Jan 292013
Sex Toy Tablescape

As the dining room table cleared slowly of all the many sex toys piled on it for organizing, little by little things were left behind. The bowls that held tiny clit toys and bag balls soon just held the balls. A dildo ended up in the second bowl and then we thought to combine them like… well… I don’t even know like what.  But it would make a great conversation piece during dinner! With the right people of course. Maybe. But in the filtered morning light it looked more artistic. I think. Or I’m on crack.         Related Posts:Overrun By Sex Toys Last month, I realized something. There was officially at least one sex toy in every…Fucking Sculptures In the blink of an eye suddenly the sex toy world was treated to what…Tantus Vibrating Harness Review The Vibrating Velvet Harness is the star of the Tantus August Sale!FREE shipping (even International!)…Tantus Raptor

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Dec 142012

After 3 years, I’ve decided to hang up my hat on e[lust]. Oddly enough, it’s an idea I kicked around once or twice last year as well but I came to the decision in less than an hour last month. As I realized it would soon be time for another round to start up I had no choice but to recognize the strong avoidance and lack of fucks to give. Quite simply…..I had been drained dry. And like a lightbulb turning on I just simply knew it was time for me to walk away. While there were numerous months where I couldn’t get enough help from my band of volunteers, and every month some one or two would disappear when duties arouse, overall the willingness of my helpers was an experience good for the soul. I suppose that in a way it’s sad when you’re so surprised and grateful for people volunteering their time (I

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Jul 182012
Why you won't be seeing Babeland on this blog anymore

My affiliate/reviewer relationship with Babeland has been….rocky. Years ago when I first started, things were different in many aspects – not just with Babeland’s practices but with reviewing altogether. I will always be grateful to Babeland for providing me with my favorite dildo to date, the Pure Wand, but the time has come to completely and officially part ways. Many things have changed for sex bloggers since I started 4 years ago. Two of the biggest changes have happened this year. The first is that many advertisers have pulled out, because of the way Google treats links. They pretty much want links inside posts (this may lead to me doing “sponsored posts” more). The second change is that a number of sites have halted their reviewer program. All have said that the change is temporary, but I must admit that none have ever been my favorite places to review for. Goodvibes, MyPleasure and Babeland have

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May 132012
Happy Mother's Day! The Winner of the Crystal Delights Plug is.....

I love that Rafflecopter makes entering contests and having contests so easy. It’s really a lot less of a headache! Of course, in fairness to all, manual verification of entries still needs to happen to be sure that everybody followed all of my rules and restrictions but I was able to do that as things went along for the most part. After a lovely run and lots of entries, I’m pleased to announce that the winner is……     Penny, who writes the blog “A Penny for Your Dirty Thoughts”!   Congrats Penny! She really spread the word about sex toy safety – her Twitter posts, Tumblr posts and even a great blog post about sex toy safety! Related Posts:Contest Tweets Are Like Car Alarms You’d be hard pressed to find an online giveaway these days that doesn’t have the…A lovely 5 years… This post has taken me weeks to write, and has seen more

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May 082012
Do all birthdays suck?

Please allow this old lady a bit of self-involved moping and grumping for a mo’, would ya? Last year’s birthday REALLY sucked. Perhaps this year’s birthday won’t suck so badly because I’m aware that it will suck in advance and I am preparing myself for that. The asshole now-ex-friend who forgot my birthday last year is off the hook now due to being a large douchebag who I don’t speak to anymore. Husband has informed me that he will not at all be up for anything fun or even dinner out, due to very stressful workplace goings-on this month that have my poor guy so wound up that we’re both at our less-than-best lately. We’re rescheduling for an unknown date in the near-ish future, at least. Even my birthday wish list was produced with as much effort as pulling one’s own teeth. Money would be grand, though, so if a bunch of people were to

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Apr 302012
Happy Mother's Day: Win a Crystal Delights Glass Plug

Here’s a butt plug….Happy Mother’s Day! That’s not something I’ll ever say to my mother. But thankfully there are millions of partners and husbands and wives around the world who just might love to say that to the mother of their children! Flowers are commonly given for Mother’s Day but what do you do when you want something more sensual and sexy? I say skip the floral-scented bodywash and give her the pink Crystal Delights Atomic Rose Plug. This gorgeous, glass butt plug is handcrafted here in the US and Shellie, the owner of Crystal Delights, inspects each and every glass sex toy that goes out her door so you know that you’re getting something of high quality (did you catch my interview post with her?) Giveaway Details: You’ll have your choice between the clear or frosted version of the Atomic Rose Butt Plug. The contest is open to anybody in the US or Canada

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