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A few of the thank-you emails I've received over the years, they keep me going when the voice in my head doubts what I doI’ve been writing here for a long time now, nearly 8 years. My blog has changed drastically from that first year. My writing style is different, my topics are changing, my soapbox is growing to immense proportions. I didn’t start this blog to have a voice in the war against the toxic chemicals we put into our body in the name of pleasure, but that’s what it’s become.

You see, I’m the sort of person who gets mad when people are too lazy to walk their shopping cart to the cart return. I’m the sort of person who is enraged at the people who continue on through the intersection well after their light has turned red. I get angry and I let it show because somehow, something in my brain says that if they know it’s wrong (thanks to my horn and my middle finger) they’ll eventually stop1. Toxic and porous sex toys (and poisonous lubes) make me mad. And so I never shut up about it. I kept on finding ways to research and write about it. I eventually stopped working with shops that carried mostly porous sex toys. I do my best to continually tell people “hey…you know that’s porous, right? Do you know what that means for you?”. I spend my words fighting the myths that seem to keep spinning around. And eventually other reviewers started talking about it too. I don’t believe I was the first and I don’t believe I was the catalyst, but I think I had some influence on a few. And then those few had influence on a few more, and so on.

Over the years we reviewers have grown more and more vocal about safe sex toy materials. We send a message when we refuse to give our time to porous and toxic sex toys. We are sending a message to the manufacturers who, in recent years, have exploded with under-$75 (even under $50!) sex toys made from truly body-safe materials. With our honest reviews we are giving some assurance to people that when they spend $100 or more on a sex toy, we’ve thoroughly vetted it as best as we can. When we review the affordable toys we are helping people find safe, decent sex toys that fit their budget – our role is not only to make sure the high-end sex toys are worth their price tag, but to make sure the affordable sex toys are still as decent as they can be. After all, what’s the point of buying any sex toy, no matter the cost, if it doesn’t perform well? And when we continually reassure our readers that their pleasure is important, their bodies matter and that yes they need to care about the materials of their sex toys and the ingredients of their lubes we are validating that these items are important. They are not just for the lonely, the celibate, the single. They are tools for every body. And every person deserves access to safe pleasure tools.

I can’t tell you how many readers have assumed that because an item is for sale, because an ingredient is in a lube, it must be safe. After all who would sell us unsafe things like that? Who would so blatantly disregard common sense and decency to make a buck even if it is at the expense of our health?

If you’re comfortable, talk about your body and your orgasms and your sex life on your blog. We’re a society of grown ass adults who were never taught a thing about pleasure, who were taught the location of fallopian tubes but not the clitoris, who grew up believing the porn narrative of what orgasms look like. For years as a teen and young adult I did not know where my clitoris was. I didn’t know, and I couldn’t orgasm; I thought I was broken. We need sex-ed, and we need pleasure-based sex ed….who else will teach it, but us? We are blessed with some amazing educators who are allowed to talk to teens on college campuses; along with sites like Scarleteen and places like the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health we are slowly spreading the education. But never doubt the power of your blog to reach the people not attending seminars and classes.

I’m writing this to remind you how important it is to speak up on the matters of safe sex toy materials, safe lube ingredients, and to research your information. If you feel comfortable, write about these things. Remind your readers in your reviews that this is a non-porous material and why that matters. If you, our readers, also understand how crucial this education is then share our posts with your circle, even if your social media circle doesn’t expect you to be sharing things about sex toys. When I see people on Tumblr sharing my posts about materials, people who normally would never reblog something about sexuality, I then see other people who also wouldn’t normally reblog things about sexuality reblogging and commenting. Learning. Sharing the knowledge. Small ways of “preaching outside the choir” and not just waiting for them to find our blogs when they search “dildo burning me” or “black spots on dildo”. Learn about the issues with big name brand lubes; for some people this is the only “sex toy” they will have and they will suffer through years of irritation without knowing any better. Hell, bring up the conversation with your doctor when they reach for the KY or Surgilube during your next exam. Talk to them about the bad ingredients and how detrimental it can be to the vaginal health of at-risk people. Bring your own damn lube! Anywhere you feel comfortable, teach someone something that may end up impacting their sex life forever simply by opening their mind a little.

Pictured above is just some of the thank-you letters I’ve received over the years. I have them printed and filed, to be pulled out on the days where my own anxieties and insecurities threaten my sanity. When my brain says “you’re not doing anything important”.

We are mighty. As a group we are loud; we are getting shit done, and we are not shutting up. Please, keep writing. Your voice is important, your story is important. Somewhere out there is another hundred people with the same tastes, problems and worries as you – you are helping others. You are teaching. 

  1. My husband assures me I’m wrong on this logic, and they will never learn. I can’t help it, though.
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Sep 202014

Earlier this year I ranted on a topic similar to this; many companies have no idea the sort of effort we put into our sex toy reviews. The testing, the photos, the writing, the editing, and even the promoting. For the cheap toys, we’re getting screwed in the conversion if the sex toy is seen as “payment” for the review.  But many of us spend at least half a day’s work time (if we’re comparing this to an hourly full-time job) if not a full day or even MORE than a full work day’s time on our reviews.

So today I saw a post from a blogger, not a sex blogger, talking about fair pay for bloggers. We’re not the only ones doing reviews! During my short time as a food blogger, I was indeed doing some reviewing. Perhaps because I was new, perhaps because that’s how they do it, but I was never sent a retail size product for review. If it was for, say, something that comes 6 per box….I was sent one individual item. I was tempted to review it as “ew yuck, tastes like poo, avoid” and that be that. Compared to the retail value of the sex toys I get? 140 characters for a total review would have been generous.

Regardless, the post is very good and raises some good points. Go read it. I’ll be here. Come back and talk amongst yourselves.

Maybe what I’m doing is fighting for equal pay: equal pay with journalists, critics, columnists.. or just being paid at all. It’s not a perfect proposition, I know that, but something needs to change. My idea has many reasons why it won’t work – but I just feel that it needs to be addressed and we get a conversation going in order to try and start to make a change.

Some points that have already been raised on twitter include integrity of the review/reviewer…..wouldn’t a company only want to pay for a positive review? Would this change how the reviewer talks about the product? Is there a way to get fair pay to bloggers for the hard work of a review without compromising anybody’s integrity? What about a payment to spotlight the review? For some reviewers, they don’t post often so a new post will stay on the homepage awhile. For others, it might scroll by quickly. One option could be that a blogger is paid a special sort of advertising fee for a sidebar banner that leads to the review or the company’s site or extra social media attention to the review maybe. I don’t know. I don’t know how it would work, if it could work, if any company values us enough to do it.

The blogger who wrote this post did a follow-up, and there is one point someone else raised that I found interesting:

Under the heading “Do you get paid for Product Seeding?” her answer was

“…No. Unless you are required to use specific links, post specific verbiage or do specific tasks in relation to the gifting. If you are being sent a product, you are at liberty to post in whatever context on whatever time frame you deem appropriate. If celebrities don’t get paid to wear a pair of jeans, you aren’t either”

Except that….in the sex toy world we are often required to have certain words appear, and appear as links, links that don’t have our affiliate link in them. We’re hounded if we have the product longer than a few months.

Do you agree? Disagree? Retailers and manufacturers, we’d love to hear your thoughts, too. Be anon if you must!

Would you think the blogger is getting fair pay, or would you think they’re less trustworthy?  If you respond on twitter, let’s use their hashtag, shall we? #fairpayforbloggers

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Sep 172014

I’ve spent the majority of my 6+ years not asking to be nominated; I felt it defeated the purpose (in my mind). That if anybody actually liked my work, they’d nominate it without prompt. I’ve since dropped all stubbornness and “pride” and have no fucks left to give about my previous stick-up-my-ass ways.  I am liberated! Or something.

I’m cantankerous, I’m rough around the edges, I’m not all that universally liked. I’m okay with that! I’m proud of the work I do, and if I raise some hackles then I think it means I’m doing my job right. The private notes I receive keep me going, the thanks and tales of change.  And while I’m not a “sexy” blogger anymore and don’t really fit in now with any of these “sexy” sex blogger lists, there’s a new feature that I think I do fit in with. Rory has decided to highlight “posts of the year” and there’s actually two categories that are very much me: Op-Ed and Educational/review.  Of the pieces I’ve written from these categories this year, I think these are the best ones. If you happen to agree, I’d like to ask for your nomination, here. Of course, if there’s something else I wrote that you think is better than these, by all means, ignore my four below. *I* think these are my best, but what do I know :) 

Wood Sex Toys: An Introduction

Despite being probably one of the oldest materials used to make sex toys, wood is one of the most misunderstood. We hear the “splinters” comments a LOT, you guys. A lot. I tried to debunk the myths and figure out the safety aspect.

A Brief History of Sex Blogging

This started out small, but turned into a rambling history filled in by many people across various platforms (and it also sparked controversy and misunderstandings).

How Porous is Your Sex Toy? Why Does it Matter?

There’s a great big gray area in the world of safe sex toys, the porous-but-not-toxic section. Or the porous-and-they-claim-it’s-not-toxic section. So many don’t understand why porosity matters, or that they should stop using the dildo when little black spots start showing up.

The Posh Life of a Sex Toy Reviewer

Most companies don’t have a clue how much work many of us reviewers put into each review, how many hours. We work a lot harder at this than you may realize. Our work is worth more than you realize. And it is work. It is time consuming.


Thanks :) Visit Rori here to nominate your favorite blogger posts.

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Apr 022014

Lill’Bits – The Dangerous Lilly Quarterly Review1

Shevibe's Tantus Superhero Poster! Links to all the new Tantus items - Warm-up, Amsterdam, Slow Drive and Sport. Reviews

So if you’re new here, or have just been busy, let me fill you in on what I’ve been up to for these last three months.  I started off the year reviewing a few items from the new Lovelife line, Cuddle and Smile. I was happy to find that the one thing I hated about the original Je Joue Mimi (the buttons) has been fixed, and I loved the new Je Joue Mimi Soft.  Then I reviewed the Fun Factory Amorino, that weird one with the rubberband.  I didn’t have too many words to say about it, but I felt the need to review the Lelo Mia 2 finally.  I got my paws on one of Tantus’ NEW super-fancy-awesome harnesses, and holy pete it’s gorgeous. The Black Widow harness is superhero-worthy. And finally…..I re-reviewed my Holy Grail of clitoral vibrators, the “new & improved” We-Vibe Tango. I also learned to love the new & improved We-Vibe Touch.

All My Other Words

I decided to share with the class my favorite way to keep clingy silicone clean, in an economic and safe way.  A past irritation popped up on the radar again, and it prompted me to figure out what these reviews of ours are really worth. You’d be surprised!  I learned a bit about making my site (and yours) more accessible to screen readers, and I hope Amanda keeps prodding me to make changes I don’t always know about.  I get a lot of readers who don’t understand why porosity in sex toy materials matters, and people who confuse porous with toxic. I tried my best to clear things up.  Every now and then I have people email me to help them decipher the results of their flame test. Since the results aren’t as black & white as we once thought, I’ve done by best to clear up confusion and let you know that sometimes, silicone does burn. And finally, on a whim I decided to write up a Brief History of Sex Blogging. So very brief, compared to what has existed. The comments are so very information and entertaining, too!

Sponsors and Partners

I’ve got three new sponsors — Peepshow Toys, Burlesque Toy Shop and JouJou — check out their banners in the sidebar! Snazzy damn banners, eh? Thank you, all!

I briefly decided to give GoodVibes.com another shot for reviewing, but ultimately a partnership wasn’t meant to be. My primary partners will continue to be Shevibe and Tantus – two companies who share my viewpoints and who are run by truly amazing, honest groups of people. You will not find more trustworthy, and truly lovely, people. If I don’t respect the people I work with at a company, I don’t respect the company on the whole as much. I think it’s important to show support to that.  I will be occasionally working with Lovehoney in the future and will be putting up affiliate links for a few places to shop outside the US for those that love me but need to shop in Canada, the UK, or Australia.  I’ve joined the affiliate programs for Fleshlight, Pinkcherry and a few others – I won’t be reviewing for them, it’s just a way to give international people options to buy through my links.


I’m going to start a new weekly thing – my version of Throwback Thursday – where I give my opinion on a sex toy I reviewed a few years ago. Do I still love it? Does it languish in the drawer? Do I love it more?

I’ve got a Stronic Drei waiting to be reviewed, as well as the We-Vibe 4 and the Jopen Ego e5. Taking cues from suggestions people made in my giveaway, I’m going to try to review more wands. A Shibari wand, a Doxy, hopefully a PalmPower, maybe a BodyWand.  Wishlist review items include the Jopen Vibrating Comet Wand, Liberator Tallulah bag, a comparison of the Crave vibes, and more dildos in general.  I’ve got a Pleasure Purse bag on its way, and I do believe I’m going to finally get my hands on the ORGASMATRON X1. 

Every now and then I look at my jar of melted sex toys, and I take a picture. Yesterday I noticed how much more liquid seemed to be in the jar, so I managed to shoot it at the same distance/angle as when I shot the jars at first, after three months.


I’m working on a piece about why I recommend the places I recommend you shop at but more importantly why I don’t recommend you shop at certain other places. Possibly working on an educational piece about wood sex toys.  What else would you like to see me write about in the next few months?

I’ve re-committed myself to this whole she-bang in recent months and you will continue to see lots more from me2


p.s. the winners of the We-Vibe Touch/Tango giveaway will be announced in a day or two.

 Tantus Limited Edition colors on 3 new designs - Dark Silver, Teal, Bright Lime. 20% off sale.  

  1. I know, it’s cheesy. I know, you think I should do a newsletter. I’m my own chicken, dude, marching to the beat of a different wolf and refusing to cross the road. Maybe someday I’ll make this into a newsletter. Not that anyone would sign up for that shit
  2. It is written and so it shall be true. In that vein, I will get more advertisers and more consulting work. Isn’t this how that book The Secret is supposed to work? You tell the universe what you want and you get it? FINGERS CROSSED
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Mar 242014


I’m trying for as much brevity as I can get here which, admittedly, won’t be much. The world of blogs about sex (as a general umbrella term) were varied and niched and I can’t possibly cover everything. In fact, I might very well be unintentionally leaving out crucial stories. That’s where I hope you will fill things in in the comments section. Sex blogging as we know it seems to have gotten off the ground around 2002, 6 years before my start, which was 6 years ago in 2008. My point with this piece is to illustrate to my current niche how WE got to where we are now with sex toy reviews, sexuality conferences and this tumultuous but awesome community.  You’ll see this “tooltip” characterized by the dotted underline; clicking on it (mobile or regular) will provide more info without making this post seem to scroll on forever, so don’t overlook them! Also check out the links, they often really help to further explain things.

The First Sex Blogs

One can argue that the first blogs about sexuality happened on Livejournal. The group that I can follow back through this history, though, was primarily on blogspot and things seemed to start roundabout 2004.  Sheboppin’ can recall LiveJournals that were like what we know as sex blogs today (and a few even got toys to review as early as 04 or 05).

There were websites for porn and of course Literotica, but the personal “sex blog” as we know them seemed to have been born mostly on blogspot, but some self-hosted too. Tiny Nibbles, Violet Blue’s site, has been around since 2001 but I’m not sure I would truly call it a sex blog….although some would. Erosblog, run by Bacchus, started in 2002, is primarily a mash-up of aggregated sexy photos and commentary on sexuality things of all types1. I believe this is the first thing that can be considered a “sex blog”, and he recalls being the first to use that terminology.  Susannah Breslin with her Reverse Cowgirl site came shortly after Bacchus started.

ETA: I was off by a few months! Reverse Cowgirl came first, but as Bacchus said, we’re not sure Ms Breslin would consider her site a sex blog. Do you?

Susannah wrote a short note here, and then someone else chimed in about a blog going back to ’99!

A lot more personal blogs started around 2004. Famous “sex diary” blogs like Girl With a One Track Mind and Belle Du Jour didn’t seem to start until 2004/2005.  Those of course are some of the more famous ones, as they were made into books and even a tv show for the latter. There were sites about sexuality, but the blogs tended to be more personal. Erotica or sex diaries seemed to be the most popular and the most celebrated thanks to the Holy Grail of Traffic: Fleshbot’s Sex Blog Roundup that was aggregated in the beginning by Violet Blue and Bacchus.  The growing boom seems to have continued through and peaking at maybe 2009.  Early icons included AlwaysArousedGirl  who, by 2008, had the most popular personal blog *I* knew of – if you weren’t on her radar, you were toast.  Sam Sugar, entrepreneurial spirit that he was, started his site in 04 and in 05 the project that birthed many to this day – Sugasm. In the summer of 2008 blogspot/Blogger started cracking down on adult blogs by forcing a warning screen to pop up first. This was annoying at best, and ruined your stats trackers at worst. A number of people made the move to being self-hosted, including me. I was self-hosted probably less than 3 months after I first started.

So many blogs that popped up in 2005-2008 no longer exist. But some of the more popular ones in their day are still around: Sinclair Sexsmith, Viviane’s Sex Carnival site, Alex & Suze who created a number of directories/”top lists” such as AdultBlogHub. Essin’ Em who is now known as Shanna Katz, Sabrina Morgan, and Audacia Ray of Waking Vixen are perfect examples of early bloggers who made a career out of their blogs but are now sought-after speakers, educators, authors and activists.

HNT and Sugasm

Both of these seem to have popped up roundabout the same time period (05/06). I became fed up with the eye-rolling that seemed to just persist towards sex bloggers joining in HNT, so after 2 years of participating in the epic-ness that was HNT I branched off and created something new – Wanton Wednesday in 2010. Wanton Wednesday inspired Sinful Sunday to come up a year later, and then when I decided to hang up WW, a bunch of other weekly memes cropped up. 

The mysterious (to me) Sam Sugar had the idea in 2005 of sharing links between blogs in a new way – not just a sidebar link, but a link to your best post of the week, and everybody who participates shares the list. Originally titled Bloggasm, it quickly grew big enough to be its own thing and he renamed it Sugasm. The format changed as the participants grew, and soon it was the format you’re familiar with now in e[lust].  Sam didn’t seem to last more than a few years after Sugasm got off the ground; he had had bloggers like Sabrina Morgan and Radical Vixen doing the hard work on Sugasm for him.  When Sugasm started to become less reliable and less frequent, due to understandable burn-out and life, Vixen decided to hang it up. I knew how important Sugasm was and so I started my own – e[lust]. I made a bunch of changes, but kept a lot of things the same.  Pleasurists, the first weekly digest for sex toy reviews, came out late 2008.  Since the demise of Pleasurists, we’ve seen various other ways of carrying the torch including other digests and even entire sites (which also sadly died off).

The First Sex Toy Reviews on Blogs

I’ve found evidence of sex toy reviews (as we know them currently) on blogs going back as far as 2005 2. Perhaps, depending on one’s definition of a sex toy review, this post at Erosblog could be considered the first – Bacchus was sent some vibrating products and told his readers how they worked out for him. At the heart of the definition, that could be considered the first. But for years, they were few and far between, of course. Slowly by 2006/2007 they ramped up a bit more. EdenFantasys and Lovehoney had community reviews that happened onsite, but EF also was doing blog reviews as early as 2007, and the blogs were decidedly of the “sexy sex blog” nature – they had the traffic. AAG probably did the very first blogger giveaway in 2006 with a giftcard to a porn site. By the time I started in 2008, it was right on the cusp of explosion. Vibereview.com was the company willing to send me stuff when I was only a month old, and seemed to be the company most often sponsoring reviews that summer in addition to Babeland.  I feel like I did a lot of sex toy reviews for the first 3 years in contrast to my other posts, and there were a number of other bloggers getting in on the reviews but it still was nothing like it is today with many blogs mostly dedicated to sex toys. I think I found the earliest example of a mostly-review blog here, started in 2006. Since the sexy sex blogs ruled supreme, it felt like you were really expected to incorporate the sexiness into your review for the sake of your readers. Reviews written for the consumer, more professional sounding reviews, weren’t popular until 2009 it looks like.

The giveaways were so limited.  SO. LIMITED. And of course unless you were super popular, the giveaways weren’t as popular because Twitter, when it was first available, wasn’t the massive thing it is now.

Bloggers Building Community – Conferences and Parties

2008 seems to be the year that sex bloggers really started meeting in person.  Sex 2.0 was the first sexuality conference (run on a version of the “unconference model”), originally created by Amber L. Rhea, and first happened in April 2008. Sex 2.0 continued in 2009 and 2010, the host city & conference organizer changing with each conference. Fall of 2008 had the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar party, started by Tess Danesi aka Urban Gypsy with her friend Debauched Domestic Diva as a way to do something good in the NYC blogger community (which had recently seen a lot of scandal), with proceeds going to a sex-positive charity. The first Sex Blogger Calendar party was mostly a NYC blogger thing, with a few out-of-towners attending the party that fall. It grew to be more national in 2009 and 2010, with more bloggers coming in for the event.  After attending the panel “Sex in America”, Tess, with the help of Dee under their company Tied Up Events, had the idea to create a conference around the topics discussed in it. MomentumCon happened in 2011 and 2012 in DC. Tess moved on to other projects, like the Woodhull Alliance, after the second MomentumCon, and Dee changed the name to Catalyst, putting it on east and west coast for 2013 and 2014. Not the only conferences on the block, there is also the Playground Conference in Canada, and Woodhull Alliance Sexual Freedom Summit conference in DC. All of these conferences have built a community that transcends the limitations of the web, fostering friendships and bridging the gap that can exist when you only speak via text.

Sex 2.0 really started bringing the community together in the flesh and has indirectly resulted in what we experience today. You can see from looking at the site in the Wayback that the sessions are not much different than what we currently see – we still need and want to talk about many of the same issues from 2008 through 2014.

Share Your Stories

Am I really the best person to be writing this post? No; I only started in 2008. This post would have been much richer in detail had it been written by someone else, but I’m what you get because I’m the only one crazy enough to tackle it3. I did pick the brains though of The Former AAG, Bacchus, Ellie, Shanna, Tess and Amber Rhea – without their help I would be a lot more clueless. I’ve had to gloss over and sometimes leave out entire swaths of history.  This really could be a book, but I’m not a book writer. I’ve left out a lot to focus more on how we got from Violet Blue & Erosblog to sex toy giveaways galore and flying cross country to hang out at conferences. So I remind you again that if you have stories to tell that will help fill in and round out this history, please share with us below. Every bit is fascinating. I can’t tell you how many hours I lost to picking my way through the Internet Archives of old sites long gone or just viewing the old school designs.


There’s been great discussion on Twitter, so I’m saving all tweets related to the discussion on Storify:


  1. You really should also check out his 5 yr anniversary and 10 yr anniversary posts
  2. Bacchus wonders if this page on Violet Blue’s site can be considered as such, but it seems to be more of an education piece to me
  3. I think I’m starting to get a reputation for that “Oh that Lilly….she tackles the craziest shit. And man, she’s wordy”
Feb 282014

NewStuffI never managed to find the “perfect” theme for my blog. Sure, I loved most of them at the time I created them, but I grew/the blog changed/squirrel. I’ve never been sure of myself. I change my outfits and I change my mind so quick, your head spins. I can’t even fathom never changing up my look. I think this is my 4th or 5th theme since 2008.

I had practical reasons for changing, too. The old theme had a huge flaw: I couldn’t update it automatically. I would have had to download the new theme files and reinstall a new theme….losing all the custom changes I made. And there were a LOT. Plus I’ve been wanting the dual sidebar thing for awhile now. So, what’s new besides the obvious? The blogroll finally got dusted off. And since I don’t read the blog of every person I know & like, that Twitter List serves as a secondary blogroll of sorts. I have some new pages1. I updated my Toybox page, it’s hopefully easier to find things now.  I implemented it a week or so ago, but I finally have Disqus as the commenting system, which will make replying to comments much easier.

I’ve got a lot of things on my plate right now! I recently did my first (very small) educational talk at a local event, and trotted out some of the lovely sex toys. Trying to explain how the We-Vibe worked was a trip! I’m doing a couple consulting jobs right now. REVIEWS. ALL THE REVIEWS. Upcoming reviews include me finally getting around to writing up reviews on items I’ve had for awhile including the Lelo Mia 2 and Mona 2,as well as the Fun Factory G4 Big Boss and Patchy Paul. But I’m also swimming in new stuff, much to my excitement.  The Tantus Black Widow Connoisseur Harness is really, really neat to look at. OH MAN IT IS SO AWESOMELY GEEKY.  The newest versions of the We-Vibe Tango and Touch arrived literally this morning. I’ve got something that’s marketed towards prostates, but really can be enjoyed by anyone, the Jopen Ego e5. What else….ah, the We-Vibe 4.

I saw that Smitten Kitten had posted their old pics again of the “jelly jars” that inspired my “little jar of horrors“, so I got out my jar to see how the science experiment was progressing and found…..free-floating glitter in the puddle. I’m on my way to a toxic snowglobe! Yay?

That’s it. I think. If you see anything around here that broke during redecorating, holler. 

What’s new with you?

  1. Technically not new, just now being shown in the menu. I’ve been doing consulting for 2 years now and I hemmed and hawed over that damn Donate page for 4, never publishing it
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