Apr 072009

It seems that my dominant side is never the most prevalent. But when it does come out to play….I feel ruthless. Bitch extraordinaire. I have not had any experience dominating a woman be it in person or virtually, but I’ve already discussed (here and with others) my desire to do so. I also must point out that I’ve never been much of a fan of the humiliation aspect of D/s, either receiving or doling out. Something more sinister, however, has popped up inside of me lately and I am finding myself aroused by the strangest things. A few weeks ago, at a meeting at work for our new unit assignments, the group was asked to do the school-classroom bullshit of “stand up and tell us about yourself”. Let it be known that I hate this. I am not comfortable speaking in front of people, even in such a casual setting. So I felt for this

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Mar 142009

As I review more sex toys, I’m learning some things about myself, toys and the sex toy industry. 1. Every woman is different. Our cunts are different. Every aspect is different. But just like the media is pushing that a size 2 is ideal these days, it seems that sextoy manufacturers are trying to tell me that my cunt is built wrong. I certainly feel that way!! I just got the Rock Chick today, a highly recommended toy by many other reviewers…..only to figure out in 10 minutes flat that it simply will NOT work with a cunt built like mine. Like what? Well, my outer labia are fuller than average. Perhaps because I’m not skinny? Dunno. My clit is the size of Hello Kitty’s nose (thanks VaginaDrum) and it requires a fuckin map for new partners to find it. Even a seasoned partner has trouble! When it comes to sex toys like….dual stimulators…..Remote hands-free

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Mar 122009
Whore on the Floor

I discovered not too long ago that if I’m on my knees on the floor behind my desk, most people that walk by won’t even see me. Not unless they stand at my counter or come around behind my desk to get something. If they do notice me I can use the pretense of untangling the cords under my desk. Being down there allows me to shove one or both hands down inside pants and panties to spread my cunt and gyrate the vibe against my clit in just that right way so that I go crashing over the edge of orgasm. It also dirties up my knees and sometimes musses my hair. Out of the sheer blue a switch somewhere is flicked and he orders me to the restroom to insert my toys. I was so shocked that I spoke out of turn. “Do you have any idea how much work I have to

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Jan 052009

Every piece of furniture is occupied. Most of the couches contain two couples. There is a makeshift bed in the middle of the open space. There are a few rooms with doors for those shy couples needing some privacy from prying eyes, but prying ears can hear everything. Some are watching. Some are being watched. Some are doing both – watching others and giving a show. It is a visual feast before us, a hedonistic dream. We are sharing a couch with another couple. They are relentlessly devouring each other, as if sating a hundred year hunger. The heat and scent of her arousal is nearly overwhelming me, is also feeding my own arousal. We are both half-dressed; he wearing nothing but his khaki pants (commando, of course) and I in nothing but a full skirt and my bra. In between deep kisses, in between pinches to my nipple and my hand gripping his cock,

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Dec 212008

We lay, presumably asleep, in the dark room. Side by side, intimately close, bare skin brushing bare skin as we turn and toss in slumber. We never bothered to dress for sleep. Too exhausted from hours of debauchery in this room to care about something as silly as clothing for sleep. The room is mostly quiet save for the low hum of the fan. I wake once again but this time my ears catch a sound. A wet sound. Remaining still so as to not disturb, I open my eyes and look for the source of the erotic sound. I then notice the faint sensation of her right arm moving slightly against my left arm. She has pushed the sheet down her body. I can see her pale skin in the dark – and I see her hand on her pussy as she fingers her clit. She makes no sound but for jagged breathing. Immediately

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Dec 072008
Fuck Me With My Shoes On

. ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ I am face down, modified doggy-style. My forehead presses to the mattress as he roughly fucks me from behind. My ass pointed up, I’m on my knees and my feet are pointing skyward. He uses the heels as handles. He holds them, holding me apart, keeping me stationary – for his use. ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ For being as femme as I am, I have a confession: I don’t wear sexy shoes. I know I know, it ruined a little bit of the fantasy for ya huh? Yeah…Trust me I really WANT to wear sexy shoes. Really, I do. I have a condition that affects the tendons that run the bottom of my feet, and so being on my feet after a few hours even in the most comfortable shoes renders me

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