Apr 072011

So Sunday I had both breakfast and lunch with AAG and her awesomely funny roommate Heidi (I first mentioned her here) and others. More good conversations and laughs. And coffee. Jesus we drained pots of coffee that morning. The Sunday sessions started out with the Feminist Connection by Lillith – she’s also a really great educator. I went into that session thinking “I’m not really a feminist” but yeah. She changed me. She changed my whole outlook on things. Again though, that’s a whole other post. But I want to say here (and will repeat) a fact that hit me hard from her session: Research has shown that you get more of a happiness-boost from being with a group of your friends once a month than having your salary doubled (obvs paraphrasing here as I can’t recall the exact wording, and note that the salary thing doesn’t apply to poverty or the rich). YES. This

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Apr 062011

Like so many others, going to Momentum has sparked a lot of things in me. There is so much I want to talk about; the conference itself, the people I met; the discussions we had; the things I learned in sessions. It’s almost overwhelming, really. It wasn’t just a conference for bloggers, or sex workers, or feminists. Sure there were a lot of niche-related sessions going on but it was about more than the sessions, even. It was about being in a place where you looked around and felt….normal. Welcomed. Accepted. Understood. I had a really good roommate, too. He is more outgoing than me and so by proxy I let down my social anxiety guards more and through his easy-going friendliness I had meals with people I didn’t really know and one hour (or two) later knew I’d gained another friend or three. The event was kicked off on Friday first with an ice

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Con Drop

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Apr 042011

I promise that many posts about and related to this weekend at MomentumCon will be forthcoming. Just not today. This old lady stayed up late, got up early, laughed and talked till her voice was raw, (and consumed too much sodium) and is paying the price today at (gag) work. Even at home last night, for the brief time period I was awake, everything around me felt a little odd. Perhaps it was the exhaustion but it felt foreign almost. Work is feeling that way as well. I look around at work and think “these are not my people, do not want to be here”. I expected the elevator to go up more floors this morning; this feels like a different place/foreign country and I…I don’t like these people anymore, kinda. My coworkers, I mean. thank god I have only 25 days left here. I did a crappy job of tweeting during sessions, but so

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Mar 172011

This is a ranty post, and it has absolutely nothing to do with anything that I blog about. But this day has been 467 kinds of shitty and after dealing with AT&T Wireless for 3.65 hours I really need aftercare. I guess this is my aftercare. I need to vent. Soooo….. I’m placing a “read more” on this one. Only those who subscribe to the feed will be forced to see the whole sordid tale with their eyes, but you can skip it. I won’t be too offended. Today’s rant is about my job, my boss, my HR rep, AT&T Wireless, Comcast, Moo cards, my car, and other things. Read on if you dare. It’s disjointed and unedited and might not make sense and probably breaks 47 grammar rules. So if you really wanna read….click the “Read More” underneath the “sharing is sexy” bar. Related Posts:Oy With The Poodles Already! I wouldn’t quite say that

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Mar 102011

This is one of those updates posts where my brain goes off into 300 tangents. Hang on! The first thing I want to get feedback on is Wanton Wednesday. After the move I hope to get back into participating myself more frequently, as well as trying to get more people to play. (Any ideas on that, btw? It’s not really caught on like HNT but then I didn’t exactly expect/want it to be that big, being that big comes with its own set of dramas and issues). The other day I noticed that Insatiabear changed up how he does his linking for his Flash Fiction Friday weekly meme posts. He’s using this thing called Mister Linky, just an in-post widget that allows someone to put in their name and their post link, and then there’s a link right there in the post. More visible than being in the comments section. Problem is…..it’s reallly limited when

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Mar 022011

The planets aligned, the decisions have been made and plans are starting to congeal. Wait, that made me think of jello. Or gravy. Bad word. Anyways. I decided on which is my last day of work here at my hell job and as of May I will be  a FREE WOMAN! My sentence is over. The light is at the end of the tunnel. Etc etc. I can’t wait to leave, for so many reasons. I have so many tentative and hopeful plans for my future but I hope that I don’t ever have to go back to a job like this again. Will I get online jobs, like copy writing for sex toys or PR/consulting for sex toy related companies? Will my sex toy ed parties actually come to fruition? I’m trying, I’m hoping. I’m hoping e[lust] will get better, I’m hoping to do something “more” with Wanton Wednesday, I’m hoping my blog will

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