Jul 062014

Hot Octopuss PULSE vibrator for menSkeptic: Converted. I’ll admit, I was skeptical of the Pulse when it first came out – and a small part of that is the company’s name: Hot Octopuss. It doesn’t do it for me. And then somewhere along the line, it got dubbed the “Guybrator” and my eyes rolled out of my head. But I read a few positive reviews, started to rethink things and asked Lovehoney if we could review the Pulse. My cis male husband has enjoyed vibrating objects placed on and around his cock in the past, so I thought that he would at least find it decent for foreplay. What we didn’t expect, however, was for it to work so well. I mean, look at it!  But, don’t knock it til you try it. So far, it’s been used under conditions where one would think that an orgasm would be nearly impossible for him: in a lot of pain from dental work, stressed out, exhausted, even on low sex drive days. He was able to get the release he needed to feel better – and not just a boring release, either. The Pulse vibrator has consistently been able to provide a very powerful and intense orgasm.

The Pulse as a Couples Vibrator

The Pulse performs really well as a solo male masturbatory aid.  But Hot Octopuss felt the need to market it to couples, too.  I can understand that there are perhaps some applications with disability / ED where this could be a good idea, but in practice it doesn’t work for some body types. It does vibrate through the hard plastic material at the back, but not a lot. It’s possible for it to work if both people are of a somewhat thin build, and the clitoris is easily accessed. You’re not supposed to apply a lot of pressure to that vibrating/oscillating pad, so the couples’ uses confuse me; it seems like quite a bit of pressure is going to be applied naturally. But really, since the backside is made of hard plastic and the Pulse isn’t exactly small, trying to use it as a couples’ toy just does not seem….comfortable. The only “couple’s time” the Pulse is seeing for us is the husband using his Pulse and me using my Tango – mutual masturbation.  The Pulse does one thing really well, so let’s just let it shine there, okay?

The Noise Issue

It’s a bit loud. The company is working on fixing that, though. If you live alone or have plenty of totally-alone time to use it, you’re fine but otherwise this isn’t something you can sneak into the bathroom to use unless your house has some ambient noise. For my husband, the noise wasn’t distracting during use. It’s certainly nothing like Hitachi Magic Wand; it doesn’t have the typical high-pitched whine of many sex toys. It’s a very low-pitched rumble. We have A/C units running in our house so when I shut the bedroom room it couldn’t be heard; a TV turned on in a hotel room at a normal volume should be enough to cover up the noise. I’ve heard reports from other users that theirs seems to be louder than the unit we have, but it’s hard to compare sound based on heresay.

Will it Fit?

My husband is girthier than the average and so the silicone wings are a bit spread out on him. The Pulse also slows down the farther the wings are spread. If you spread the wings too far, the motor stops altogether. If you possess a pretty thick cock, bigger than 2″ diameter, you’d do better starting off with the flaccid penis in the Pulse and getting hard that way, rather than trying to open and wrap the Pulse around an already-erect cock. My husband’s cock is not perfectly “round” like most of my dildos, it’s more elliptical shaped, and is about 1.75″ at the widest part of the shaft. He’s also circumcised. The silicone is very “draggy” and there’s ridges on the inside; in short it would require quite a bit of lube to glide smoothly for most if used as a stroking toy. 

Shown below, the Pulse is attached to a Vixen dildo (the Realistic Medium Bent) which is 5.25″ long and 1.6″ wide; in the second photo it’s attached to the Vixen Vixskin Buck which is 6″ long and nearly 2″ wide. In the final photo it’s shown on the Sportsheets Flare dildo which is about 5.75″ long and 1.2″ wide.  I don’t think that the Pulse would work well for a penis less than 4″ long; the overall body of the Pulse is rigid plastic and the entire thing, tip to base, is 4.25″ long with about 3.25″ from the vibrating pad to the bottom edge.

Showing the Pulse on a Vixen Medium Bent Dildo for size reference Showing the Pulse on a Vixen Buck for size reference Showing the Pulse on a Sportsheets Flare dildo for size reference

The Pulse in Use

Hot Octopuss Pulse - Showing the Flexible silicone "wing" portionThe Pulse vibrator can be used solo in two ways – with lube as a stroking toy or without lube as a vibrating toy. Without lube is really how this toy shines, in his opinion. As far as he’s concerned, if you want a stroking toy, get a Tenga or a Fleshlight. But the Pulse brings something entirely different to the party. It’s intense and it’s nothing like sex. There’s no pretending; it’s not trying to feel like vaginal or anal or oral sex. It just feels different. Where you position the oscillating pad is really up to you. The instructions tell you to place it right at the frenulum but when my husband was playing around with it he moved it up and down the shaft of his cock to test out various spots and found that a spot about an inch below his frenulum was where it felt best for him, and the most intense. He also enjoyed being able to masturbate without lube – easier clean-up! 

Personally, I need constant vibration on my clitoris to get off – I hate patterns. But every vibrating sex toy my husband tries, he wishes it had patterns and the Pulse is no exception. For as good as it feels now, he thinks it would feel even better if there were a few patterns….pulses? Make it actually live up to its name?  For him, this would make it even more intense. He already rates the Pulse pretty high but feels that adding a few pulsating patterns would be a significant improvement.  The oscillating pad delivers a deep, penetrating intensity that reminds me of my favorite vibrator, the We-Vibe Tango. If Hot Octopuss were to add in some pulse settings to the Pulse….this might be the penis’ version of the Tango.

To keep it where you want it, a hand is sort of required. Resourceful folks could probably come up with a way to make this hands-free during use for whatever reason. He needed a helping hand to keep the oscillating pad at maximum just-right contact on his cock, pressing lightly from the open side. Those with a cock that is curved toward the belly will need this helping hand more. Some sort of fabric sleeve that snugly can encase the Pulse and penis would work best, I think, to create a hands-free situation.

Cleaning and Water

The Pulse isn’t even splash-proof, which is a big downfall. It not only makes clean-up a little more difficult, but it removes the possibility of using this in the shower. To clean the Pulse you can only use a wet cloth. The charging port is covered by a silicone plug but it doesn’t stay “plugged”, so I can see why it’s not classified as splashproof. It is made of safe materials – silicone and ABS plastic – but the seam between the plastic and the silicone can trap fluids and dirt, so pay attention to that area. On our Pulse, there is a spot where the silicone has pulled away from the plastic farther than it seems it should have, which the company is aware of and would replace if that happens to you.  The units are glued together by hand, which means there will naturally be a bit of human error but they’re quick to respond to customer service issues.

Showing the charging port on the Pulse Visible spot on the Pulse where the silicone has unglued from the hard plastic shell

Should You Buy It?

We think Hot Octopuss’s PULSE is pretty fantastic. I can’t recommend the couples’ toy aspect of it, but I don’t feel that that should ever have been a marketing focus to begin with. The Pulse has, so far,  performed consistently and delivered very powerful orgasms in less time than it would normally take him via manual stimulation. It charges via USB, is smaller to store than a Fleshlight or Tenga Flip Hole, and in short just feels great. If you require a quiet vibrator, then keep an eye out for their redesign. For my UK friends, you can get it here.


Thanks to Lovehoney for hooking us up with the Pulse, a great sex toy for men! Lovehoney has a 100 day return policy so if you don’t love it, send it back.

A special note about purchasing from my links in this review: Most of these links will take you to, their US Site, but Lovehoney is still based in the UK. It needs to be noted that when a US customer orders from, the package will be sent from the UK – and this means customs forms. I wanted to point this out because of the discretion issue – there will be wording visible that might bother some – it will say “Novelty items” and for some people, that’s enough to raise an eyebrow if others receive your package for you.Or maybe not! It’s not enough for me personally to have any issues, but I did have two readers contact me who were just feeling a little extra shifty about it, given their living situation. If you want any more information on this or have any concerns please email me or contact me on Reddit.

Jun 262014

There are so many “wand vibrators” on the market now. Companies saw that some people liked or needed the power that came from the plug-in electrical beasts (or as they refer to it in the UK, “mains powered”) despite the fact that they weren’t made to be used as a sex toy. When the Magic Wand formerly known as Hitachi stopped being sold in the UK, one company’s answer was the Doxy Massager Wand.  According to their site, Doxy boasts as being the “most powerful”.  This is sort of like naming a bank, in my opinion. I highly doubt that the First Bank of {insert name here} was *actually* the first bank for that town, but it sounds nice, eh?

The Doxy is the world’s most powerful mains operated wand massager. Launched in 2013, it’s attracting an increasing number of enthusiasts, keen to experiment with this heavy duty, but controllable, intimate massager. 

Wanting to offer our customers more, Doxy is the only wand massager with a controlled pulse setting. Taking the rumbly vibrations from low, to high and back again and at variable speed settings, it adds a whole new dimension to your experience.

Ok, I have to take some issue with this. I’ve looked at a few UK sex toy retailers, and see that customers can get a Bodywand or a Lelo Smart Wand. Bodywand Rechargeable does offer a pulse setting, albeit a piss poor attempt. And the Lelo Smart Wand certainly offers numerous pulse settings. As for their claim of being “the world’s most powerful mains operated wand massager”? Well, they are claiming to best anything in “the world” so I hate to break it to them, they’re wrong. I would put the Lelo Smart Wand Large above it in terms of perceived intensity, and the Magic Wand, Bodywand, Fairy Wand, and probably numerous other “very similar to the Hitachi” wands are also either the same as the Doxy or slightly more powerful. It’s a close race, to be sure. 

This isn’t to say, though, that it’s at fault for it’s power level. As I think I’ve mentioned before, the RPM’s of a motor don’t really say anything in terms of power. It’s what you DO with those RPMs. Buzzy, itchy vibrations are irritating but deep, rumbling vibrations are a godsend. I don’t know how one can truly measure a “30%” power increase but for all my testing I cannot say that yes, Doxy is more powerful than the Magic Wand which is what they directly claim on the Lovehoney site: “Bursting with 30% more power than the Hitachi wand and a selection of exciting vibration speeds”.

The Head

Doxy Wand Plush HeadDoxy says that the head is made from a medical-grade PVC material. I’m not sure what to think about this material, honestly. It arrived with an odor that I can’t place, and a week later sitting out it still had that odor. The head is more plush than most of the wands we’re used to. It also, thankfully, is smooth and lacks the annoying trio of edges that can make clean-up a real chore. The head is about the same enough size to tolerate Hitachi-compatible tops (my Vixen attachment fits just fine). Doxy does tell you to avoid using oils or oil-based lubes, as it will damage the material – understandably so since it is PVC and if PVC isn’t softened with phthalates, it’s softened with mineral oil. I’m going to assume the material is still porous to a degree, because it’s PVC (if anyone can tell me different, please educate me). Given how soft it is, I’d also wonder about the chemical stability of it, whether it will begin to deteriorate over time or even if it will stain easily in contact with other toys like my Hitachi wand’s head has.

Doxy in Use

Doxy Wand's Oversized ButtonsWhen you turn it on, an odd thing happens. It starts off at approximately 75% power. You can boost it up a bit from there, or take it down much lower. I’ve never had a vibrator that insists on starting out like this. You’d think I would love that, right? Since I’m all about the power? Except….no. The broad stimulation from the large heads of these wands, combined with the fact that Doxy isn’t nearly as rumbly as Lelo Smart Wand Large, means that I can only use it on the lower settings, otherwise it gets too itchy-feeling for me. But on the lowest settings, it’s quite nice. 

You know how some of us complain about itty bitty buttons that are hard to find during use? DOXY HAS YOU COVERED. Something about the buttons on this thing reminds me of this TV remote we got my grandmother many years, it had only channel up/down, volume up/down and power. That was it. And this, of course, reminds me of the early 90s. So Doxy = 1992?

Size and Noise

For a long time, when a company would make a special sex toy storage unit the big question would be “Does it fit the Magic Wand??”.  Doxy is a bit longer than the Magic Wand (the cord is also longer, by at least a foot). It’s hard to compare the noise levels. I think the Magic Wand is louder because its high-pitched motor whine is easier to hear but when the Doxy ramps up it sounds like an airplane flying by. At 50% and lower intensity, the Doxy Massager is actually really quiet.


I don’t normally mention this stuff, but this time I will. Don’t let the packaging alarm you – it’s fucking huge. The photo of the Doxy Massager on the packaging is larger than life size.


Should You Buy It?

I like it better than the Bodywands and Fairy Wands and the Magic Wand. I don’t like it better than the Mystic Wand, Halo Wand or Lelo Smart Wand Large. Until I know more about the head material, I have to tell you to buy a silicone cap for it, and you should be careful of how you store it, lest the material get stained. Doxy Massager is manufactured in England, of course, but is being made with a US plug and so will be available to US retailers soon. For now, you can get it from Lovehoney but please be aware that anything ordered from will arrive from the UK which means customs papers on the outside. It’s not very discreet but it’s necessary for customs. This sort of shipping can also mean that tracking is impossible or difficult.  I’m hoping that it will be available soon from (nudge nudge) so that you can get it from a US shipper (and my favorite company).

The price is a big deterrent for my overall recommendation. Right now it is going for $135 at Lovehoney or you could get it for $129 at the wonderful Shevibe.I think this is too high for what it is – or rather, what it isn’t: It isn’t waterproof obviously because it’s not rechargeable, it isn’t made of silicone, it isn’t significantly more powerful than other wand vibrators and it isn’t discreet. For $35 more, you can get the Smart Wand Large which has more pleasing vibrations and is rechargeable AND is made of silicone. 

Jun 162014

Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on twitter for the latest round ups. HedoVibes is also accepting photo submissions for each edition.

Jun 152014

You know I only give away products I love from companies I love, and this year is no exception. Every prize this year is a Big Fucking Deal. As well it should be! 6 Fucking Years! Alright let’s get to it, because there’s a lot of ground to cover. Also, I’d like you to pay attention to the artwork. In the collage below, the logos and items are hand-drawn and colored by Caitlyn M. who did this at my begging (the middle crap, the hodgepodge of colors, that’s alllll me so please don’t judge her work by that middle bit). This is absolutely beautiful work. You’ll be able to see larger versions of each over on my Tumblr as the week goes on.

The Guidelines

First, everything here is open to ANYONE living anywhere. The trade-off is that if you’re outside US  (some will be covered for Canada, though) you’ll need to pitch in for the International shipping. Some companies are willing to split the cost with you, and others are gonna send it to me where I’ll need you to cover all of it. I can’t see total international shipping exceeding $35 but if you need a more exact amount, please email me (dangerouslilly @ Paypal will be required.

Second, this year I’m not asking you to pick just one item to win. You can enter to win as many as you want BUT you can only win one. Doing all of the “Lilly-centric” entries (like the stuff for G+, my social media accounts, etc) will let you rack up overall entries. You’ll tell  me which prizes you really want by doing the entries for them. Please, no cheating, okay? I verify all the entries.  Winners will be drawn for prizes in the order they’re listed in the Rafflecopter Widget. So if you enter to win the Mimi Soft and the Fling and the Pleasure Purse, and your name gets drawn when I’m picking for the Fling, that’s the one you’ll get. It would be too difficult to have you tell me which one you REALLY want the most.


The Prizes

Je Joue Mimi Soft – I had to round things out with a vibrator, and I felt like this one hasn’t been hitting the giveaway circuit as hard as some of my other new loves from this past year. I really like Mimi Soft, I think you will too. The Je Joue Mimi Soft is coming to you from the wonderful SheVibe. Your choice of color. Winner pays shipping outside of US & Canada.

We-Vibe Tango – I couldn’t have a giveaway without including my all-time favorite vibrator. Generously provided by We-Vibe! Your choice of color. Winner pays shipping outside of US & Canada.

Tantus One of a Kind Vamp and Echo Handle – You’ll be getting the exact dildos shown here. How cool are they??? This Vamp is what I call “watermelon tourmaline” coloring. Lime green on the bottom, moderate hot pink on top. Echo Handle has pinks, purples and black. Winner pays shipping outside of US (being shipped by me). Generously provided by Tantus, naturally.

Tantus One of a Kind Pro-Touch and Silk Large – Again, you’re getting these exact items. Protouch is a mix of hot pink and blue, while Silk is hot pink and orange. Winner pays shipping outside of US (being shipped by me). Generously provided by Tantus, naturally. 

Nobessence Fling – I talked up the Nobessence dildos so much in my Wood Sex Toys 101 post, that I couldn’t deprive you of trying to own one. I love Fling – great for g-spot, travel friendly and beautiful. Fling is being provided by Burlesque Toy Shop, who has generously offered to cover the first $20 of shipping outside of the US.

Pleasure Purse – I loved my Pleasure Purse so much that I asked Leah if we could include one here. I’m so happy she agreed! Outside of the US & Canada, winner will pay shipping. Leah will send it to me because it’s cheaper to send International from the US than Canada. Go figure.

Ash Girl Harness-Compatible Glass DildoCrystal Delights is providing this beauty. The crystal is basically a rainbow(!), the dildo is mildly textured and it has a harness-compatible base. It has a max width of around 1.4″, and is about 6.7″ long overall. It will come to you in a gorgeous, padded pouch for safekeeping. Outside of US, Shellie will pay half your shipping (she says it usually runs $30-40 tops).

Two-cumber Glass Dildo – More glass! This one is courtesy of Fucking Sculptures. You’ll get the exact one pictured here – it’s a shiny black with these very subtle blackish leopard-like spots. I can’t really describe it, but it’s gorgeous. The fat end is a max width of 1.75″. Winner pays shipping outside the US (being shipped by me).

RodeoH Harness of Your Choice PLUS OOAK Tantus Silk LargeEarly To Bed is an awesome sex-pos shop based in Chicago and they tell me that the RodeoH’s are the hottest ticket right now in harnesses. I’ve seen them in person, and they’re well-made.  Early To Bed will provide you with your choice of RodeoH harness (two are masculine, one is femme) and you’ll also get the remaining Tantus OOAK – a Silk Large which is a beautiful swirl of cream and silvery-gray seen hereCurrently open to US only.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jun 142014

6 fuckin years, you guys. And what a difference a year makes.

Last year I thought I was going to eventually quit, due to personal stuff. I had to at least back off, and sometimes wasn’t around social media for a week. I had a number of posts/reviews in drafts so that my site didn’t see large maws of downtime, but I was still fairly far-removed from my norm for a few months. Despite this, I somehow made’s Sex Blogging Superhero List at #2 which is about the best I can ever hope for as long as Epiphora is around! Luckily things cleared up by November/December and I was more fully back in the game. Although I did manage to unveil my Melted Jar of Sex Toys last year, and have kept tabs on it. Lelo finally came out with the most ridiculous vibrator ever, and I finally decided to cut ties with them. Enough was enough. Things were dark for month at the beginning of the year but a few conversations with friends renewed my purpose and I realized that even though this blog is so very different from the blog I started 6 years ago, I still have a lot left to say and do. I had a long-overdue layout revamp in February. I’ve been doing more consulting. And a lot more reviewing! I finally tackled the “WOOD sex toys?!? But won’t you get SPLINTERS?!?” thing. I spent awhile digging around to create a Brief History of Sex Blogging – I’m happy with the post, although some have overlooked my reminders that it is “brief” and not “all-inclusive”.

In the last few months I’ve also been spending a lot of time at the Sextoys subreddit, as one of the mods. I’m flexing my sex toy recommendation muscles every day and finding out that yanno….I’m actually good at this. I love doing this. I’m not bad at reviewing, I think I do pretty good work in the fight against toxic toys and educating people about them. I want “this” to be real life. I want to stop viewing this as a hobby and start treating it as the job that it is. Between the sex toy testing and writing reviews, and writing educational posts guides, and helping people and being present on social media…. I’m here a lot. Putting in full time hours every week is making a difference for the quality of my site. But good intentions and lots of furious typing don’t magically turn into the income I need to stay afloat.

For those rereading this, I used to have a Patreon account. But it was a bit of a blow that I only had a handful of supporters. 6. I am grateful to those 6, but one can only stand on the corner busking for so long before they pack it in and go home. Pride did me in I suppose.

SEX TOYS. Oh, the sex toys. They’re piling up! And I’ve reviewed some doozies this year, like the Revel Body and that shitty cupcake. My love was renewed for the We-Vibe Tango, and the flames were fanned for the We-Vibe Touch. Oh and the Tantus Grab Bag was introduced! Fucking brilliant idea, Tantus. Minna managed to win me over finally; I hadn’t been super impressed with the Ola but the Limon? Nice job on the rumblies. Je Joue managed to win me over a little more, too, with the Mimi Soft which made me realize that the buttons on my original Mimi and my Uma are both defective.  I’ve started digging in to the wands again, and haven’t been super impressed overall. I finally have a few realistic Vixskin dildos to test out, which is nice. And hey, can’t forget about that Pleasure Purse, one of my favorite products that doesn’t vibrate. 

ETA: I wrote this paragraph elsewhere and fucking forgot to add it here! Jesus. Anyway. This “business”, this industry….it’s fickle. But I’ve learned that what WE all do is important. Do you know that every day, we’re changing at least one person’s mind and educating them on toxic toys? We’re all helping people make better, safer choices with their sex toys. It’s important. And it’s also important that we all keep our individuality. Keep your voice, your tone. Write what you want, how you want. The last thing this industry really needs is cookie-cutter bloggers saying the same mediocre stuff. Have opinions. Voice opinions. Don’t be afraid to be a “cyberbully in the name of public safety, ha. Changes are slowly being made for the better, and it’s because we have integrity and only back the good guys. Keep backing the good guys, ok? It matters.

Also….Some of you have talked me off the proverbial ledge in this past year. Some of you are the reason why I’m still doing this. You’ve reassured me, you’ve been a sounding board, you’ve encouraged me and I needed it. Thanks.

SO I AM STILL HERE. And I don’t think I’m goin anywhere, folks. Hope you don’t mind. Got any questions for this old lady? Curious about what’s changed, what’s stayed the same, etc? The floor is yours, ask me anything.



Jun 122014

Shibari Halo WandDespite the fact that I detail a number of downfalls with the Shibari Halo Wand, I actually do like it. Then again, the Magic Wand, Bodywand and a few others yet to get a review are all “too much” for me. Yes, I require powerful vibrations but it’s about nuances and subtleties. It’s about the difference between 2 Buck Chuck and 2011 Robert Mondavi Fumé Blanc. Or the difference between a locally-made cheese and store-brand block of mild cheddar. Basically: I don’t need to vibrated into oblivion. I need my vibrations to work smarter, not harder.

What I Like

I really like the silicone skin that covers the head and neck – very much like the Smart Wand design (just more plastic); I find that the ridges that you see on most of these wands make for really difficult cleaning, even on the Mystic Wands. It also appears that the seam between plastic and silicone is not as pronounced as most Lelo vibes, also a boon to cleaning. The silicone on the Halo Wand is nearly the same feel as the silicone skin on Lelo vibrators, with perhaps just a tiny bit more drag but it’s barely noticeable to most. So of course, it doesn’t collect fur & lint.

The vibrations of the Shibari Halo Wand feel a lot like the Mystic Wand; I’d pretty much call them identical. This doesn’t make this the most super-powered wand vibrator around, but it’s still very strong.  Low on the Halo Wand is equal to power level 2 of 3 on the Mystic Wand; High on the Halo Wand is equal to level 3 of 3 on the Mystic Wand.

Not Travel Friendly

You can see that the buttons on the Shibari Halo Wand protrude out a bit, making them easy to to activateThe biggest con is that the power button lacks any sort of travel compatibility. In fact, storage may even be difficult depending on how you store things – a jostle of another item might turn it on. With many vibes, you have to press and HOLD the power button for a second or three, but the Shibari Halo wand just jumps to life with the lightest touch. I think it’s because the button protrudes out from the body, rather than being flush or recessed slightly. It was turned on before I even divested it of its packaging, since the power button is right in the middle of the body, right where I would instinctively reach to hold it to pick it up. I’ve managed to accidentally turn this thing on more times than I intentionally turned it on.  You can see in the photo here that the button, especially the power button, sticks out from the body.

“10X Multi-Speed”

The Shibari Halo Wand has a power button and one function button. There are only two real vibration intensity settings – low and high. The other 8 settings are patterns. If you manage to hit the function button during use and land yourself in the land of pulsating patterns, you’ll have to then turn it off to get back to the steady power settings if that’s where you prefer to be. The information on the Shibari site claims that this is a “10 speed” vibrator. I don’t consider patterns to be a “speed”. If you are a person who really likes patterns? You’ve got 8 to choose from. I detest patterns, so I ignore them.

Size and Compatibility

Size comparison of the (from bottom up) Hitachi Magic Wand, Vibratex Mystic Wand, Shibari Halo Wand, Lelo Smart Wand LargeIt’s about the same length overall as the Magic Wand original, but a fraction of the weight – 8.75 ounces for the Shibari Halo Wand versus 21 ounces for the Magic Wand. The head, sadly, is not the same size as the Magic Wand or even the Mystic Wand. If you want to use attachments, you’ll have to make a huge sacrifice – one that I don’t agree with: go PVC.  I genuinely do not comprehend why they would make the Halo Wand with safe materials, but then make the attachments out of PVC. I don’t own the attachments, so I cannot make any educated guesses about possible phthalates content, but PVC is not a chemically stable material – it is porous, and it will break down in time. Of all my nitpicking of the Halo Wand, this is my biggest grudge. I really do not recommend buying PVC attachments. Should the company decide to change this to the only material I will endorse – silicone – I will update you.

Given that the vibrations feel just like the Mystic Wand, I find myself wishing that the body was closer to Mystic Wand size, too. I feel that the Mystic Wand is just a bit more friendly in terms of storage and travel, being that size. Since the Shibari Halo Wand feels so lightweight, I’d bet they have room to shrink. The Halo Wand is actually the same exact weight as the Mystic Wand (with 4 batteries in it).


The Shibari Halo Wand is USB rechargeable, which is becoming more common these days, as it is universal. You can easily purchase a USB-Wall adapter at any store for a few dollars, but the Shibari Halo wand comes with a wall plug, too. The port is in the middle of the body, in the silicone. It appears as if there is no port at first, but there is a cross-hatch cut in the material to allow the plug in. This makes the hole effectively seal up, allowing the Halo Wand to be 100% waterproof.


All in all, Shibari Halo Wand is a very decent moderately-strong wand vibrator. I’d like to see changes made to the design, ideally. It’s currently offered in pink, purple and black, and I’d like to see a black-handled version available. With the demise of the Rechargeable Mystic Wand, the Halo Wand could take over it’s spot if some changes could be made – primarily making it more travel-friendly by adjusting the body size and the functionality of the power button, and also making those attachments in true body-safe silicone. 

You can get the Shibari Halo Wand from their site or buy it from my favorite sex toy shop, SheVibe (available there very soon, I’ll update this when they have it listed). Honestly I’m going to advise you to wait until it’s available at SheVibe because the Shibari site is not at all user-friendly, nor is ordering from them.

One weird thing: While I was looking to see if any retailers still might have a rechargeable Mystic Wand, I noticed something – yet another case of “hey, this is the same sex toy…”. I don’t know which came first, but there’s an identical copy of this (but only available in pink so boo to them) known as the “Elevate” wand sold by some company I’ve never heard of.


The Halo Wand was provided to me by the manufacturer, Shibari, in exchange for an honest review.