he still didn’t see me. At first I snapped a few photos but then I hit the record button. Hey…if he was going to take the risk, he should accept the consequence. My heart rate had slowed considerably from the hummingbird speed it was at a few minutes ago, but the adrenaline rush was quickly turning to lust. My lips parted and jaw slackened, I stared in awe.

Very soon in, his hand began moving faster. One hand stroking his cock, the other I think was wrapped around the base, or perhaps cupping his balls. At that moment I welcomed the chill in the morning air as I felt my cheeks and cleavage flush from arousal.  His hips arced away from the tree and I heard a small moan escape his lips. I crept forward on the trail a few feet closer, eyes on the camera, camera on him. You could have taken my pulse with a palm cupped to my cunt, and I was well aware of the dull ache and wetness building. His hand began pumping his cock in a blur and the small moan became a deep, primal male groan.

The moment he began to come I deliberately stepped off the trail into dry leaves and sticks; his eyes flew open and he looked over at me at once shocked and thrilled as he took in both me and the camera, his cock still pulsing out the remains of his orgasm. I would later relish that moment – the combination on his face of the thrill of being caught, the ecstasy of orgasm and the shock of seeing me with the camera – when I replayed it over and over again on my computer.

I shut off the camera and pocketed it, and walked toward him. He was standing there frozen, breathing heavily, hand still on his cock. I wrapped a hand around his cock, covering the sticky head, languidly stroking just a bit. As I looked up at him, right into his deep brown eyes, I cocked an eyebrow and said:

“I wonder what view the next hiker will be getting?”

Aug 012008

Part 2 – I am unsure if this is the end, or if I might continue. After all, this is only our heroine’s first weekend at the apartment. Part 1 is here.

I felt like a wild animal the next day, pacing. Waiting. Watching. It was an overcast day – windy, slightly cool – weather that begged for the windows to be open during the day. When I realized that my eyesight did not rival that of a hawk’s, I pulled out my camera.

No, stop that. Not to take pictures but to merely view through the zoom lens; it was in lieu of binoculars. I sat back a bit from the window, I didn’t want anyone to see the camera and freak out. Although the site of a naked woman aiming a large camera at your window might seem less intimidating than a man doing the same. I didn’t really expect to see much during the day. I just wanted to look, to peek, to pry. Bits of everyday life floated in front of me. Nothing titillating.

As it became dark out, I was on the prowl even more. I kept the apartment dark and the blinds all open, hoping to see something later. I ate; I showered; I read – all with lights at a minimum. Later that night, I caught site of the guy directly across from me. At first he was wearing a towel, his hair wet from the shower. Soon the towel came off; he was comfortable being nude for no apparent reason. When he sat down on his couch and aimed the remote at his tv, I became bored. A few minutes later I glanced up again to see that perhaps the tv wasn’t boring, after all – he was idly stroking his hard cock. I just watched, enthralled, for a good few minutes. It is one thing for a lover to perform for you – something totally different to spy on someone ‘s private time when they think they are alone. Alone and uninhibited.

I quietly dragged a chair over to the open window. I didn’t want to close it, that action might catch his eye. I brought my heels up to rest on the windowsill; naked except for the darkness cloaking me. I ran my hands over my lips, my breasts, my belly, my cunt, as idly as he was touching himself. When he began to get more into himself, I allowed concentration as well. My fingers firmly on auto-pilot working my soaking wet cunt, circling my clit; my other hand on my breast. Suddenly he reached over and shut off his lamp. Then the tv, and it was dark in his apartment. I was so disappointed. Then I was scared. He came to his window and opened it. My heart was racing; he couldn’t see anything….right?

Wrong. That was obvious to me because of how much I could see of him as he stood as close to the window as I was, in my seat. The city lights illuminated us in bright patches and dark shadows. He could see me. I was wide open and exposed. I froze until he smiled, slightly, and started pumping his cock harder than before. He intended to cum for me. Well the least I could do is return the favor. I reached for my little clit vibe and just tucked it under my leg, to use when I could sense he was close to orgasm, to ensure we would come together. My eyes didn’t leave his body; my hands roamed and rubbed of their own accord as I stared intently at him. Amazed by the sight of his cock in his hand; curious about the expressions on his face. I saw his chest rise and fall with his deep breathing. My own was labored as well, my body flushed from pleasure and the rush of the risk.

His free hand reached out and gripped the edge of the window frame and he groaned a little – I took my cue to reach for my vibe and I pressed it hard to my clit. He was staring at my cunt and then suddenly looked right into my eyes. I could not hold back my moans as I felt the first tingle course through my body. As my cunt began to pulse and gush I heard him come and watched as his body convulsed a bit and his cock twitched its final release. We stared at each other and just grinned for a few seconds before backing away from the windows. I collapsed on the couch, trying to regain my control and let it sink in what I had just witnessed, what I had just done.

Jul 302008

Part 1 of….? As an aside to my readers: I hope my fiction gets you off as much as it gets me off ;) I either run for my vibe as soon as I’m done writing, or I have the bullet tucked in my panties while I’m composing.
I had just lost my job and agreed to stay at a friend’s apartment in New York City for a two weeks to take care of things while she was on an extended trip.

I arrived as she was leaving, and she handed off the keys with a list of things to know. Her place was on the 6th floor. Small, but with a few redeeming qualities. At first I thought one redeeming quality would be the large windows scattered about, until I pulled back the sheer curtains to reveal that most of the windows had no view – unless you count someone else’s window as a view. The other building seemed to be about 30 feet away and I saw a lot of windows. I decided to wait until later to check out how many different apartments were within view and perhaps do a little spying.

Nightfall. Friday. I kill all the lights and have a peek. Nothing. Too early perhaps?

10 p.m. Hmmm, not bad. One window down and to the left appears to be a date that is going very well. I watch as she straddles him on the couch, poor boy seems to be taking his time (the clueless thing). It is obvious to me, the recent observer, that she is very into him the way she is slowly and almost imperceptibly grinding herself against him. Come -on- man, let those damn hands roam! Yeah, there ya go….now lower…oh bingo! His hands hit her ass and he tentatively grabs it and pulls her closer. Her head goes back in a silent moan of pleasure while his lips find the sweet spot on her neck.

If she’s even half as wet as I am, he has to know she wants fucked. I opened my robe and tested my own wetness with a few fingers. Clueless-Boy seems to have gotten a little braver, judging by the fact that his hands are now out of my sight and likely doing wonderful things to her nipples. I swear I’m staring so hard they -have- to have some idea. I am bent over with one hand resting on the window sill, my forehead pressing against the window, and my other hand is teasing circles around my slick, swollen clit. Oooo, ’bout damn time boy – her shirt is coming off. Bra, quickly discarded. His head dips down to lick? suck? kiss? her nipple. Alas, the couch is being abandoned….where are they going?? Damn. Another window to the left, out of my view. Sonofabitch. Oh wait, their window is open……I shove mine up. I can’t really hear much, unfortunately. I drag a chair to the open window, prop a foot up on the ledge and just imagine them in there. Very soon I hear something….is that?….ohhhh yeah that’s what I’m talkin about. Clueless-Boy has a clue and knows how to use it! I pick up the pace with my fingers, one hand pressing my g-spot the others mashing my clit. I hear them both orgasm, one right after the other, and soon I follow.

What a tasty first night at the window that was. But if I only knew then what was in store for me the next night……