Jul 112011
Sex Toys: Single or Partnered, there is no shame in owning them

Thanks to Teagan for the Coalition name ;) I read something somewhere recently, an innocuous little joke-in-poor-taste, where the author (a reviewer, no less) made a comment likening the ownership of “too many” sex toys to needing to find a partner. That because they happened to own a lot of sex toys it meant they were in even more desperate need of a sex partner – Not you, dear reader, just that person (to be clear). But then again….maybe somebody read that and thought “Oh god…I have a lot of sex toys TOO! Oh no, I’m a sad, miserable person and need to find a partner, stat!”1 I am a reviewer. I own a LOT of toys (mostly because I’m a reviewer, otherwise I wouldn’t because I’m not rich). I like my variety. Some I keep but aren’t my taste anymore. Even before I was a reviewer I had a lot (relatively speaking; it was

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Nov 182010
If penis mocking is your best revenge, your IQ must be low

I’ve run across this twice now have been disgusted both times – at the people who RT it and join in, at Twitter for letting these accounts go on (I don’t know about you but I’ve reported both accounts for spam twice now) and of the two accounts involved in this. 1. James here seems to have a Twitter account for the sole purpose of telling everyone “take it down NOW bitch” over and over again for the last 6 months. Wtf? That seems fishy. If he’s real I can understand he’s upset but jesus try the sugar before the vinegar. If you’re an asshole to people it’ll make them feel justified in joining in the virtual roast. 2. this is like the chicken and the egg…..which came first…Kate‘s twitpic blitzkrieg or James’ twitter account? 3. They’re both essentially spammers. Tweeting shit at people randomly and yet this is ok with everyone? 4. First of

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Oct 252010
The Value of the Anonymous Blogger

In the last few weeks I personally have been feeling like many readers (and “out” bloggers, and even some other not-out-yet-pompous bloggers) potentially feel like anonymous sex bloggers lack merit, or value, or validity. That without using our real name and/or showing our face, we are to be regarded with suspicion and perhaps disregard. We are characters, we are actors, and we are probably not real. That early 20s girl with the perky tits and enviable sex life? Since she won’t show her face or reveal personal details well then….she must be lying about her sex life! This isn’t to say that the vast rainbow of sex blogger types doesn’t have it’s own false prophets. I’m sure there ARE bloggers pretending to be a whole other identity, just for the fun of it. That doesn’t mean we all are. A number of members of TBK’s fanclub have voiced that “out” bloggers such as herself are

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Sep 232010

A lot of people in this country live in their own bubble and don’t even know or care about sexual freedom – not to be down-putting but they are usually very religious, heterosexual and “vanilla” (i.e. non-kinky). Sexual freedom does not affect them. But yet, it does. Do you realize that we have the freedom to read and write these sex blogs? To buy sex toys? Actually, there are still some places even in the US where sex toys are illegal, I believe Alabama is still holding onto that rule. For those of you who love your vibrator/dildo/masturbator – can you imagine that being illegal?? There are still some states where sodomy is illegal – it’s not as enforced anymore but it was at one point. Yes, there are/were laws about the kind of sex you could enjoy in your own home. Think about that. Think about the bigger issues, like the fact that is

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Sep 102010
I haven’t done one of these in awhile…..

“Oh, he made my blood just burn I flipped so far, I thought that I would not return” ~”Get him back”, Fiona Apple   I sat here yesterday typing out the beginning half to an erotica story but I just haven’t been able to finish it. I have a post about the TLC series “Strange Sex” nearly done, but haven’t finished it. This rant? Feels soooo good and is just flying off my fingertips. In fact the keyboard would yell “ow!” if it could. It might just have there a second or two ago. Sorry, keyboard.   In order to get back into the erotica groove, I joined Lushstories.com recently. I went back to some of my earlier work here on the blog to post over there. I chose the Taxi Cab Confessional posts, and at first tried to submit them in two parts. Part 1 was soundly Rejected with a litany of sins, mainly

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Jun 142010

I’ve got some pretty major pet peeves when it comes to the written word, particularly when talking about sex. I wrote about all the sex slang words I hate, but the incorrect use of “vagina” when what is actually meant to be “vulva” is really friggin irritating. And I don’t just hear men saying it, I see it from a lot of women. And I boggle to try and figure out why they word it that way. You cannot, really and truly cannot, literally shave your vagina. You are shaving your vulva, your mons, your pubic region but most assuredly NOT your vagina. While gathering photos and links from Wikipedia, I came across this article from 2003 which was written in part because of language used in The Vagina Monologues. I’ve never seen/read/heard this play, so I’ll have to take her word for it, but the point remains the same. Vulva and vagina are not

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